By on February 22, 2012

Our friend Kamil Kaluski of Hooniverse found this picture of a 2013 Dodge SRT Viper – in Hot Wheels form. Squint real hard and you’ll see that this is probably the Viper, in 1/59th scale.

The Viper, and other Hot Wheels for 2013 were revealed on a Portuguese language website for Hot Wheels collectors. What Kamil, a grown man with a family and a demanding job, was doing on the site remains unknown. But he managed to get a scoop. We’ll see if this is an accurate depiction once the car is unveiled at April’s New York Auto Show.

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13 Comments on “2013 SRT Viper Revealed As A Hot Wheels Car?...”

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    Ha, I am going to go with “a friend sent me a link”

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    Hot Wheels are getting more awesome every year, perfect for my uhh…boys.

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    As a longtime connoisseur of pixelated Japanese movies, I can tell from the picture above that the Viper will have very similar lines to the current car, a double bubble, coke bottle hips and a Double-D cup size.

    I may be wrong about the cup size, though.

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    It is a Brazilian website, and we all know what a grown man with a family and a demanding job like me do on Brazilian websites!

    We read the economic news to get some stock info and make better investments in our portfolio!! What did you guys think we go to Brazilians websites for?

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    Mark MacInnis

    THIS is what we are reduced to? Instead of spy shots of test mules on a test track, we get from TTAC a friggin’ HOT WHEELS CAR?

    Next time anyone bashes or trashes C/D or MT on this site, hey, at least the adults get spy shots and early previews by sucking up to the OEM’s. We get…..Hot Wheels cars.

    Yeah, way to go. You got a scoop, man….

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    A quick Google search for “2013 viper hot wheels” reveals that it’s not only TTAC who has gonne googoo gaga over a Hot Wheels Toy that resembles an ACR Viper without the rear wing.

    I can’t wait for the 2013 Munster Koach Hot Wheel to come out.

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    I collect Hot Wheels. I’m 30.

    No. You can’t play with them.

    No. I’m not taking them out of the package.

    Yes. I currently am considering a rug that looks like a city.

    Yes. I’m aware they aren’t ever going to be worth anything.

    It’s just something fun to grab at the grocery store.

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