Jack Baruth: The GT-R is Bad For Nissan

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
jack baruth the gt r is bad for nissan

We like Jack. Aside from being a hell of a race driver and future LeMons teammate, Jack Baruth is one of the most refreshing voices in the auto rag biz. His take on the new GT-R? Not good. While he's got nothing against the car per se, he's asking, "Who's going to buy it?" Jack argues that the GT-R's main competitors (Corvettes and 911s) have deeply entrenched, well-heeled fan bases with multiple owners clubs and racing series. The GT-R has fat kids in Mom's basement with carpel tunneled thumbs and a Slurpee's chance in Hell of getting the $70,000 needed to buy "Godzilla." He's also doubtful that the "Car Formerly Known as Skyline" will be much of a halo vehicle for Nissan, pointing out that the best thing about previous Skylines was that they didn't actually exist. They were myth. Now that they are bloated, expensive reality? Meh. Furthermore the GT-R is going to turn the 350Z into the "Nissan with panties." And finally, for those that can afford such a beast, are they going to enjoy slumming it down to their Nissan dealer where they might accidentally be seen next to a Versa? Nope. And Jack should know; he's the proud owner of two Volkswagen Phaetons.

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  • Tazite Tazite on Mar 09, 2008

    Jack Baruth?? Obviously this guy is not in the target market of the GTR, nor does he understand the purchasing power in that demographic. Hey Jack, thats why there's a long waiting list, strict import limitations, and a special committee setup to discourage $60k markups! And Volkswagen Phaeton?? Not only is this one of the worst car decisions VW has done, but you have 2 of them! Hilarious. Mike Tazite com

  • Lynxavr Lynxavr on Mar 26, 2008

    Jack is so far off that he's in the pit lane on this argument. "They were myth." That is about the dumbest comment I have read all day. I don't need to repeat the truths others have said about all the errors in Jack's comment. The "kids" ready to buy this car need only a fraction of the cost of buying and upgrading an American muscle car to come close to competing with this beast. Likewise for a ready to roll exotic import. This car will prove to everyone that you don't need a fancy European family name on your car, or an engine sticking out of the hood and guzzling massive liters of fuel to leave the competition smelling fumes along the entire length of the track. This beast is so far above anything else in the Nissan stable my only concern is how to manage repairs and upgrades. I think a warranty will be useless, just buy it and take it to your trusted shop and do what you want. But you're a fool if you ignore this car approaching in your mirror Jack! Did he even drive this car? I can't comment on actual performance but expectations are high. Reading this ignorant viewpoint makes me think "Are all race car drivers stupid?" But I don't believe they are, so let's have the Top Gear crew take this car, crown it the new King of the track and see Nissan sales triple. That's my prediction.

  • Napper Napper on Aug 25, 2008

    First off i own a Zo6 I have non runflat Invo's. and ceramic brake pads My compfort level is far improved. and as far as staightline acceleration 345 rears does wonders for a car that already hits 60 by 3.5 seconds. Meaning i'm faster now. The GT-R is an incredible car. Period. try buying one for even close to a Zo6 price and i tell you its the best car on the planet. but WHY would any Nissan dealer sell a car that car compare with an enzo for Msrp. they won't and aren't. Look to the GT500 still people paying over msrp and the thing can't run with the big dawgs. With the tire and brake change my Zo6 went toward real refined in feel. With headers and intake....it will easily put down 500+ rwhp and just under 500 rwtq. in a 3100 lb package that can achieve 1 g or better lateral grip..its all you need babby. the GT-r computer gives it the edge not driver. It reminds me of the guys with prosthetic althetic lower limbs that can run the 100 meters faster than a Olympic human sprinter....its a product of technology..... the Zo6 could be equipped with a luanch control that would make super consistant. with non runflats it seems to bite into turns better....and recover better once your oversteeered into the danger zone. I personally give Kudo's to Nissan. they have done it.....but at the expense of the driver. Hell why not make it driverless and i'm sure a computer will smoke a human.....its getting to the AI point for me. happily i have a 427 sb chevy...that will beat a GT-r in the 1/4 and top end...... there might never be a time again when such a large engine will come in an American car. the Zr1 is really more or less a pumped up LS3...smaller engine under pressure. Cosidering real price points the Zr1 should kill the GT-r. Anyone know who has a GT-r and how much they paid for one? i'd be surprised if one has been sold for under 90k. I have no fear of something i won't ever see on the road....and if i do...will the guy risk his precious warrantee to mod it.....with that complicated tranny and electrnics my answer will be NO....they will likely be stock... drive a Z06 then you might have insight. your at a buck 20 in a flash...and you realise no one is around you...they all are amile back...inclucing the motorcyle cop you just passed...lol kidding.

  • Napper Napper on Aug 25, 2008

    Ok the GT-R is the real deal. Period. no if ands or buts. Price point even at 90k I've read a drop in computer tune will raise hp 65hp and torque 80 ftlbs. Intake tune and headers on a zo6 will raise hp approx 50hp and 40 ft lbs.... add an intake and header to the Gt-r. turbo motors ...within there fuel system limitation can turn up the hp very easily and stealthy,, so as it is easy to return it to stock for warrantte work... I'M Napper i own a Zo6 , a 535whp 06 GTO and a 470 whp 04 GTO. on the late=tter 2 cars i spent alot of money toward the suspension and braking.. The GT-r should be mass produced not limited production...they make 100, 000 they'll sell everyone....if they can keep the price close to Msrp or even 10k over. Tuners are drooling....off the floor it can go toe tot toe with America's 2 monster V8, top handling cars....the Z and Viper. tune, exhaust ,intake.... and bettter tires. And you have yourself an incredible car... its achilles heel is all its electronic nannies... thats my only problem with it......some geek could beat you with zero skill in racing..... i would know....my launch skill on a 99Mustang GT with full bolt onn compliment kept me winning against superior LS1 Ws6 and SS's....... i knew how to launch that car..... and i was younger.