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It becomes immediately clear why the Chinese government did not want an upstart manufacturer of bridge pontoons to buy HUMMER: Unnecessary duplication of what is has been available at state-owned Dongfeng for ages. They even have a Chinese version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“No, he does NOT come with the car!”

Law enforcement version.

Inside of the law enforcement version.


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20 Comments on “Shanghai Auto Show: Why China Didn’t Want A HUMMER...”

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    He seems very tall for a Chinese.

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      With wealth comes caloric intake increases along with a better diet and expect height and girth to increase until McFoods overwhelm veggies and minimal meat protein levels then expect McHuge obese waddling caricatures of humans as so common hereabouts in Hillbilly Heaven.
      Admittedly, a HUGE amount of impoverished folks ’round these parts leads to spending for foodstuffs offering the biggest bang for the buck and that is often high-carbohydrate-laden vittles that promote obesity.
      Additionally, veggies are VERY expensive ’round these parts and are, in my opinion, of extremely sub-par quality.
      Heck, road-kill is the healthiest grub around, if it hasn’t been festering for too long upon the pavement.
      Haven’t seen any Hummers or Hummer clones operating as a yard ornament yet.

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      Probably northern Chinese like Yao.
      Manchurians are taller than Cantonese that Westerners are more familiar with.

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      SVX pearlie

      20 years ago, yeah, Chinese (and really *all* Asians) were short, less than 5′ 6″. Now that the average Chinese person has adequate nutrition, and some are approaching Western levels of calcium & protein, 6′ Chinese aren’t unusual.

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      I know lots of Chinese folks who are taller than I am.

      Chinese folks come in all shapes and sizes just like the rest of the world.  I’m shorter than average (5’4″), and one of the Chinese guys I work with is taller than average(6’3″).  I’m pretty sure he’d beat me in a game of basketball. Neither of us are particularly athletic, so I suspect that the contest would come down to height. :-)

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    It does look like you could get a Chinese hummer from him for the right price. 

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    Robert Fahey

    Where are the rest of the Village People?

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      I’m not very old, but I was going to ask, “Didn’t that look live and die in the 80s?”

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        “Didn’t that look live and die in the 80s?”

        Yes. It didn’t work here, either. Much less so in other countries where the culture is diametrically opposed to ours!

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        The Village People were popular in 1978-79…by 1980, disco was dead and the Village People were already has-beens. But apparently the Chinese remember them fondly.

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      Hey Geeber,
      I know we sometimes disagree, but I have to admit I’m impressed with the Village People reference…but in actuality, the V.P.’s camp classic songs lived on well past 1980 as party chants, sporting events cheers, and wedding reception dance-floor songs (hello? Y.M.C.A.!) mostly in straight crowds…go figure.

      And disco didn’t so much die (at all), as morph into other forms of dance music like House, Freestyle, Urban R&B, etc. The origins, stylings and bass beats of Disco still influence many current dance tracks to this day.

      What I’d love to see is a Chinese knockoff of the V.P., that would be funnier than a bad Vegas Elvis.

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    The Village People were popular in 1978-79…by 1980, disco was dead and the Village People were already has-beens. But apparently the Chinese remember them fondly.
    Their music were not bad, just like any form of music, if it can go beyond the era then it became classics.
    Not sure if it were the orig guys, it appeared at Al Bundy’s Marriage with children many yrs ago.

    Giorgio Moroder wrote some pretty good tunes.

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    “No, he does NOT come with the car!”

    Unfortunate…because the “TCRMLD” (Tallish-Chinese-Ricky-Martin-Lookin’-Dude) is pretty much the ONLY attractive thing going on at that stand…didn’t know it was possible to make a Hummer H1 look graceful and understated, but never misunderestimate the Chinese and their penchant for fugly knockoffs…

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    So that is what happened to Long Duck Dong…

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    The theme song for the next Hummer commercial:

    “It’s time to play at the Y. M. C. A. ….”

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