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The civilian Chinese ersatz-HUMMER we had showed you here isn’t really for sale to civilians. Car News China had a great story a while ago about  China’s Dongfeng getting their hands legally on a Cummins engine by making a civilian version that no civilian can buy. Now, Car News China (which must be following the dealings of China’s Dongfeng for a living) has a story about a Chinese ersatz-Hummer that even a lowly civilian like myself might be able to buy.

The peacetime Hummer is, says Car News China, “based on the EQ2050 but with a very different style, more like the Hummer H2 than the Humvee.” Not much is known about the demilitarized truck, except that it “will use a new petrol engine instead of the American diesels that power the military version.” Those inscrutable Chinese. Now that they would have a chance to sell an American diesel to the public, they don’t want to. More pictures at Car News China.



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9 Comments on “Chinese Truck Sex: A Hummer, But No Cummins...”

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    Why bother copying a Hummer? They can probably buy all the designs, tools & stampings, and everything you need to build the original for cheap, seeing that the brand has gone the way of the Studebaker!

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    Headline of the day. Hands down.

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    Hummer? That picture looks like how the FJ should have looked.

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    So sell them the engine they want noone else wants these

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    Unrelated question……Why do you choose to live in China with its not free press and its not elected by the people government?

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      My guesses:
      1. Because he can,
      2. To draw questions like yours.

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      TOTitan: This is an off-topic and borderline trolling question… please direct such personal inquiries to our contact form, whence Bertel can respond to you directly (or not). This site is not “The Truth About Bertel Schmitt”… except for when I’m on vacation!

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      A.) After living for 35 years in the U.S. on a green card, which kept me from voting and doing jury duty, I don’t notice the difference.
      B.) I thought, if GM and Ford don’t miss the voting and free press in China, it can’t be that bad.
      C.) Due to certain circumstances, I am free to choose amongst the more desirable places of the world, and that’s my NSFW choice.
      D.) I am willing to relocate, but I will entertain that discussion only with people who can make a considerable financial contribution. If you want to continue the discussion, I’ll tell you where to transfer the money. I’m sorry, I will not move to LA.
      E.) I have lived and worked around the world all my life. As alien as this concept may sound, I have learned to leave the running of a country to that country. None of my business.
      F.) This is reaching you from Tokyo, where I also live and where I also don’t vote.

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