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In a “build them where you sell them” move, Saudi Arabia’s commerce ministry says it has signed a $1.2 billion deal with Jaguar Land Rover to build a 50,000 unit Land Rover factory in the country. JLR still plays hard to get and said that “this is purely exploratory” when contacted by Reuters.

Tata-owned JLR has seen big demand huge demand the Middle East, along with China and Russia. Started construction of a Chinese factory month.

Unfazed by JLR’s coyness, Saudi Arabia says the factory will open in 2017 in either the Jubail or Yanbu industrial cities.

How can one say no?

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8 Comments on “Land Rovers, Made in Saudi Arabia...”

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    One can say no when one finds out how hard it will be to hire talented people over there. “Saudiization” is always the buzzword to hire natives, but it is the third country national population that will do the work. The Saudi politicians will visit the plant and on the next day, the plant manager will receive a stack of resumes for their unemployed relatives to be hired. Seen it many times before and the song never changes.

    Good luck JLR.

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    Sounds like a lot of “no show jobs”.

    CKD vehicles assembled by imported cheap labor, what could possibly go wrong?

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    And that second paragraph means?????
    Land Rover already produce knock-down units in India and (I believe) South Africa, so it probably won’t be an issue.

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    “Tata-owned JLR has seen big demand huge demand the Middle East along with China and Russia.”


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    is it all that easy to find migrant workers to build cars in a hurry?

    I am sure is not hard at all to find migrant people.

    for a land rover, which sold for very good dollar, do need some more finesse skills than slapping a GM together.

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      el scotto

      Land Rovers are beautiful vehicles. Not even close to Toyota quality; GM quality will do just fine. My anecdotal evidence? Dad has an LTZ Suburban. Migrate to Saudi Arabia to work? Giving up my American passport for a Saudi Arabian internal one has always made me say no.

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    Started building of comment to posted.

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