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By on September 5, 2012


Mazda has released official pictures of what will likely be the best-selling car in the United States, should it ever be sold here; the 2014 Mazda6 Wagon, which will be available with the new Skyactiv-D engine and a manual transmission.

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    ajla - “When it comes to laying down a solid multi-decade run of sucking wind, not even post-rehab Aerosmith can compete with...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    APaGttH - You’re arguing the average fresh college grad is bringing down $170K a year. How cute…
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    Car-los - Jack thank you, that was a great first glimpse to one of the most anticipated car release of 2015. As for the comment you made on needing to wear a helmet to be on...
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    matador - http://www.sunroofs.org/tech/l amella4.jpg Like that, but closer to the back. It’ll break someday, but most Lincoln buyers wouldn’t care. The...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    danio3834 - “Wouldn’t they have to sell a bunch of manual Mustangs first? Except for Boss 302s and Shelbys, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a manual late model...
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    matador - The Q5 has two things that Ford will never have. 1. quattro. Everybody has an AWD system, but other than Subaru (who doesn’t even have a CUV,...
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    CJinSD - Admittedly, I live somewhere that new Mustangs are primarily rental cars. That’s pretty cool that your dealer stocks manual cars though. A year or so ago, I was...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    akatsuki - So, here is the question. If it had 4 doors and a Lincoln logo on it, would it herald the renaissance of Lincoln? (obviously without the horrid Lincoln styling going...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    dal20402 - The previous V6 and the new one are functionally the same. You won’t notice 5 hp difference in peak power.
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    VenomV12 - 25% failure rate would be guaranteed Congressional hearings. lol

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