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2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R
The Z06 has usually been a trickle-down of the Corvette GT car. Aero tweaks were unique to the .R, tricks like hood-evacuated radiator air flow, rear-fender mounted cooling ducts for various cooling system (like the differential), and a rear diffuser.  Now that the C7 boasts these tweaks from the get-go, the C7.R more closely resembles its street brethren than ever before…

Chevrolet’s choice of color for the new 2014 Z06 is no mistake, they want you to see the connection.


And thanks to the stiffer structure of the C7, the C7.R benefits with 40% better structural rigidity than the outgoing C6.R. In reality, though, most of the go-fast hardware is entirely unique to the C7.R. While the new C7.R motor features direct injection, it will likely be a downsized motor, somewhere in the 5-liter range to play fair with similar GT class racers for LeMans and Tudor USC. The direct injection is said to increase fuel efficiency by 3%. While sounding marginal, Chevrolet claims it will drop an entire fuel stop during a 24-hour endurance race; those few minutes count. Transmission will of course be a sequential box. Suspension will likely turn to coil-overs as well (Like the C5.R and C6.R), ditching the rear transverse leaf spring in favor of the infinitely easier to adjust coil sprung suspension.

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3 Comments on “NAIAS 2014: Corvette C7.R Arrives...”

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    With the Viper now busting the GTE/GTLM class rules wide open with its 8.0 Liter engine, I wonder if Chevy will try to get a 6.2 approved instead of going with the downsized 5.5, and if there would be any meaningful benefit (better torque?) since I assume the restrictors will get smaller make sure horsepower doesn’t go up at all.

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    If the new 8 speed is supposed to be so track focused and they want to display similarities between the Z06 and the C7R why doesn’t the C7R use the autobox?

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