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Even though the Vauxhall Adam is named after its German twin’s founder, the British arm of General Motors felt it necessary to steal the ailing brand’s thunder, and release photos of their new city car – as if stealing production of the Astra wasn’t enough.

The Adam will offer two gasoline and one diesel engine, the most powerful of which tops out at 98 horsepower and 1.4L. The real draw apparently, is the customization aspect, with over 1 million possible trim and paint combinations available, which sounds like an absolute nightmare as far as production and ordering goes.Three basic trim levels, dubbed JAM, GLAM and SLAM are available (yes, really).

Pricing should be in line with the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper. We’re not getting it, and that’s ok. It looks like a Geely-fied take on the 500 mated with a Citroen DS3, and the Adam SLAM sounds like something that arrives at your door in a plain brown wrapper.

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31 Comments on “Vauxhall Names New Small Car After Opel’s Namesake...”

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    Maybe it’s just the lighting, but the red one with the black trim looks like it has landau bars, like a microhearse. Other than that, not bad-looking. To me they look more upscale than the Up!, their main competitor; almost like an Audi A1.

    I’d rather Chevy bring a version of this to the states than the rather ungainly-looking Spark, but alas, four doors sell better than two.

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      I also see a lot of A1 in this thing. I don’t hate it, although I’d still prefer a C1/107 if I were in the market for a city car.

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      It’s way too derivative for my taste. Like they took the front end of the 500, mated it to the greenhouse/profile of an A1, then added the character line from its bigger brother. The whole seems less than the sum of its parts.

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    Those really aren’t bad looking cars – they look like a cross between a Mini and a Fiat 500. Defiinitely look better than the Chevy Spark.

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      Actually saw a Spark with GM Manufacturer’s plates out here in Yuma yesterday. Asthetics being highly opinionated, the front end just looked all sorts of wrong to me. The Adam might be cheesy, but in pictures at least, to my eye it looks a little more appealing than the Spark. But again, that’s just me talking…

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      I see a lot of Chevy Sparks here in Korea. A large proportion of them are pink.

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    I think it looks great, and thank DOG for variety.

    I don’t see why variety is such a production issue in the modern world of Just In Time production and delivery. It is not like the various parts are being warehoused, they are not even produced until the car is produced. So to use BMW as an example, when you order one you have until 30 days before your production begins date to change the order. And while in the US we have a somewhat limited range of options, in the EU you can order any combination of anything you want. But most of the parts aren’t even produced until that 30 day window, so what difference does it make whether you are getting a car with red seats and a sunroof or tan seats and comfort access? Seems like it works out all around, the customer gets what they want, and the automaker makes more money because they charge up the wazoo for the options.

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    Well, here in the land of small hatches, these would be well received. They do need a 4 door version though. The back column treatment come striaght out of the Brazilian Chevy Agile. If price was attractive these could make waves in Brazil and other small car buying nations. Alas, it seems like we’re stuck with GM a la Daewoo. So this won’t come and we’ll have to settle for the God-awful Spark.

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      I found the price high “Pricing should be in line with the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper” for a 1.4 98Hp equipped car Vs a Mini with 100+Hp?
      Even if the customization level goes to the detail of “Purple Glowing Valvecaps” and so on… It sounds a little expensive to me.
      And yes, the Landau line looks like a microhearse (Pet Funeral homes will love that) LOL
      Other than that, the car looks nice, it may work much better than the Spark here in Mexico.

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        In Europe you can get a Mini One with, I believe, less than 100 horsepower

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        Derek: As in Brazil. You can also get the One. But here it goes for north of 60 000 reais (give or take 30000 USD). Nope, it would have to be a hair under the 500 in Brazil to start competing, as believe it or not, it ouldn’t command the cachet the 500 has in Brazil. The 500 starts off at 45k reais with a 1.4 8v good for 88 ponies in Brazil (at least it also runs on ethanol).

        Abrazo J Méndez!

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        That explains it Derek, here we can’t. The smaller Mini we have is the Mini Clasico 1.6 122Hp. I guess it is the same Prince engine as their more powerful brothers, but normally aspirated.
        And looking the car again, doesn’t it resembles the old Neon somehow? LOL

        Abraço Marcello!

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    If Vauxhall were thinking, they’d have dubbed theirs the Oliver.

    Please tell me that those roof pillars can be replaced with leopard print ones. I missed out on the original Ion, and I won’t let that happen twice!

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      Ion? I don’t see what you missed out on…

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        To each their own – I happen to like my ION even if I, too, failed to bite on the leopard-print roof trim. I think Saturn/GM was sniffing a little too much of Apple’s funky iMac style at that point in life.

        I did have my dealer spray my roof trim rails a nice silver (black ION3 sedan) which I think spiffed up the looks a bit over the two options the factory was back to offering (black and slightly-less-black) in 2004.

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    Sorry, but I find it a bit ridiculous that the name was carried over to Vauxhall. Without the Opel badge, it loses all of its associations and just becomes weird.

    How hard would it have been to make a run of plastic “Alex” badges for the UK-market cars? They gave Vauxhall a unique name for the Opel Speedster, but they can’t do it for a city car?

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    This is one of the nicest small cars Ive seen in a while. They always tend to look a little too cute/buggy/awkward at that size, and this one pulls it off just this side of handsome.

    Future Buick?

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      I had hoped Buick would stay out of the way-too-small car market since its supposed to be ‘upscale’, but since they turned it into an US extension of Opel, you’ll probably be seeing a tri-shield version in the future.

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    Rod Panhard

    I hesitate to pass judgement as the initial photos of any car get retouched and stylized to suit the distributor’s purpose. What you initially see usually isn’t quite what you get when you finally see one on the road.

    But frankly, I like this. I like it better than the MINI or the Fiat 500. Man up GM and bring it!

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    Not bad, but I think it would look better without the gratuitous dent in the side. But then it would look even more Mini Cooper-ish, so what are you gonna do?

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    Mmmmm, that’s a handsome little hatchback.
    Would love to put an LTG Ecotec in the back of it.

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    Soon to be followed by the SPAM and FLIM-FLAM special editions.

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    Cute. Very cute. It’s what the Fiat 500 SHOULD look like!

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    I think they should’ve considered WHAM, BAM, and THANK YOU MA’AM for the trim levels.

    WHAM comes with a set of extra bumpers
    BAM is only orange
    THANK YOU MA’AM will have leather handcuffs on the arm rests

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    GM needs to treat Vauxhall with more respect. Without Vauxhall, Opels market share in Europe would be significantly smaller. Keeping Vauxhalls plant open made sense because they are efficient and that’s we’re Opel/ Vauxhalls biggest market is. So making Vauxhall call their version of this car the Adam is an insult to the more important and arguably significant part of Opel/ Vauxhall

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      “Treat Vauxhall with respect?” Vauxhall is just a British name tag for Opel…

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      and here I was thinking the opposite – that they should bite the bullet and ditch the Vauxhall name completely. one name doesn’t seem to be hurting Ford all that much in the UK.

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        Fine but as Vauxhall has more market share in te uk than. Opel has in any other market then that would be really dumb. Vauxhall should be developed as a premium British brand sitting above Opel in my view now that would be really smart. Opel could sell in the UK and Vauxhall could go global as a premium brand. Given Cadillacs lack of success in W Europe then this would seem a really smart move

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    el scotto

    The Adam? I’m waiting for the “and the Ants” special addition. The satellite radio will only play the 80’s station. The owner’s manual will state: don’t drink, don’t dance, don’t smoke.

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    GM should sell it in the US. They need to at least try to compete with the Mini / Fiat 500 crowd and American customers deserve that extra choice.
    Rant over…
    Vauxhall to me, have been re-badged Opel’s a bit like Holden, Except Holden gets to have a few exciting models of their own… some of those need to come here to the US to… especially the Ute.

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    Adrian Roman

    This Adam thing looks very much like a contemporary redesign of the Corsa B from the early 90’s.

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