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I spent all day at the launch party of the Toyota FT/GT86/86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ  “new compact rear-wheel-drive sports car” at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo. Could have been Chiba already. I came back with so much information about Toyota’s new “honest sportscar” (as Akio Toyoda likes to call it) that I declare today Hachi-Roku Thursday.

Today, I will write about nothing else than Hachi-Roku, while the rest of the gang will serve you TTAC’s unusual fare of opinionated news, new opinion, old cars, fast women and rare guitars.

I shall be back after I have transcribed my tapes and developed my film. You will hear specs, prices, launch dates. You will learn why the grown-up son of the hachi-roku Chief Engineer has no driver’s license, and how this gave birth to a new idea. You will also hear why Akio Toyoda thinks that cars may become as relevant as horses, and why that’s o.k.

Stay tuned.

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16 Comments on “It’s Hachi-Roku Thursday...”

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    Wir koennen es kaum erwarten!

    Man, wish this would have been out last spring when we bought the tC (I know…not the same car, but still)…maybe we’ll have to shorten the ownership time of the tC and consider the FR-S in another two years.

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    will it have an LSD? Can you push a button that turns off the Nannies?

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    I refuse to be excited about this car until I know what it will cost and get some info about the Subaru clone (and what THAT will cost).

    The “game changer” for this car is its price. It needs to be cheap. I see it as a spiritual successor to the 240z or a poor man’s S2000.

    And am I the only one who keeps pointing out that Toyota dealers will slap a 5000 dollar ADM on every one they get their greedy hands on?

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      You wait ….

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      It will be at a Scion dealer which, with pure pricing, they have to sell the car for what they list it online. If you pull up your local Scion dealer inventory and they have one listed for $30k, don’t even bother stopping in. That said, you should be able to look at all the surrounding dealers and find them for MSRP. Here is the pricesheet of my local Scion dealer. Basically, you should be able to walk in the dealership and buy the car exactly as listed here.

      I think that dealers will more than likely adhere to the MSRP because it keeps a level playing field, price-wise, with all the other competing dealers. The Pure Pricing thing also has the cost of all basic maintenance listed right out there for you to see. You’ll know exactly how much each service costs. Here is the webpage for my local Scion dealer. Pretty easy way to compare dealer service costs, IMO.

      But, anyway, with new vehicle sales as cutthroat as they are these days, you’ll easily be able to find one for MSRP from the Scion dealer. The Subaru might be different, but you can always join a VIP affiliate and get near invoice pricing with no haggle.

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        Educator(of teachers)Dan

        The nice thing is if you’re in a major metropolitan area that has at least one Scion dealer and a few Subaru dealers within easy driving distance hopefully the Scion “no haggle” pricing will keep the Subaru dealers honest on at least being right at MSRP.

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        My Local Scion dealer sells Tc’s for 25-28 grand. And that’s a crappy, overweight FWD modern day Paseo.

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        FJ60LC – Where is your local Scion dealer, if you don’t mind me asking? As I said above, they are supposed to have the price listed on the website for the base spec and you should be able to buy one for that price. Now, if they only stock the Release Series tC w/ the 19″ wheels (+$2k), TRD springs and swaybars (+1k), nav (+$2k), yeah, you’d be in the $26k range, but that seems dumb.

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        1/2 way between ocala and gainesville. when we went car shopping recently we found Tc’s in the 26-27s sporting ADM and a host of dubious dealer-installed options.

        i’ve owned half of a dozen toyotas over the past 15 or so years and have to say that under the aegis of SE toyota, i doubt there is a toyota dealer in the whole region that doesn’t screw its customers.

        when the FJ cruiser first came out (a car similar in niche to the 86), it was slapped with a 5k markup by every dealer that had one. less bastardly dealers just added 3k. you still find FJ cruisers with the “rock krawler” package for 6 grand over sticker (it’s just 2.5k worth of suspension, tire, winch and bumper bits sold to dumbass customers–doesn’t even upgrade the spare).

        i’m seriously considering either the BRZ or the 86, but i’m pretty sure that i’m not wrong about the profiteering and e-baying that will go on when the damn thing comes out.

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        Hmmm.. the Gatorland Scion dealer does have one listed for $25k, but doesn’t say what [dealer installed] options. The one in Ocala has several at $20k and $21k. Like I said, at least you know which ones to avoid just by visiting their website.

        My father in law got his FJ right when they came out. He didn’t have any issues getting it for less than MSRP, but we do have 3 Toyota dealers in a 30 mile radius here, so they tend to keep one another relatively honest. My FR-S or BRZ purchase is going to have to wait until our upcoming expansion to the family is in a front facing seat, so I won’t really have to worry about markup and such. I’m hoping they’ll do a special edition that is a lot like the TRD 86 that they showed at the Tokyo show recently.

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    Am I the only one that thinks that this is essentially a two door Lexus IS? It is good looking.

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      That’s not necessarily a bad thing… ;)

      I will definitely have to test drive one. No way in hell I’m giving up the Accord for a smaller car, but I haven’t driven a true driver’s car since I traded in the RX8 back in 2009. I don’t miss the car in general, but I do miss the handling.

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      With a COG lower than a Cayman! Lexus should be so lucky. Perhaps the next gen IS. If so, watch out Bimmer 3! And forget about Lexus selling ISs to the old, fat or otherwise not so limber :) But I guess that’s what the ES is for anyway.

      I do wonder what a Lexus smooth boxer would be like.

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    Today, I will write about nothing else than Hachi-Roku…

    And many thought the Camaro had a lot of hype.

    Thanks for the warning.

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    You might supply an english translation. Had to read the whole article to find out what you were talking about.

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