By on November 9, 2012

If the Mercedes-Benz SLS is too pedestrian for you, or your spoiled progeny for that matter, M-B has something for you in the form of the SLS Black Series.

Under the hood, the V8 engine has been massaged to produce an extra 39 horsepower, though torque is down by all of 11 lb-ft. 150 lbs have been taken out of the car overall, thanks to things like carbon ceramic brakes and a titanium exhaust system.

Cosmetically, the car is much more agressive, and the bright yellow paint might even make you more visible at night. Just in case you end up doing something silly like knocking someone down on a bicycle in the hills outside of Rio.

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12 Comments on “Mercedes-Benz SLS Black Series, Coming Soon To A Developing Economy Near You...”

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    Normally I allow for “the eye of the beholder”. I’m OK with the Aztek, the Juke, Gremlin and Pacer even if I don’t find them personally attractive. But does anyone with functioning eyes like the look of this leprous scab of a car?

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      Yeah. Great Jaguar styling it is not. But “leprous scab” is a bit harsh, isn’t it? No doubt the yellow version in this photo accentuates all the “fussiness”. If this car were shown in dark metallic gray, might you think otherwise?


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        I’ve seen the “entry level” model of this car (used price: $180,000) at the Mercedes dealership and it cuts quite an impressive figure in metallic grey.


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        The Viper, from which M-B borrowed this platform, looks quantum leaps better. Maybe Mercedes got caught up in trying to make it look “not like a Viper” and forgot to make it look good.

        I would believe that this was the result of a 3rd world kit-car builder if I was seeing it for the first time.

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      I agree that the rear seems a little less inpiring. But overall (at least in person) it is a very impressive design. Maybe the color is throwing it off? It’s also a blast to drive around the track.

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      el scotto

      The spoiler makes it cross the line from bold, you may not like it loud styling to how do you like my display of bad taste.

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    it looks fine

    i’m not a fan of the long nose, cab backward design but i can see where MB were going with this

    you can bet this was fairly inexpensive car for them to design and it would make them a lot of money

    there’s already a GT version so not sure where they are going with this

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    There’s 2 of those silly things running around on my side of town. The hood looks like it’s a mile wide and a half of a mile long. It virtually occupies an entire lane of the road. It’s hard to beieve a car that big is really meant for carrying 2 people only. What a waste.

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      Please enlighten us as to what other cars are inappropriate. I was going to ask BarackOClause for an AMG for Christmas, but I’d rather have my betters tell me what to drive.

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    Silent Ricochet

    Is it bad that I care less about how the car looks, and more about how they traded torque for horsepower? I’d rather have more of the former.

    Oh, the car looks cool by the way, I’m just not a huge fan of the gigantic front end that they have.

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      Fortunately for you, SRT makes a version that has more torque, two more cylinders, and is probably faster.

      It looks a bit different, but since you don’t care about the looks, that shouldn’t be an issue. It will also save you a hundred grand off the price of the Mercedes.

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    I am a great fan of Mercedes Benz.Black Series models (such as the C63 coupe, CLK63, and SL65) are lighter and more powerful than the regular AMGs on which they’re based, and they also get more pumped-up bodywork

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