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Suzuki will finally relent and will offer a plug-in hybrid version of its bestselling Swift hatchback. A lithium-ion battery will power the car for the first 30km (18.6 miles), then a gasoline engine will produce the juice, says The Nikkei [sub].

The plug-in hybrid is expected to cost 500,000 yen ($6,200) more than the regular Swift, with the total price not exceeding  2 million yen ($24,900 – all prices JDM.) Suzuki wants to sell several thousand in Japan first before exporting the plug-in hybrid Swift.




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11 Comments on “Suzuki To Sell Plug-In Hybrid Swift...”

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    Still no definitive word on whether they’re going to start selling the Swift in North America. If they’re at all serious about the NA market, then they’re fools for dragging their feet on this issue. They finally have good competitive products (and in the case of the Swift, uniquely styled), and they’re dropping the ball.

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    Sounds like Volt – micro. Lotta bucks for a tiny little car. But it’ll take driving one to see if the hybrid system is worth it.

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      It’s only one size class below the Volt, and the price should be lower if they decide to sell it in the US (they sell the SX-4 sedan in Japan starting at 1.7million yen, which would be 21grand on a straight conversion, and is obviously way more than what we pay). The main difference is that it only has about half the electric range of the Volt, but it’s a lot less money, and if your commute is short, it won’t matter.

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      One difference from the Volt is that the PHEV premium is only $6500. If they could hold the differential to $7500 for a US version and if it were to qualify for the $7500 from the government, it would cost the same as the conventional version.

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        Bring this thing in at 25 grand or less and it’s going to be a hit, at least until Toyota comes out with a PHEV version of the Prius.

        Suzuki has great cars but a lousy dealer network. Maybe Fiat can find a way to buy them cheap like they did Cry-sler.

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        Volkswagen beat them to the punch. They now own 20% of Suzuki.

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    One thing that differentiates this Suzuki PHEV from the rest of the PHEVs that are expected to hit the market is that the range-extender engine is a three-cylinder 660cc engine from Suzuki’s Kei cars.

    Very light-weight, dirt cheap, mas produced, and kinda an ideal range extender given the size of this car. Its also an engine that Suzuki excels in.

    They managed to find a perfect niche for themselves, kei-engines as range extenders. This PHEV has a real chance of being really affordable.

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      They soooo should have thrown a gsx-r/busa engine in that thing! Aren’t those fairly mass produced as well? IIRC I think suzuki sells something like 2M 600-1300cc sportbikes/year.

      Hm, reading this 2M just of gsx-r might be high….In any case, suzuki has some Gi-normous numbers…

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    Does the comment “then a gasoline engine will produce the juice” imply that this is a series hybrid? i.e., motor generates electricity only?

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