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GM Oshawa Plant Closure

Bloomberg and Sky News have reported that the Canadian government has started a selection process to find investment banks for selling off of the stake the government took in General Motors as part of its own contribution to bailing out the automaker. Late last year, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said that Canada had no intention of holding those shares long-term. Together the federal Canadian and provincial Ontario governments own 140 million shares of common GM stock, valued at $5.1 billion (US), a 10% stake in the automaker, which makes Canada the company’s third biggest shareholder behind the U.S. Treasury and the UAW’s VEBA health plan. The governments had originally invested $9.5 billion in GM back in 2009, selling off 35 million of its shares when GM made its initial public offering of stock in the reorganized company.

In response to the news reports, a spokeswoman for Flaherty said in an email, “The government of Canada remains committed to exiting from ownership of GM as quickly as feasible, while maximizing the value of the government’s interests for Canadian taxpayers.” GM shares are now trading at 11% above the post-bankruptcy IPO price, and are up 27% this year. Around the same time that the Canadian finance minister made his remarks last December, GM announced that the U.S. Treasury would be selling it’s entire stake in the car company within 15 months.

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4 Comments on “Canada Preparing to Sell Its 10% Stake in GM, Reports Say...”

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    So the Canadians are poised to actually get all their money back? And none of their auto-centric cities have gone bankrupt? What the hey!

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    I’m of two minds about this. I like that we can get our money back but I also want leverage that an owner has with some of the moves that GMNA has been doing. I’m afraid that they’ll pull out of Canada completely. It’d be nice if we could stand up and give them a hearty FO! and make them stay.

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    The Canadians were smart in holding on to their GM stake until the share price recovered.

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      BUt I think one of the reasons that GM stock finally began to climb out of the cellar is because the US gov’t started selling shares. Reasoning goes that had they continued to hold the shares, the share price may have continued to be in the cellar or risen at a much slower rate.

      Regardless, Treasury has always stated that the goal is not to make money on this deal. Their times to sell stock are supposed to be based on what’s good for the company, not just considering when the sale would be most profitable to the govt.

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