By on February 3, 2009

But wait, I thought Fusion Hybrid buyers cross-shopped Camry Hybrid, not Prius. No? Oh well, even free PR has its price.

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17 Comments on “Alan Mulally, Fusion Hybrid Salesman...”

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    I’m sure he signed up thinking he will be getting the $3400 tax credit. Unfortunately, by the time the car arrives, the tax credit is only $1700.
    Nice gimmick…


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    Good for him. One down. God knows how many more to go.

    Now, what is it with people mispronouncing Alan Mulally’s name?

    Senator Christopher “They Gave Me That VIP Mortgage Without Telling Me!” Dodd couldn’t get the idea out of his head that the FoMoCo CEO’s name rhymes with ukulele. Which makes it sound WAY Irish.

    And here, despite a clear audio clip where the exec pronounces his own name, the reporter gets it wrong. Mo-low-ly?

    And this wasn’t a sales pitch. It was a post-sale thank you.

    How hard IS this? And, by the way, the story here is that THERE AREN’T ANY AVAILABLE. They can’t even tell this guy when the car’s coming.

    What’s the bet he’ll give up and buy that Prius?

    P.S. Hey Alan, when did this guy say it was “the best car Ford ever produced”? Call me sometime. We’ll talk.

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    I like Alan Mulally a lot but he really needs to stop this “salesman” schtick. I heard a another story recently where he guaranteed a customer that if his F-150 gave him trouble he could call him direct.

    Now, I understand what he’s doing and it is good PR, but if the cars are as good as he says they are then let the cars do the talking.

    The reason I say this is because let’s say something does go wrong, will Mr Mulally have time to deal with the customer personally? (What with driving to washington and back). No, he’ll palm that job off to a dealership and how will that customer feel?

    “Great! When I’m buying a car, the CEO wants to speak to me, then when it goes wrong, I get palmed off to someone else!”

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    Where is the Fusion Hybrid built?
    Hermosillo (Mexico)? If so, if he wanted an American hybrid car shouldn’t he have bought the Altima?

    Confusing times these are…

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    The Fusion is a better car than either of the fugly Toyota hybrids.

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    Sounds like some individuals can’t stand the fact that this guy would rather have a Ford than a Toyota.

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    Interesting PR play. At least Ford is making some kind of effort to create the appearance of relationships w/the customer. Fusion seems a decent car (albeit with a cheapish interior). Perhaps there is some hope for Ford after all.

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    Yes the Fusion is built in Mexico because labor there is cheaper. At least when your buying a Ford the profits stay here in America and emply Americans. When you buy that made in Japan Prius guess which government gets a hold of that? And the first three guesses do not count. They also like to emply slave labor factories to build those lovely Toyotas that are built outside the US and thats a known fact. Ironically C&D ranked the Fusion hybrid ahead of the Camry for mileage, performance, ride and handling and price and called it a real break through.

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    Wasn’t Snapper Carr a comic book character? Photographer for the Justice League of America or something?

    Anyway, if one customer gets a call saying ‘thank you,’ then they are all going to expect one. I’m looking forward to robot Alan Mulally calls in the near future, harassing new Ford buyers and waking them in the middle of the night and such.

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    Actually, if you order the vehicle before March 31, you get the $3400 tax credit. Guess what Ford’s hoping for?

    The local dealer already has three orders (the Focus was at 75k – so it spent a day with the friendly service dept). And I live in a land that lives and breathes Honda and Toyota.

    I don’t know that they’ll have a problem selling their 20k units.

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    At least when your buying a Ford the profits stay here in America and emply Americans.

    The only way this argument would hold weight is if these so-called “Profits” were a possibility for Ford anytime soon. More Americans are “employed” building Camrys than Fusions. Fact

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    “At least when your buying a Ford the profits stay here in America and employ Americans”

    “The only way this argument would hold weight is if these so-called “Profits” were a possibility for Ford anytime soon. More Americans are “employed” building Camrys than Fusions. Fact”

    Well…good point on profit. Lets try sales revenue—that is the money that helps pay for the engineers, designers, and yes assembly workers. NOTE: There are thousands more Ford US assembly workers than Toyota. Maybe not the Fusion…but the F150, Focus, Taurus, Mustang, Escape—to name a few.

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    Well, I had the misfortune of riding in the back of a regular Fusion today for the first time at lunch, courtesy of a salesman toting several of us to a free lunch. I was not impressed – cheap feeling handles, buttons, etc. Chromed up like the back of every tarted up Ford’s taillights. Felt like all of two cents, even discounting the god-awful rental car smell that thing had.

    I also saw another hulking Five Hundred on the highway on the way back, complete with the same tired-ass chromed out taillights. What in the hell is up with Ford and the chrome in back? Anyhow, sorry Fusion but you just didn’t make the cut for me as a passenger.

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    At least when your buying a Ford the profits stay here in America

    So…what exactly to they pay the Mexicans that build the Fusion, Milan, MKFusion, or the up coming Fiesta?

    Or the Canadians that build the Panthers, MKEdge, Ford Flex?

    Or the Turkish that build the fourth coming Transit Connect?

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    The profits go to the USA, the wages go to Mexicans.

    When Toyonda builds a car here, the wages to to Americans but the profits go back to Japan.

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    I’m a fan of Mulally. I see a genuine effort to turn the company around and I think his progress shows what is lacking at GM and Chrysler. I hope the next bailout to GM and Chrysler mandate competent leaders like Mulally otherwise, they should stop wasting our tax dollars.

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    “Car-buyer Snapper”.

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