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It would be a great announcement to start the Beijing Auto Show, opening to the media in the world’s largest car market on April 23. Audi has its eyes on another date in the calendar: On April 18, a day before VW’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Hamburg, Audi should announce the purchase of Italy’s motorcycle maker Ducati, sources tell Reuters.

The story has been around for a while, but a due diligence check takes time. Audi’s auditors did not find any hidden skeletons, reports the wire service. Other papers, such as the Corriere de la Sera, and Germany’s Handelsblatt agree.

Ducati would round out Volkswagen’s brand portfolio nicely. It would have everything from heavy trucks, even ship engines, to screaming superbikes. It also would flip the bird at Audi’s Bavarian rival BMW.


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11 Comments on “Red Alert: Audi To Swallow Ducati...”

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    I’m glad to hear this. The sportsbike market is not doing that well right now, and Ducati needs a strong backer for long-term stability.

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      Just happened to read a moto article on this, this morning. The European bike brands have seen significant sales increases lately. Ducati had record breaking 2011 sales figures. In fact, north america is now their number 1 market.

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        Yeah. I am surprised Ducati even needs to put itself on the market. They have been doing very well in sales ever since they started the Monster line. Their namebrand is one of the strongest in the business. They could live off of their merchandise sales alone. They are like the Harley davidson of Italy.

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    …it’ll be interesting to see if new ducati projects go the same way as lamborghini, effectively being engineered as supervolkswagens in flambouyant dress…nobody’s really complaining about the improved build quality, reliability, nor performance, but i think one can argue that a certain measure of character has been lost in the process…

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    well perhaps this is the needed backing they actually need to perform in MotoGP. Good News For Ducati and I dont see VW/Audi messing with the brand that much. Ducati doesnt need design work, they need a financial backer.

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      They also need fresh thinking.

      Race on Sunday, sell on Monday… the stressed airbox idea is a harder sell if pundits keep pointing to it as one of the culprits behind their lack of MotoGP pace.

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    Rod Panhard

    And what’s more…it’s a jackboot kick in the airbag over at AMG, a corporate sponsor with amusing marketing tie-ins with Ducati.

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    Yay! Now Ducatis can have the legendary VAG reliability!

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    Robert Schwartz

    Maybe Audi will bring back desmodromic valves in automobiles. Ever since I first heard about the 300 SLR, I have wanted a car with desmodromic valves.

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    Surprisingly very few negative comments about Audi buying Ducati: This seems to be OK, unlike the idea of them buying Alfa, which raises a major outcry every time the idea is mooted.

    And yet I’d consider current Ducatis to be worthy of the badge they wear, unlike most of the current Alfas.

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