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“The New Trabi will be a stylish car with a history. It will be electrically powered because that is the trend.”

Herpa Miniaturmodelle spokesman Daniel Stiegler on his firm’s plan to jump into the car game with an EV Neo-Trabant. Stiegler went on to say that the Trab-E “will not be a retro car.” Whatever you say. Just watch out for the charging cable issues that plagued an actual car company’s “stylish EV with history.” Oh, and make it better than this.

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    “A stylish car with history.” But it won’t be retro. I see Maximum Bob isn’t the only one who does not listen to what he says.

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    “The New Trabi will be a stylish car with a history.”

    Or a golf cart with commie build quality.

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    Great. Another car Malcom Bricklin can import.

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    Cicero, actually the Trabant had a better build quality than contemporary Chrysler or British Leyland products, for example.

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    commando1 wrote:

    Great. Another car Malcom Bricklin can import.

    +1 Funny

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    commando1 wrote:

    Great. Another car Malcom Bricklin can import.

    +1 Funny!

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    The history of the Trabi is of 30 years unrelenting mediocrity for which its owners had to wait up to 15 years to enjoy. Its history is of marginal performance from a smoky two-stroke engine fitted to a car that required lifting the hood to fill the tank with gasoline (only 6.5 gallons), and then adding two-stroke oil and shaking it back and forth to mix. It symbolizes the failed aspects of former East Germany.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket, lets re-live those good old days of slow and smelly in powder blue electric style. The funniest part is the private concern who developed the Trabi pt. 2 the new begining is “Indykar.” Tony George must be so proud.

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    I’m sorry but the car in the picture is starting to look like a 55 Nomad.

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    Martin Schwoerer

    A cheap and cheerless rip-off.

    A simple formula: take a historic silhouette, add large wheels. And subtract greenhouse to give the funky high beltline suburban gangstas love even though it makes you look like a 12-year-old behind the wheel.

    And the ultimate new greenwashing cop-out: add electric propulsion! (to a half-assed concept).

    Retro is dead.

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    hold on… herpa who makes diecast scale model cars now wants to make a real car?

    is this a real world example of pinnochio?

    why is this a good idea?

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    Jeff Puthuff

    it makes you look like a 12-year-old behind the wheel.

    LOL. Amen.

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    Mediocrity is a boring GM car.

    The Trabant was never good enough to be mediocre. It was just plain awful.

    Remember, if you consider the time-consuming ordering procedure, the Trabant took about as much time and effort to obtain as a Porsche 911 on the other side of the fence. If you saved a hefty percentage of your income for 12 years, you too could afford a 911! But in the East, you got a Trabi.


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    The only thing that this project has in common with the old Trabant is the name.

    At first that seems an odd choice, but on the other hand it’s getting this guy a lot of free press coverage that he couldn’t otherwise attract.

    I think that he probably IS Malcom Bricklin’s German cousin…. (and I mean that in the kindest most probably-won’t-get-convicted way).

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    No…Herpa makes plastic molded models and now wants to jump into the 1:1 scale model business! Dang, wish I hadn’t sold my huge Herpa collection (nearly 1000 models when it was said and done). Still not sure that remaking the Trabi makes sense, even in electric form…

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    I think the Hindustan Ambassador has greater potential. Grandma’s around the world demand it!

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    @David Dennis; You’re right, medocre is too good a word for the Trabi.

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