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Porsche announced a stellar October, with sales  up 24.1 percent to 11,688 units, and with a total of 116,050 units delivered for the year, an increase of 15.6 percent over last. Porsche even has a nice table, which we hope will set an example for all automakers. All this didn’t keep them from slamming the brakes. Porsche will cancel weekend shifts at its headquarter factory in Zuffenhausen from January, where it has been running eight extra shifts on Saturdays since September to clear orders for the revamped 911 model, Reuters says.

Reuters has more bad news for the spoiled luxury brats that thought they are above the hard working blue collar cars:

“Rival luxury-car makers are also taking steps to address weak demand. Daimler said last month it has cut production of its flagship S-Class sedan until the next version of the model is ready to debut in mid-2013.

VW’s Audi luxury division twice shuttered its plant in Neckarsulm for a week each time in early and late October, disrupting production of high-end models, including the flagship A8 sedan and the R8 sports car.”

The lack of overtime will be decried by Porsche workers. It helped them get their factory-subsidized Porsche lease much faster.

Porsche Sales October

PORSCHE AG Deliveries October January – October
2012 2011 Variance (%) 2012 2011 Variance (%)
World 11,688 9,419 24.1 116,050 100,391 15.6
Europe 3,707 3,881 -4.5 41,222 36,093 14.2
Germany 1,251 1,250 0.1 14,905 12,761 16.8
America 3,764 2,640 42.6 33,134 29,634 11.8
USA 3,211 2,270 41.5 28,226 24,934 13.2
Asia-Pacific 4,217 2,898 45.5 41,694 34,664 20.3
China 2,439 1,546 57.8 26,349 20,687 27.4
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