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Opel’s Fiesta fighter has just bowed in Europe, and for once, we don’t have to feel like we’re missing out.

While the Sonic gets the modern Gamma architecture, the Corsa rides on a warmed over version of the Fiat-GM small car platform that also underpins some mediocre Fiat small cars like the Fiat 500L (and the Jeep Renegade).

The lack of an all-new platform for the Corsa seems puzzling given that B-segment cars are so critical in Europe and world markets. With Opel struggling, it may have been hard to justify anything but a rehash of the old Fiat platform. And then there’s also the soon to be introduced Viva, which will be a bit smaller but far more modern and priced at the bottom of the new car segment, to compete with the Volkswagen Up!. Perhaps the fix is in?

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14 Comments on “2015 Opel Corsa Revealed...”

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    That has to be one of the weirdest looking C pillars I have seen on a hatchback. Get Sajeev on this thing! Vellum Venom is one of my favorite things here and it’s been a while since he’s torn a design apart anyhow.

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    What fix?
    The Corsa will always be around since the supermini category is, as you said, crucial.

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    Looks like a rehash of the Saturn Astra which was an Opel sumpthin’ or other.

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    What I’m reading here is a very prejudicial statement. Just because a car uses a given “platform” doesn’t necessarily make it a “mediocre” car, especially since you haven’t even had a chance to try it out yet. No, what I see here is brand hate over product news. I, for one, like the fact that there’s a new car out that’s truly a 2-door car rather than trying to crowd four doors onto a too-small platform.

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      “No, what I see here is brand hate over product news.”

      Nothing new here folks. I’ve been following this site for years and if you can’t say something bad about GM you shouldn’t say anything at all…

      Other posts can be really good, but the once trademarked snark factor here is getting long in the tooth.

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        I’d agree with both of your points.

        I’ve spent time driving both the last “old” platform Corsa, and the “new” platform Barina/Sonic.
        I’d take the Corsa over the Barina/Sonic anyday for driving pleasure.

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    Speaking of things which won’t age well – that seat fabric pattern.

    And that kink in the coupe version in horrible black plastic, which makes the whole rear window arrangement look all jacked up. WTF!

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    It’s a little disappointing, but the current Corsa isn’t massively off the pace in Europe, and this facelifted model will likely live a fairly short production life before being replaced by an all-new model based on the Gamma platform. It’s really no different to how VW created the Mk6 Golf from the platform and monocoque of the Mk5.

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    It looks like a Mazda2.

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    Vojta Dobeš

    Nothing strange about the old platform. When you look at this thing closely (especially the glasshouse, the shape of the doors etc.), you’ll see it’s just a warmed over previous generation. The car that has already facelifted several times (and I drove each iteration, and each was exactly the same).

    It will be another shitty little Opel that no one will buy unless heavily discounted.

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