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17 red light cameras that monitor 15 intersections in the town of Cary, NC, will go dark at 11:59 p.m. Saturday, as the town scraps its red light program.

According to a report by the research triangle TV station WRAL, Cary Town Manager Benjamin Shivar suggested scrapping the program, “citing a WRAL News report that found drivers were being improperly ticketed on left turns, as well as a lawsuit over the cameras, administrative costs and uncertainty about the state legislation authorizing the program.” 

A week ago, Cary’s Town Council voted to get rid of the cameras. They were in use for eight years and triggered hundreds of complaints from drivers who said they were improperly ticketed.

Situated between Raleigh and Chapel Hill, Cary is an absolutely wonderful town, with marvelous people. Buy real estate in Cary. If you have a large company, Cary is the place for you.

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19 Comments on “Shivar For President: NC Town Red Lights Red Light Cameras...”

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    Now just add Redding, California to the list.

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    Is it Silvar or Shivar? He needs to be sent a “Thank You” card…


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    Locals refer to Cary as a “Containment Area for Relocated Yankees”.

    As far as a place to buy real estate, it’s okay in an upscale sort of McSuburban kind of way, not much different from a lot of other suburbs with a high concentration of 328s and X5s.

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      When I moved back to NC, I made the mistake of living in Cary for a period.

      Didn’t know a single neighbor, despite many neighborly overtures on my part. Moved back to Raleigh and before a week was over a dozen different people came to my door to introduce themselves. Cary is a well-manicured place for people to pursue their exurban disconnected dreams, in only a way a place named for an Ohio prohibitionist, populated by exiled northerners, could be.

      I was happy to hear that they disconnected the cameras though. And I do dig the fact that the left turns now blink yellow. They do the suburban transportation thing right in that town, I’ll grant them that.

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      Wow, a semblance of sanity from my former hometown. I never would have imagined given what it had become when I left in 2006.

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      We wanted to buy a house in Cary because it was a clean and well maintained little town. Then we leaned how expensive the homes were and decided to buy in Goldsboro. I can’t believe how much the Raleigh/Cary area has grown. Too congested for me now, I’m glad we didn’t buy in Cary.

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      Japanese Buick

      It’s fashionable to harsh on Cary but I grew up there and it’s a nice town. It is true that in the last 20 years or so its growth got out of control, but if you stick to the parts built in the 70s and before, it’s still affordable and friendly,

      Btw cackalacka, the blinking yellow left arrows are not a Cary thing, they are a state thing and are slowly bring rolled out statewide.

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    However, the fact remains that if you are AGAINST red light cameras, it’s USUALLY because you run red lights…It’s okay to be against them if there are corrupt back run deals with the system suppliers, etc and your tax dollars are being wasted…BUT to be against them to ticket people that run red light and kill people is wrong.

    I LOVE seeing people get busted for blatantly putting others at risk because they can’t get up early enough to be at work on time or they feel THEY have more of a right than the next guy to ignore traffic signals. I wish they had them in my town.

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      klossfam –

      That’s a load of garbage, and you know it. Many people have problems with the cameras because they come across as blatant money grabs, especially when municipalities do things like shorten yellow light times to increase the capture rate.

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      el scotto

      Where I live it’s not unusual to make a left turn at a walking pace. The red light cameras go off as you are stuck in the intersection. Thankfully the ticket is dismissed if it shows you entered the intersection under the yellow or even green light. Yes; the green light, traffic can move that slow.

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      “It’s okay to be against them if there are corrupt back run deals with the system suppliers, etc and your tax dollars are being wasted” Los Angeles is an example.

      Exactly! I dont run red lights. In fact i almost never see anyone else doing so in this part of the country. The times it does happen, and results in death or injury, its not intentional in any way that a camera would be a deterrent. Impaired drivers, intoxicated or sometimes the elderly, are not running lights because they are late for work.

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    I do not think this is a load of garbage. I have seen the yellow lights get LONGER, I have seen the switch from the old days when the green and red flipped at the same time to the current delayed green that is common. With every change too many drivers have “adjusted” to the changes in signal timing and run the lights.

    When was left on red made legal? The same time a passing was okay’d regardless of the stripes painted on the road?

    God help you if you are a pedestrian trying to cross a street.

    I am not so keen on the speeding cameras, but I am fine with the red light cameras and I’d like to see more of them. Don’t want to contribute to the city till? Then don’t run the light.

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      Left on red is usually legal when turning from one-way-street onto another. I have never seen it legal any other times.

      I do not run red lights (at least not intentionally), and have seen too many accidents caused by people who do. Nevertheless, red light cameras are almost always set up as a revenue generator and various studies have found that accident rates go up on intersections where they are installed, especially when the city finds it isn’t delivering enough revenue so they shorten the yellow.

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        Have there been documented cases of the short yellow lights? Have too look into that. I hear people talking that up, but have not seen evidence of it.

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        I see Cattanooga, Dallas, Tx., Springfield, Mo., Lubbock, Tx., Nashville, Tn., and Union City, Ca. From a quick check.

        Agree that messing with the light timeing should not be part of these installations .

        Short of parking more cops at intersections, what should be done to curb the all too often running of the red lights? Sure seems to happen much more often than when I first started driving. Now excuse me, I need to chase some kids off of my lawn.

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    Ex Radio Operator

    If anyone thinks red light cameras are anything but a money grab they have not been paying attention.

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    Quote – Locals refer to Cary as a “Containment Area for Relocated Yankees”.
    How about Clayton? Cary Like Area Yankees Taking Over Now
    I live just across the line in Franklin County, the red headed bastard child of NC counties, where we’re #5 in property tax and still can’t get 401 4-laned to Louisburg! At least our schools (except Y-ville) are on the traditional instead of that year round bullshit.

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