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Full Disclosure: I hate “The Simpsons” and I hate Renault cars. So this article is going to have me seething.

Marketing Week reports that Renault is making a special edition of their family van, the Kangoo. The Simpsons’ Renault Kangoo. Each vehicle will be fitted with a Tom-Tom sat-nav system which will be installed with that “wonderful, funny, lovable character” Homer Simpson. Carl Lumbard, senior vice president and managing director at Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products said “Renault has really taken brand partnership to another level. The transition from a hugely successful promotion to an actual product highlight the strength of the collaboration and a pioneering new product for both Renault and The Simpsons.”

For unfathomable reasons, the car will only be available in Belgium. What did they do to deserve that kind of punishment? Actually, Renault and The Simpsons are a good pairing. Both are a joke. I’m off to watch “South Park” now…

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10 Comments on “The Renault Kang Doh!...”

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    I love the Simpsons, and I kinda like Renault cars, but the Kangoo is a van, I hate vans… Still i’d buy a Sat Nav with Homers voice if I could.

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    The kangoo is based on unibody chassis… The family ancestor were based on Renault 4L and Renault Supercinq (renault Express). It’s more a station wagon on steroids than a van.
    To cammy: Maybe you were fooled into believing journalists tastes matters… That would be even worse than believing that journalists are supposed to have tastes or expressing them…

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    You can buy voices… See this one for example:

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    The Belgians are being punished for hosting the EU bureaucracy in Brussels. They should have asked the Swiss how their hosting of the League of Nations worked out. Genevans were relieved to get their city back when the League was disbanded. Brusselites will feel the same once they pawn off that riffraff onto some other city.

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      Tricky Dicky

      Lorenzo – LoN and the EU are not the same. Geneva is a very different city to Brussels. Whilst some Belgians would be more than happy for the EU to clear off, the majority would lose a (metric) tonne in house price drops, economic contraction etc. Brussels without the EU just couldn’t function. I’d hesitate a guess as to say that 30-40% of jobs round here are in some way connected with the functioning of the EU or associated institutions (EuroControl, EuroClear, Council of Europe, all the lobbying industry etc.).
      Belgians are well known for their deep love of cartoons. Perhaps why this marketing experiment is being done here. The Simpsons are on TV in Belgium every week day at prime time, ad nauseum. DOH!

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    I do agree Renault marketing needs improvement, but not all their cars are mundane. You must drive their Renault Sport range. They are some of the best affordable performance cars on sale…outside of the US.

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    I hate pretense and phony, you’ve done enough for me.

    One less reader for you Cammy (LOL).

    Edit: And thank Gawd you don’t come with the car.

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    Hey! would someone please start selling Renaults in the USA. I seriously do want to drive a “joke”. Mostly because they are much more amusing to drive than the rest… My track day weapon of choice would undoubtedly be the Clio Spot.

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    I like this car. I’d even buy one for my family.

    It also fits very well the active lifestyle. Good space to carry your things.

    Also good for small businesses and craftspeople.

    Don’t care for Homer, the Simpsons or his voice on my GPS, b ut I get the appeal.

    BTW, this is a sincere question. How does Kia get away with calling its car the “design car” and is perceived as cool, while the Kangoo and others (Fiat Doblo, Peugeot, etc.) are not? Any body else think the Soul is so original and not based at all on these cars? Sorry, I prefer the original and uncool Kangoo.

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