QOTD: Which Automaker Will Go Bankrupt Next?
Fisker Has Finally Filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

We’ve been hearing about Fisker’s downfall for months, but it finally appears that the automaker has reached the end of the road. Last night, the company officially filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware, writing a post on its website confirming the development.

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Every Karma Revero is Being Recalled Over Turn Signals

A recall has been issued for just about every Karma Revero EV sold inside the United States over an intermittent issue with the turn signals that place the model out of compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). While the defect isn’t dangerous in itself, the fact that turn signals could fail can exacerbate the likelihood of a crash.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Revero, don’t feel bad. Most people have never seen one.

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Fisker is Reportedly Closing its California Headquarters

While a few startup automakers have broken through with appealing vehicles and somewhat sound business practices, Fisker never really had solid ground under its feet. The automaker has recently warned that bankruptcy could be imminent if an investor or buyer doesn’t step in, and we’re now hearing reports that the company is shuttering its California headquarters.

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QOTD: Would You Rather Own a Mansion or an EV Startup?

We brought you news this morning that Fisker founder and boss Henrik Fisker has apparently listed his L.A. mansion for sale for more than Fisker appears to be worth.

So, would you rather own the house or own a small automaker?

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You Could Buy the Entire Fisker Company for Less Than the Founder's Home Costs

Fisker is on shaky ground, and while it might have a few interested buyers, nothing is certain, and things could go sideways at any time. Company founder and designer Henrik Fisker appears to be preparing for the worst, as he and his wife recently listed their Los Angeles residence for $35 million, more than the automaker is currently worth.

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These Are the Best Family Cars for 2024

This week we sit down with John Vincent, senior editor of vehicle testing at U.S. News & World Report, to discuss their best cars for families for 2024.

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Fisker's Troubles Deepen as Thousands of Reservation Holders Cancel

Fisker’s on the ropes, but hits keep on coming. The upstart automaker recently warned that it could face bankruptcy and said that its negotiations with another automaker for a potential investment had fallen through. Business Insider recently reported on leaked documents that show Fisker’s troubles are deepening, as the EV maker has seen tens of thousands of order cancellations since its troubles became glaringly public.

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The Fisker-Nissan Deal is Reportedly Dead

Fisker has been on thin ice for a while now, but one of its most promising lifelines has fallen through. Reuters reported that Fisker was unable to reach an agreement with Nissan and other potential investors, including up to five large automakers.

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QOTD: Which EV Startup Will Fail?

I've been in the automotive media since late in 2007, and over the course of all that time, I've seen EV-focused startups come and go. Some went and came back, even.

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Struggling Fisker Could Get a $400 Million Lifeline from Nissan

Things looked promising for Fisker at first, and the automaker actually delivered on its promise to design and manufacture a new EV. Even so, the automotive market is brutal and unforgiving, and Fisker’s fortunes have turned as it has had an uphill battle getting its new Ocean SUV out the door. The company recently announced a layoff of 15 percent of its workforce and said it would pause investments until it could find a new partner.

It now appears that help could come from Nissan, who, according to Reuters, might be close to investing $400 million into the struggling EV maker.

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Used Car of the Day: 2012 Fisker Karma

And now, for something a little different. You don't see used Fisker Karmas for sale too often.

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Unintended Consequences: Henrik Fisker Abandons Twitter After Musk Buys the Place

By now, save for only the least informed gearheads, almost everyone has heard Elon Musk has been successful, at least to this point, in his quest to buy Twitter. This development has caused no shortage of natterings in all corners of the internet, with tech blogs suddenly discovering the unpredictable and sometime unfathomable morass that is Musk’s social media presence. Auto journalists have been dealing with such issues for years.

One surprising result of the Twitter buyout? Henrik Fisker, boss of an EV company which ostensibly competes with Tesla, has packed up camp and disappeared.

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Fisker Still Very Much Alive, Shows Ocean SUV in L.A.

Fisker seems to have many lives, and the small brand led off the L.A. Auto Show’s main media day with the debut of its Ocean SUV.

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Fisker to Build Electric Popemobile, White House Wants Beast EV

After clandestine meetings with Pope Francis, Fisker is reportedly going to develop an electric Popemobile — a term the Vatican has repeatedly asked everyone to stop using. Due to arrive next year, the vehicle is supposed to be a heavily modified version of the brand’s upcoming electric Ocean crossover.

Pope Francis has long been presenting himself as a surface-level environmentalist with absolutely terrible taste in automobiles. He added two Toyota Mirais to the Status Civitatis Vaticanae garage in 2020 while predictably flipping a Lamborghini Huracán (built specifically for him by the company) in 2018. His Alleged Holiness is also said to be partial to the Fiat 500L, Nissan Frontier, and Isuzu D-Max — though he frequently rides around in locally produced customs as a way to ingratiate himself with the masses he’s visiting. Provided they’ve met the needs of the trip and cater specifically to the pope’s preferences, he’s not picky.

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  • Cprescott I bet the hackers left a backdoor with which they can re-enter and to re-extort CDK.
  • Cprescott It pains me to think how good GM could have been if its engineering department had been staffed with people with common sense and talent. Now the styling department is equally devoid of people with working eye sight and talent.
  • Cprescott As a FORMER LOYAL FORD BUYER AND OWNER OF NEARLY 40 YEARS, I must say Ford continues to reinforce my decision of abandoning the brand in 2019 as a great choice. They respect no heritage anymore and have left me with no cars to purchase. Oh, well. My current ride from Hyundai has served me well for the past five years and 60k miles. Thank you, Ford. I'm enjoying life again.
  • Cprescott Hell no!
  • Cprescott On a positive note for Toyoduh (!), this is not the ugliest vehicle they make. But it remains a Toyoduh and the driver will feel entitled to own the road with the rest of us being damned. Hideous spoiler and wheels.