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Or is it the other way around? Based on the latest readings from our official TTAC losing-the-plot-ometer, Porsche is still at least ten years away from matching this spectacular achievement in short-sighted brand narcissism.

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14 Comments on “This Is What Happens When Sportscar Companies Stop Building Manual Transmissions...”

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    Hopefully, it will open before they run out of money. ROI = never.

    To me, a real Ferrari has 12 cylinders up front, manual transmission and RWD. I’ll take a 330 GTC thank you very much. Most new over nannied Ferraris are as exciting to drive as riding this roller coaster.


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    porsche make the cayenne… and the panamera…

    they just need a bunch of cashed up opec arabs to buy a portion and start up on the wacky ideas…

    porsche world? yeah sure

    that’ll work

    largest gathering of “______” in the world (you fill in the blank)

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    Porsche would never do such a thing! It might canibalize their 911 sales!

    (In honor of the neutered Caymans everywhere)

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    Ferrari may be something of a sponsorship whore –better to get your money this way than asking the Italian government for a bailout, no?– but I still want a 458 Italia.

    Instead of playing with hedge funds unlike a certain sports car maker, they still win Formula One races from time to time.

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    That whole no manual for the 458 thing really does take some shine away from Ferrari in my book. It’s kind of weird to see the one brand I (very hypothetically) favored above all others put out their best car of my lifetime and simultaneously make it less appealing to me than much cheaper cars.

    Oh well, another one bites the dust.

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    why i love manual gearboxes and those nasty clutches i think the whole Ferrari-Manetino-flappy paddle clusterf*ck (!!!) is the raison d’etre of the whole 430/458 thing

    it’s like VW’s DSG… you kinda aren’t getting the whole deal with the manual…

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    It’ll never be able to compete with Six Flags AutoWorld.

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    Hmmmm … Edgewater Park italian style.

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    It never ceases to astonish me what can be achieved when you confiscate the passports of several thousand Bangladeshi construction workers.

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    Hmm… this gives me a few ideas. How about Toyota Park – where the fun never stops – featuring the Sikes Funhouse.

    Theres Chryslerland featuring a roller coaster that runs in a constant downward spiral.

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    That’s why my next sports car will be a Lotus. Lotus understand that a sporting car is supposed to be fun.

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    Ferrari was still making manual transmissions when they sold my wife a $250 windbreaker. I still wear it, regardless.

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    I guess brand whore exists in any fashion, some people are just dumb enough to pay for it.

    Ask Porsche about their Toureg… and the.. Panamera.
    I cant WAIT until they are BOTH GONE!

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    DSGs or other clutchless manual boxes are great…if you’re racing or doing something where you want full attention on driving forward. If you’re parallel parking, driving in the snow, or anywhere where you actually want to control whether the car is in gear or not very easily is best left to a real manual transmission with that black sheep third pedal.

    Edit: They’re purpose built parts. You don’t need a 5 point harness and an alcohol burning engine to hit the quickie mart for a 6 pack of beer, right? Then why do we need racing or racing inspired transmissions in our commuter-mobiles? (Or Ferarris or whatever)

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