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The first of my childhood friends is about to tie the knot this summer, and my friends and I are busy with preparations for the bachelor party. Normally this would call for some awful white stretched Hummer, but some stipulations have been handed down by the groom.

The main rule set forth by the groom was “no strippers or strip clubs”. Our friend isn’t any sort of chase puritan, but the practical sort who sees little utility in paying $20 for some lady to grind her butt into his lap while a shitty rap song plays over a muffled sound system. Not all of us agree with this logic, but we will respect his wishes.

The plan is now to head up to a friend’s cabin in the woods for a weekend. Since it’s on a lake, we may rent a couple jet skis. We’ll be bringing a fair amount of beer. I’m leaning towards a crew cab full-size truck, though a large SUV with three rows and adequate towing capacity may be better. Of the 15 of us going, only two or three have their own car – being able to carry seven to nine people may be an asset.

Any suggestions? A new three row Range Rover would be ideal, but an F-150 will fit in a lot better in the rural town where the cabin is situated. And is likely better equipped for an impromptu mudding sessions that are liable to happen.

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