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Wiesmann, the German maker of BMW powered retro sports cars, looked like it was going to join other European specialist automakers that have declared bankruptcy like Cosworth, Gumpert, Artega, Lola and the London Taxi Company, but the small company has apparently cleaned up its balance sheet and has applied to have its insolvency proceedings dismissed. Wiesmann has been operating since 1993 in Dülmen, Germany. No further explanation was given in the company’s announcement beyond stating that the application to dismiss the bankruptcy was “due to abolition of the insolvency reasons”. A meeting with Wiesmann’s creditors is scheduled for mid-December.

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5 Comments on “Wiesmann Petitions to Dismiss Bankruptcy...”

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    Worrying to hear Weismann had to apply for bankruptcy to begin with. Amidst all of this talk lately of brand whoring (Porsche, Mini, BMW), it’s been nice knowing that somewhere in the world, unfiltered lunatic cars like these exist. They’re modern day TVRs. But we all know what happened to them. If Weismann can’t figure it out long term, I’ll start to believe there really is no viable business case for a no nonsense sports car-only brand anymore.

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    If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather have a Singer Porsche……

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    ” …to join other European specialist automakers that have declared bankruptcy like Cosworth”

    Now what cars did Cosworth sell, pray tell?

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    I remember when Clarkson drove that nice white Weismann back in 04 or so, early on in new Top Gear history. It seems I recall a much nicer looking interior on that one than in the one pictured. I think it had nice brown quilted leather and lots of wood in there. They should quit it with the shiny plastic!

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