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There\'s a sucker born every minute, Tonto. (courtesy News [AN, sub] reports that Ford execs are prowling the halls at The Democratic National Convention, drumming-up support for "A Bailout Plan By Any Other Name Would Still Look So Green" low-interest federal loans. Leading the charge (in every sense of the word): Ford Purchasing Chief "Motown" Tony Brown and his company's duly elected representative, Debby Stabenow. So, guys, how much taxpayer money do The Blue Oval Boyz need to buy some more time to hide their incompetence, draw their million-dollar paychecks and help put Barack Obama in the White House; and why the Hell should hard-working Americans give it to them when there's a perfectly good private banking system in this country? (Just kidding about the second part, unfortunately.) "We're still dimensioning," Brown told AN. Stabenow was equally forthcoming. "Stabenow said she doesn't know what the total amount should be. She indicated it may be necessary to press for some this year and more next year. 'We need to do something now.'" What do you mean we, white woman?

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10 Comments on “Bailout Watch 12: Ford Unsure on Bailout Price Tag– “We’re still dimensioning”...”

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    “We’re still dimensioning”. What a management dweeb.

    Reminds me of the creepy science officer, Ash, from Alien: “We’re still collating”, he says, while secretly plotting for the monster.

    The sad part – in the movie, the parasitic monster is destroyed. Here in real life, the parasites will have our tax dollars for sure.

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    They must be Fifth Dimensioning. Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?

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    I wonder if Ford’s strategy is to wait and see how much GM and Chrysler ask for before stating a number for themselves. They obviously don’t want to ask for too much and be shot down by a laughing Gov. loan officer, but they also don’t want to ask for more than they will really need. I imagine the latter number would be significantly less than what GM and Chrysler need. Ford probably just doesn’t want to short-change themselves, and would like to take advantage of a little unplanned for cash influx.

    Am I Tonto?

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    “…but they also don’t want to ask for more than they will really need.”

    Surely you must be joking! They’ll take whatever they can and flush it down the rathole, same as before.

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    I think “investment” is the word they should focus on. As in, “providing a hefty dollop of taxpayer-based assistance to Ford at this particular moment would be an investment in the nation’s industrial base that will help keep America competitive in the 21st Century.”

    After all, who doesn’t want to make a good investment?

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    “We’re still dimensioning”

    Dimensioning…I see. Perhaps some Cialis would help?

    Seriously though, who the hell talks like that?

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    “Seriously though, who the hell talks like that?”

    People who want to ensure that what they are saying doesn’t sound like what it really means.

    Mostly, these are worthless bullshit artists that have no integrity or sense of objective truth whatsoever.

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    “After all, who doesn’t want to make a good investment?

    I love making a good investment too. I just don’t wish to have my government make that decision for me.

    However, I also realize that pissing away $50b to delay Detroit’s certain death is a bargain compared to what we’ve wasted in Iraq.

    At least if the money goes to Michigan fewer people will die needlessly.

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    Meh, needs more management speak. How about, ‘We are taking an organic approach to dimensioning our aggressively conservative request.’

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    It would be really nice.. if they just came right out and said…

    This is our fourth turnaround effots in 5yrs.
    We cant make money on SUVS
    We cant make money on compacts.
    The best stuff is still (again) just around the corner..
    And they fired my boss, my boss’ boss and 4 guys around him named Larry.

    The best Ford can do.. is mention dimensioning.

    Morale is at an all time low.

    Ford.. is doing better than GM.. and Chrapsler by far.. but thats not saying much.


    IMMA dimension you!

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