By on December 23, 2008

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18 Comments on “New Cadillac SRX – Snow Job?...”

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    Looks like a vast improvement over the current SRX. Aimed at X5, ML and Lexus RX?

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    That is one sporty Saturn Vue.

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    I prefer blow job over snow job

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    It looks to be so top heavy and ground clearance challenged that it’s likely to be “performing” parking lot antics at about half the speed and agility of the average Subaru Outback.

    The Buick Enclave still looks better to me.

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    Detroit Todd

    That is one sporty Saturn Vue.

    I love this new SRX, but it is not a “sporty Saturn Vue.”

    Theta Premium

    GM is preparing a premium version of Theta. Reports differ, but the general consensus is that it is a combination of the current Theta and elements of the new Epsilon 2 architecture, with some Lambda components as well. So far, the only models are the Saab 9-4X and Cadillac SRX. Despite the fact that these vehicles are loosely based on Theta, which is often used for small CUVs, it is believed that these will actually be midsized, since many have predicted that the 9-4X replace the similarly sized Saab 9-7X. There are also rumors of 7-seater TE (Theta-Epsilon) models under development.

    Vehicles using Theta Premium:

    2010 Saab 9-4X
    2010 Cadillac SRX

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    This thing has Ford Edge and Honda CR-V written all over it.

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    It’s a bit of a shame that Cadillac is switching from a RWD/AWD platform to a FWD/AWD platform for the SRX. But then again, the Porsche SUV is built on a FWD platform.

    If GM is smart they will only build this with AWD, not FWD, allowing Cadillac to keep its momentum as a company that does not build FWD cars, but I think that GM will be very tempted to offer a cheap FWD base version.

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    Theta Epsilon Lambda?

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    More than slightly off-topic, but what are manly deeds?

    Or maybe I should have suggested that the SRX is a manly deed, and it’s done dirt cheap.


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    Theta premium? Well, if it works for Lexus it might work here. Or they could have one-upped everyone with a CTS based ute. That’s what makes a Caddy special, too bad GM still thinks cross brand platform sharing is the neatest thing since sliced bread.

    Or not.

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    let’s take one of our better cars and turn it into an also ran fwd wagon while the DTS “soldiers on” forever (platform that traces it’s roots to atleast 1992…k body…) The first gen SRXwas, by all accounts a nicely done car, now an instant classic. They should “pull a GM move” and change the name, maybe “BS”RX.

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    Do you think the rear seats will fold flat in this version like every other wagon on the face of the planet? Do you think they’ll offer a button to fold the rear seats down like F does with the Edge/Lincoln whatever-they-call-it? Do you think they’ll offer a heated steering wheel? Will they offer a V8? I’ve been trying to buy an all wheel drive wagon that is big enough to carry two big dogs that has enough power to throw two drool hounds into the back window to get ’em out of my face and the automotive world has failed me. Losers.

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    Thank You GM! Thank you Mr. LaNeve!

    Until the 2010 SRX came along, with it’s upbeat music, (“I’m a purposeful player in today’s world, bada-boom”) I just couldn’t decide what to buy.

    My List:

    Chevy Equinox
    Saturn Vue
    Buick Enclave
    Chevy Traverse
    Saturn Outlook
    Saab 9-4X
    Saab 9-7X
    Chevy Tahoe
    Chevy Suburban
    GMC Acadia
    GMC Yukon
    GMC Yukon XL
    Chevy Trailblazer
    GMC Envoy
    Buick Rainier
    Cadillac Escalade
    Cadillac Escalade ESV
    Cadillac SRX
    Chevy HHR
    …and ignoring the large vans
    …and ignoring Hummer
    …and ignoring 2008 vs 2009’s
    …and ignoring the Hybrids

    Like nature rolling the dice to evolve the species, occasionally experimenting with two-headed kittens, you finally stumbled onto a 15k/year winner! Maybe.

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    Wasn’t the current SRX based on the CTS? The current SRX always received positive reviews, and was a great cuv according to many.

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    Guarantee a rollover with it being so top heavy

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    Thats what I was saying… The current SRX is Sigma based (CTS, STS, SRX). It is of the best Cadillacs right now. Instead of an incremental improvement of a good car, maybe update the dash and front clip to look more like the current CTS, they are going to throw it out for a totally new design that seems to be a step backwards. If they thought they needed a FWD Unibody SUV crossover they should have just made a Lambda Cadillac. That company is just so frustrating.

    They should just go back to their legendary names and do it like this:

    Extended Zeta = Fleetwood Brougham
    Zeta = Sedan de Ville
    Sigma Sedan (CTS) = Seville STS
    Sigma Coupe = Eldorado
    Sigma Wagon = Seville SRX
    Lambda SUV = Escalade
    GMT900 SUV = Escalade Brougham (exteneded a ‘d Elegante..?)
    Y-Body = Allante
    Delta = Cimarron (Just Kidding, it was too tempting)

    No, Seriously, I think it was a big mistake getting rid of names with such brand recognition. It seems so much more fun to say you drive a Sedan de Ville than a DTS. Am I alone here on this one???

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    I would recommend not clicking on Mr. psarhjinian’s “T.E.L.” link.

    Unless you want to exercise your AVG.

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    Not a problem on my MAC… good heads up for those still using windows though. :-0

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