By on November 18, 2009

Want to do your bit for the environment, like ride a bike or take the bus? You loser! Buy an Audi instead! [headline explained here]

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10 Comments on “Audi: Walking and Biking Are For Idiots...”

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    I have always pined for this car, but financially the Mazda3 ended up in my garage.
    But I shall dream on…especially with the diesel.
    Maybe if I traded in a few of the dogs and a kid….both of which I am now told do more to damage the planet than my car(s).

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    Martin Schwoerer

    I always appreciate a company that takes cheap shots. Travelling by bus means being crowded by dark-skinned guys. Taking a bike means you’ll get wet. A Segway makes you look like an alien. (I mean, isn’t it enough to show the truth, namely that a Segway makes you look like a dork?) When you have Superior German Technology, then you can even overtake Volvos in right-hand bends. I look forward to the EV ad that shows children getting asthma from Diesel particulates. 

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    I LOVE that ad…Down with transporttion martyrs, up with diesel driving hoons…

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    I had been biking 2 miles to work for seven years when living on the west coast. There is nothing wrong with it. Yes, it sucks when it rains. On those  days you take the bus or drive (maybe 5-6 times per year).

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    So if I buy an Audi, I’ll suddenly be transported from the city to a mountain road where the only other car is an interesting diesel 245?

    Sign me up for an Audi, then. 

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                I’m sure that’s exactly how the EPA drove it to record 42mpg….. Also, to keep it realistic, keep the surroundings similar, and drive like that through the same city traffic the cyclists, Segwayers and busists commuted through, C’etait un Rendezvous style. Now, that would be a true hoon’s car commercial, even if somewhat less acceptable to the policor A3 diesel’s target demographic.

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    HEY I do that walking stuff sometimes!!
    Oh if only I was allowed to make an Audi commercial!  Drat well…
    that TDI owns though.  What about GTD?  Want the more powerful diesel engine!

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    By pistonheads, for pistonheads…

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    Can you buy this car in the USA now?

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    I have two nice cars, german and swedish. I also bike to work because it’s a lot of fun and keeps me in-shape. And it’s only 5 minutes extra out of my day since I pass all the cars stopped at the lights.  I don’t consider myself a dork, nor do the highschool girls that whistle at me.
    Subaru was right on taking Armstrong as their spokesman: sporty, outdoorsy, fun, good enough for a millionaire.
    What does this ad say? Rich lazy suburbanite. Fire this agency.

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