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81244.jpgIf you recall, Hyundai presented the production version of the rear wheel-drive Genesis Coupe at the New York Auto Show last week. We can now bring you some specs. The base engine is a turbocharged and intercooled 2.0-liter four-cylinder mill, cranking-out. 212hp at 6500 rpm, and 217 ft.-lbs. of twist at 2500 rpm. The optional 3.8-liter V6 is good for 306 horsepower at 6000 rpm, with 263 ft.-lbs. of torque at 4700 rpm. Both cars feature a six-speed manual as standard (which means most American buyers will be paying more for a slushbox). The turbo four gets an optional five-speed auto while the V6 gets an outstanding optional ZF six-speed auto. Now for the bad news. The V6 weigh-in at 3549 lbs and the four-banger ain't no featherweight neither (3439 lbs.). That puts the Genesis Coupes almost exactly on par with FoMoCo's V6 and V8 Mustangs. Hyundai's only performance estimate: the V6 will make it to 60mph in "under 6 seconds." So why not fir the Genesis with a 250-horse version of the blown four that Kia showcased in their Koup concept? Why not indeed.

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24 Comments on “Hyundai Releases Genesis Coupe Specs...”

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    that weight is really a shame. I know they say that its structure is 30% stiffer than the last-gen M3, but I’d gladly take (slightly) sub-M3 stiffness for a couple hundred pound weight loss.

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    Kind of a let down, but if the price is good it won’t really matter.

    I’d guess the turbo 4 will have an easier path of getting more out of the engine with the aftermarket than the V6 will. It should be interesting once a few tuners get their hands on both to see what is possible (reliably that is).

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    True comparisons will have to wait for actual test drives and pricing. Until then, who knows.

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    3439 lbs.

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    cRaCk hEaD aLLeY

    That weight is all recycled Ford Tempo & Mercury Topaz steel.

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    It looks pretty much like every other car on the road with some quirky styling cues added for good Korean measure.

    This will be the ride of choice for kids to attatch big wings, fart cans, paint parts of the interior different colors and harass others at stop lights with.

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    Base engine is a thrifty turbo four? What’s that noise? Oh, it’s everyone dumping their thirsty 6cyl base Mustangs for the Genesis.
    Nice job, Ford.

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    I called it after watching that video, fat like a Mustang. A base coupe with the turbo-4 might be a hoot if you add more boost and get it without weight adding options. It a still a shame, but I guess for the price lighter materials would have pushed it to a higher price.

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    3439 lbs to start? What does it think it is, a 1-series coupe?

    Geez… I guessed maybe 3100 to 3200.

    Oh well, the face is still ugly and the body is still plain.

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    It seems I just don’t “get” the cross-section of folks who post on TTAC… Of the 2 or 3 posts on the Genesis Coupe since it’s unveiling, the vast majority of comments seem to fall into one of two categories:
    1) Domestic-bashing Hyundai-phobes: “Gosh, Ford. Even Hyundai is kicking the Mustang’s ass…”
    2) The Thin-Is-In Crowd: “Yuck. 3,400 lbs is just *so* overweight…”

    Can I get some help here? Hyundai has been taking all comers by storm with stuff like the Veracruz and Sonata (and their interiors are now Lexus quality at prices that undercut Toyotas). The Genesis Coupe looks to compete with the Mustang on the low end (3,300 lbs) and teases the G37 in V6 trim (3,616 lbs). It looks a little funky, but it’s got all the right specs, near as I can tell…

    What’s it gonna take for you guys?

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    AndyR I was hoping for something lighter than a Mustang. The coupe looks sluggish in that intro video, and I bet it’s because it could use to be 200 lbs lighter or better balanced. I’ll save final judgment for when I get to drive it, but I was hoping for something that would far surpass the Mustangs performance at the same price. I’m sure the car will sell well, it has a nice interior, and non offensive looks and offers a lot for the money. I was hoping to be able to have my cake and eat it too.

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    i think people are just hoping for more and revolutionary, not just same for less… hyundai has made big strides, so i can see how people would expect them to make something revolutionary, but “why fix it if it aint broke!”

    it sounds good, but it means nothing without lower prices. if they keep them inline with the marketing estimates, then its about the same price as the ford mustang… without being cheaper, i dunno…

    “2.0 Liter Turbo will have 215HP 217TRQ. Price starting at $19,900.
    3.8 Liter V6 will have 300HP and 280 TRQ. Price starting at $25,900.”

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    Justin Berkowitz


    What is the source on those estimates? I haven’t seen any #s.

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    Well, good news for you folks who want it to go on a diet, they’re going to push out a Lightweight model after release…

    Me? I’m seeing myself in a car that carries itself like a GT (see BMW 3 or Infiniti G35/7) for a $10k discount… RWD, 300hp, V6, and a nice manual tranny all swathed in leather. Can’t wait to test drive…

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    AndyR makes a good point. Depending on price this looks like a pretty sweet car guys.

    Asking for a car that’s going to “far surpass” a Mustang at the same price point is an outrageously high standard. GT Mustangs run the 60 in 5 seconds, if this car can come close to that but corner better while being cheaper that would be quite a feat.

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    Interesting car. Although I’m concerned about the long-ish wheel base. Transitions with such a wheelbase may be uninspiring in critical ways. Engines look like they may be ok. Weight is a concern but for the price it looks good. Thank you Hyundai and future new car buyers, I’ll look into buying it in 5 years maybe.

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    Yeah, maybe it’s a better car empirically than the Mustang V6. So what? Look at it. It’s every other car known to man. “Bleh” styling is always a deal-breaker in the coupe universe.

    I’m not sure this will end up being the “Mustang” killer it was made out to be.

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    While it’s no G37, I’ll have to admit that it’s an impressive step forward. We can’t expect a company that just entered the “decent” market to throw out a full-time sports car.

    This sounds like a good daily driver with plenty of sport for most people out there, and when it comes down to it, any business is about income. Take a look at the average mustang buyer… count the number of automatic V6’s that aren’t complaining about anything (keeping an eye out for the stereotyped cheerleader).

    It looks like a great choice to me, at least for now. Maybe if this skyrockets, we will be able to see a true sports car competition.

    Then again, since we’ve yet to drive one…

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    Ohhmm! 2 liter turbo. Probably borrowed from opel. NOT.( insert that Wayne`s world countenance) Hm, 3.8 liter…probably an old Detroit Gm pushrod.Not. So why is hyundai doing some silly engine building, if they could save bucks and borrow from , whatever. Wait , they should have bought a stock portfolio prior to that. Actually, see there are no big secrets in car building success. just build cars yourself, build up muscles of expertize, and propel forward. Tell me about baby boomers, gen-x appeal, Mass media awareness or perception gap.

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    If it has a properly-tuned independent rear suspension, it already beats the Mustang on the pothole-riddled roads of PA.

    I wonder if the 2.0 is the same as the one in my (purchased yesterday) Sonata? Opens up some performance possibilities if dino drops!

    I don’t see all the h8ers out there; this is Hyundai for cryin’ out loud!

    Edit: My recently-traded ’97 Camaro weighed 3300 lbs, and ran quite well with a 200HP 3800 V6; the 2.0 Turbo should come close to the HP and torque that I had, and with VVT, it may be even more driveable at low RPM’s.

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    John R


    I saw this one at the NY autoshow. It isn’t really that long, the G37 appears to be longer.

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    As for the auto show, that stage was small so I wouldn’t use it as a true performance/handling indicator.

    I’m looking forward to the car to be honest. If they do it right and the price is low enough it could open the door for more RWD cars from more manufacturers.

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    cRaCk hEaD aLLeY

    Is that 3.8L V6 a hands-me-down Mistubishi GT3000 engine?

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    Just drove one today for the first time and I have to say, I don’t remember going to a tailor and getting all my measurements taken but they put them to great use. I might be holding out for the R-Spec but, at this point, I would not be surprised if I owned one before the year is out.
    I am 6’4 and felt completely at home in this ride.
    Handling and ride were well balanced and this was a touring model, not even the track. Going back to check it out this weekend. I’ve been looking for my first brand new car to buy and tried out literally everything close to this class and most of them (I’m looking at you, Altima Coupe) just seem pathetic in comparison. -my 2 cents

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