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As car guy moments go, spending three hours at the GM Heritage Center with Jaguar’s Chief Designer Ian Callum is about as good as it gets. In fact, I thought I had taken twice as many pictures as I had. Check back later for a full write-up of my interview with Ian, in which we learn (among many other things) that the designer of such vehicles as the Aston Martin DB7 is surprisingly obsessed with classic American cars.

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10 Comments on “Sunday Concours: The GM Heritage Center...”

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    One of the original Saab Sonetts. There was only 6 or 7 built, so I wonder how they could get their hands on one. Very interesting front-mid engine concept. Really beautiful as well.

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    Wow, I sooo wish I could have went with you!!! Despite everything that’s wrong at GM today, I’d still love to spend a day looking back on their past in that place. Next time you’re coming to Michigan Edward, let me know, I’d be glad to tag along and talk cars for a day. There are lots of great car museums here. In fact, you should bring your dad along, he’d love it I’m sure.


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    As easy and fun as it is to dump on GM, they really were at the forefront of industrial design in the 50s and 60s (and Ford wasn’t far behind). Jet-age styling still looks good.

    …HOLY CRAP! A Screaming Chicken Trans Am shooting brake! Why on earth wasn’t that what was actually produced??

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    These photos have freaked out my computer. Just sayin.

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    Nice Saabo!

    Yeah, you might want to resize those pictures down a bit, at least for the thumbnails. Or hope TTAC’s hosting includes unlimited bandwidth :)

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    Cool photos but you need to resize them, they are HUGE!!

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    Via Nocturna

    Ditto on the need for some tactical resizing of the photos. Plenty of us are still using 1024×768 resolution! Regardless, some gorgeous sheet metal there.

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    Nice pics.  Just for the record, I don’t think they’re too big.  I like being able to zoom in on details.  Captions would be nice though…

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    I know its a stretch… but could ya swing by the Phila / NJ / De state lines every so often, stuff like this doesnt come by often, as we;ve seen before and their liquidation of other museums…
    Id buy tolls, food AND gas…

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    Including pre-merger Saabs is rather cheeky, IMO.  GM had nothing to do with creating them, so they are not part of GM’s “heritage.”

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