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Germany’s auto motor und sport magazine caught Lamborghini’s Murcielago-successor Aventador in the wild, only covered by some artsy pasties on the paintjob. It should be available for viewing without the camouflage at the Geneva Auto Salon.

AMS thinks the car will be called Aventador LP 700-4, “because it has a newly developed V12 engine, which produces 700 hp out of 6.5 liters of displacement, and puts them on the road permanently via all 4 wheels.” Ach so. And what stands “LP” for then? Lots’o’Power?

Lambo is the only company that is proud to sell you lots of bull. Like Murcielago and other cars before, Aventador is the name of a fighting bull. Watch for PETA people if you buy one.

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7 Comments on “Lambo’s Latest Bull Caught In The Wild...”

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    Hate the mirrors.

    It’s Longitudinale Posteriore, or “rear longitudinal”

    SV > LP

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    As I’m sure you already know LP stands for ‘Longitudinale Posteriore’ and refers to the longitudinally placed engine in the back of this beast.

    To me the engine seems to be the best part of this car, since the rest of it seems to have been affected by the virus that struck all the VAG brands’ designers, rendering them unable to come up with a really new design and forcing them to recycle the same design over and over again.

    The ‘new’ Bentley Continental is another tragic example of how serious the results of this virus can be, as is the Golf VI, the (Euro) Passat VII, the SEAT Exeo (recycled old Audi A4) and pretty much every Audi that came out of the last decade.  

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      To me it looks like a mash-up of their previous flagships, going back to the Countach.

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      Yeah exactly, but I would have loved to see some more dramatic new styling cues. Now it’s a mash-up of the old Murcié, Reventon and Gallardo.

      And I also hate the mirrors, because the mirrors on the Diablo and Murcié were one of their distinctive features. The new ones (if these are them a least) make it look even more like a Gallardo and maybe even makes it necessary to have a minivan like ‘windowlette’ like on that same Gallardo.

      Maybe it’s too soon to say, but Lamborghini IMO is the least suited of all VW brands to adopt VW’s strategy of design evolution instead of revolution. Lambos need to look like they come from the next decade instead of the last one.

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    Looks like a remake of the Diablo.

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      Which was in turn a remake of the Countach. They are all really evolutions of that somewhat wacky original design, with the ass-forward V12 and the beetle-wing doors and the doorstop side profile, and all things considered, that’s probably not a bad thing. I like the Murcie best of any since the original LP400, but this thing won’t look bad.

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    I thought TTAC didn’t do ‘spy-shots’ – has there been a change in policy? Maybe I’m mistaken.

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