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You’re looking at the next Toyota Yaris. Seriously. Under the terms of a deal struck with Toyota, Mazda’s all-new Mexican assembly plant will build the next Mazda2  and the Toyota Yaris on a single, Mazda-derived platform.

What you see here is the Hazumi concept, which previews the new 2. This concept features a 1.5L Skyactiv diesel engine with stop-start and Mazda’s i-Eloop regen braking system. While power figures weren’t released, the Hazumi squeaks in below to 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer benchmark. Like all Skyactiv Mazdas, weight should be kept to a minimum – even more impressive given the current Mazda2’s already svelte figure. If the next Yaris adopts some of the weight saving technologies as well as Mazda driving dynamics, the subcompact segment could get a whole lot more interesting.

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17 Comments on “Geneva 2014: Mazda Hazumi Previews Two New Subcompacts...”

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    It’s an evolution of the orignal basic design crossed with a CX-5 that’s been left in the dryer too long.

    I would trade my 2 in on this in a heartbeat.

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    This looks WAY better than BMW’s new 2 Active Tourer, which looks like a last generation Mercedes-Benz B class with a BMW face.

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    I really like this. It has better overall proportions than the 3.

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      +1 – much better looking than the 3 hatchback.
      Toyota will style the Yaris to look like a Toyota! Whilst everyone who values styling (in addition to fuel economy, reliability and driving dynamics) will buy this.

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      juicy sushi

      Yes it does. The way the beltline kicks up so high on the 3 ruins the looks for the car for me.

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    To me, the 6 and 3 look like anteaters. Somehow this car has less front overhang? Does it not use skyactiv headers? It looks like it ha less overhand than a rwd 3-series. Maybe it’s an illusion caused by the ~18 inch wheels. I’ll have to see a base model in person I guess.

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      Man, you just summed up what bugs me about the current mainstream Mazda’s. I want to like them so bad, but those droopy snouts just ruin the rest of the design.

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    bumpy ii

    Part of the different “look” is the general stubbiness of the car. I like it quite a bit. Too bad the seats won’t make it to production.

    Should be interesting to see how the Toyota and Mazda versions differ (assuming that the 2 isn’t dropped for the US).

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      It’ll potentially be cheaper for them to offer the 2 this time around as they won’t be assembling them in Hiroshima (or transporting them across the Pacific).

      As far as popularity, at least up here in the PNW the 2 is killing the new Yaris. They are everywhere.

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    Looks like a pregnant angry hamster with the interior space of a uterus.

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    It looks like a great successor to the mildly mediocre Yaris and the highly mediocre Mazda 2. I doubt the diesel will make it to NA so hopefully they equip it with a fuel efficient gas engine because the old 2’s EPA numbers were pretty sad for such a small car.

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      The EPA numbers for the 2 are abysmal but I’ve had much better luck on the open road: . Yes, I didn’t fill up for eight months. That’s what happens when you move to a city with great public transportation.

      As far as the 2 vs. the Yaris, the 2 outhandles it but certainly doesn’t outrun it, and the Yaris has far better fit and finish inside. The 2’s transmission is better; the Yaris seems to have more rear seat room (and a 3-door option in the US, if that’s your thing).

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      …the current 2 is tuned for real-world driveability in lieu of the EPA gaming for which most manufacturers tune these days…not to say that its drivetrain couldn’t use an update, but the current 2 is surprisingly tractable down low in its powerband for such a small naturally-aspirated engine, delivering a driving experience which readily keeps up with day-to-day street traffic and is even eager to pull through when wrung out with conviction, yet trivially capable of its published EPA numbers…

      …i consider its tractability a worthwhile tradeoff for unrealistically-miserly published EPA figures, but it remains to be seen whether mazda will endeavor to strike the same balance in the new 2…

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    It reminds me of Angry Birds.

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    I’m definitely intrigued. I want to see the Toyota version personally. I feel like Mazda will go the premium route… I am fine with a plain hatchback that’s roomy enough for 4 adults and is fun to drive

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    Are we certain that it’s going to be a Yaris replacement and not simply a Scion xD replacement? Toyota’s brand is the most valuable thing they have; they may want to test the waters before putting it on a car completely developed by another manufacturer.

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