By on February 1, 2009

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17 Comments on “Fast and Furious Superbowl Ad: A Wheelie?...”

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    I’ve completely ignored that franchise up until now… bastards put a Grand National in there just to spite me.

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    On a scale of 1 to 10, my interest in this movie is a .0001, 10 being the most interested.

    And I’ll bet money I’m in the targeted demographic.

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    I owned a Grand National for nine years. I’m only disappointed they dubbed in a V8 soundtrack for it in this movie.

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    Miss the fine acting of Vin Diesel? Never! Seriously, it looks even cheesier that the other FandFs. Wouldn’t mind bangin’ whatsherface though. I wonder if she does time for DUI in this movie?

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    I’ve always despised this franchise, purely do to all the rice-a-roni. If I wanted rice, I’d get out my rice cooker..

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    Seriously, these movies have gotten so childish disney should produce them.

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    I love this crap. I will definitely watch. I sat through the first three, I can make it through this one too, if just to see the cars. I think it is obligatory, sort of like watching the Knight Rider pilot, at least for a few minutes.

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    WTF was that? Forget the franchise. What about the ad. Do some people these days actually manage to piece together something coherent at all from this collage of about 800 still frames in 30 seconds? Don’t the producers know that the world ‘slows down’ and gets focused when you drive fast? Instead of turning into a disco strobe on crack! I need to start doing some more drugs or something….

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    Great! Another generation of Ricers, Rodders and general car styling atrocities that should have stayed on their Xbox.

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    nothing wrong with f and f.

    mind numbing entertainment
    nothing more, nothing less…

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    John R

    Every time a F&F movie comes out I invariably say, “Man! I ain’t seeing that @$%#!” Then there is at least one thing, one thing that makes me at least watch it on HBO/Encore.

    This time is Jordana Brewster driving an NSX….goddammit…

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    I’m still waiting for the “Chronicles of Riddick” sequel, dammit.

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    Part 3 was my favorite. Just because I can relate to the attitude people had about life and cars. I’ve grown up a bit since, so its not so relevant to my life. I’ll still watch this and see what’s up. Although I’m waiting for someone to make a real car movie. The hard work of learning to drive by making mistakes, and how humbling that is. I wanna see people enjoy car and driving, not the image of how cool a car looks standing still, running, or doing stunts so a person can feel all high on the thrill. That is F-ing shallow and only a shadow of what we capable of.

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    Makes me think of guys that spend more money on their rides then on their house (oh, and their bastard kids too).

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    The closest you’re going to get to one for now is this.

    I’ll probably end up seeing this, but that tanker truck that’s on fire, barreling towards our intrepid heroes, is so fake that it isn’t funny. The F&F series always had awesome practical effects, with real driving and whatnot, and that makes me sad.

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    This is mindless crap, and as such, it is endlessly entertaining.

    I will watch it, and hope that there’s another scene on the level of the original movie’s “Danger to Manifold” hilarity.

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    The acting, it burns….

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