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Via Top Gear comes this in-car footage of the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid lapping a racetrack and making some peculiar sounds in the process. Part Porsche purr, part RC Car whine, this new note is one of the first hints at what future supercars will sound like, in particular the forthcoming Porsche 918 Spyder. It may not be the most viscerally evocative sound ever recorded, but dammit, it’s the future.

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15 Comments on “Is This What The Future Sounds Like?...”

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    John R


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    I’ve heard this before. I believe from a Tyco racetrack when I was 11

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    Isn’t that “Tim the Tool Man” Taylor’s golf car?

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    It’s only going to be the future if people put up with it.

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    My gawd… it sounds like my wife running the vacuum cleaner around the family room!

    I’ll stick to what really works thankyouverymuch.

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    I just hear the gearbox, and maybe a bit more high pitched noise during braking, which I assume is regen.

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    Hard to hear the flywheel spinning up under all that transmission whine..

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    Facebook User

    The only time we should hear anything different is when the “boost” mode is on. which was very briefly and had perceptible difference, remember that electric motors are nearly silent in these applications compared to the engine. The transmission seems to be doing the brunt of the noise load here as is the case with just about every racecar, straight cut gears and zero sound insulting materials.

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      This thing has a flywheel that spins up during braking and then you can release the kinetic energy from that when needed. So no electric motors powering the wheels, it’s basically just a heavy disc that spins really, really fast.

      Also, the edit function does not work on IE7 apparently. Works fine at home with ze föx though.
      Edit: never mind, seems to work now.

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      Facebook User
      It’s still using electric motors though right? It’s not the full on “flybrid” as seen here(I don’t think)

      Maybe Jack Baruth can comment on this, but didn’t the application of the system seem odd? I guess he is merely putting around with the thing but wouldn’t you want the extra juice exiting corners and especially on long straights in order to maximize the advantage? Also the system seems to loose small amounts of energy when not in use. I guess it works just fine for racing though.

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      Ah.. wrong again i see. Must have been asleep while reading about this system.

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    Is this a real in-car video or the new XBox game? Hard to tell the difference these days. It will be a big hit when the video game generation gets drivers licenses.


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    I wonder what it sounds like from the outside …

    Perhaps all one can hear is the sound of the tires scrubbing on the pavement as the car cuts thru the curves…

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    It is disgusting that ‘Porsche’ and hybrid’ are being used in the same sentence.

    If you want a hybrid…by a Prius…leave that terribly hippy technology out of the real cars.

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    Sounds like a city transit bus with a transmission that’s about to fail. Gawd, those shifts are harsh.

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