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jaguar-c-x17-concept-preview (1)

Years of unrelenting speculation via the British motoring press are finally coming to fruition: Jaguar is about to launch a crossover, and this concept, dubbed the C-X17, appears to be it.

While officially a concept, the Jag crossover is surely a done deal. Riding on a new modular architecture that will be shared with an upcoming small sedan (slotting below the XF), the crossover will be an important car for adding volume, particularly in key markets like China and Russia where demand for crossovers is strong. Expect a full reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week.

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23 Comments on “Jaguar Crosses Over...”

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    Bentley’s got one, so of course Jaguar would have to have one. The thing about CUVs is every maker has got to have one, but do any of them really know what it is or what it’s suppose to be? CUVs have got to be the most undefined segment in the autoworld… Who’s idea was this anyway?


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    Now that Jaguar is woefully late to the party, I hope this will signify the peak and eventual decline of the segment.

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    Given Jag’s reliability rep (and Range Rover’s QC) don’t think I’d ever venture off a paved road with this thing.

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    I bet it’ll be really close to this.

    And I’d echo the reliability concerns of the above commenters as well. Now that 5-year-late Jag has the XQ (or similar) time to move on to the next big popular body type.

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    Nothing wrong with being late to the party if your entrance is dramatic and classier than those before you. Compare an XJ-L to the German competition. Looks better, handles better and gets way more complements.

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    el scotto

    Odd are it will have a sloping roof line and and and an angled tailgate. Rear view cameras will be mandatory. Good sight lines out of an S/CUV? Don’t be silly, styling not safety sells.

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    The segment is easy to define. The Soccer Mom had the idea and the carmakers followed. Ease of entry, high driving position, loads of cargo space. It just doesn’t have a name that sticks yet. The true sports car guy is a dying breed, a fossil, like me, in a world that is changing so fast that I for one, am having trouble coping with it. As we age more and become more brittle, so do our views and all we have left is memories. Hang in as long as you can, my friend.

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    Really, that’s the best we can do; visit some old saws about Jag’s quality, then throw out the “usual suspects” regarding why SUVs and their ilk all have 666 in their VINs? Check the quality numbers for Jag, they’re doing quite well, so data and facts just might someday trounce treasured mis-perceptions. The market, world-wide has spoken on high rise wagons, they’re part of our vehicular landscape and lets be honest, every car maker with a future needs at least one in its line-up. The real questions are, will it be any good, and does it fit in Jag’s ethos? I bet yes and yes…much more so than for BMW, Porsche, and Lambo. Grace, space, and pace seems most apt.

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    It’s the end of (there’s no W in) Jag-you-are as we know it. They should have done a conversion of the XJ X358 LWB and called it an estate, and left it at that.

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    C-X17??? Sounds like a really large Mazda CUV

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    Booo Jaguar.

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    In other tales from the Bizzaro World, the Vichy, Nazi’s and browncoats took turns buying Jeep, Toyota is the All-American car brand, GM is the love child of American socialist industrial policy and Red Capitalism, and Russia is the perceived good guys in the world.

    A this rate, I expect peace to break out in the Jihadistan any minute, zombie Henry Ford to return to debut the Model U car, and for GM to make a car that doesn’t kerplode at 37,000 miles.

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