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best car cleaning products There are some unassailable truths ingrained in the minds of most gearheads: the check engine light will illuminate just after you catch up on all your bills, fuel prices will rise before a long weekend, and a clean car runs better. (more…) Read more
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Amazon’s highly-anticipated annual shopping event, Amazon Prime Day, is finally here. Amazon Prime Day starts on Monday, June 21 at midnight and runs through Tuesday, June 22. Consider it an early version of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or just a way to score a really good deal. As always, this year's Amazon Prime Day marks a chance to get amazing, killer deals on… Read more
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best foam cannons For a good many gearheads, washing their car is a form of relaxation, if not outright therapy. From the initial hosing off of loose dirt to the final wipe of a chamois, taking one’s ride from dirty to clean hardly a chore for most people reading this post. (more…) Read more
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extang solid fold hard folding tonneau cover It should be no surprise to anyone reading this post that pickup trucks are popular in this country, to put it mildly. Such is the market for these machines that manufacturers are ladling more and more luxury items on them, searching for the upper limit of opulence and price. By all accounts, they haven’t found the ceiling yet. Silverado, Ram, F-150 … nearly 1… Read more
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Best Replacement Brake Rotors Let’s get one thing clear from the start - you shouldn’t skimp on brake products. They are, after all, one of the only things on your car between it and a nasty crash. (more…) Read more
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Racing seats. BigTunaOnline/ It is freely admitted a bit of help was enlisted for this post. After all, your author does not generally purchase items for his daily driver that intentionally make it less comfortable, except for the U-Cheap-OutTM suspension kit he once purchased (best to gloss over that one). (more…) Read more
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best steering wheel covers  We get it. Not everyone lives a decadent lifestyle in which they are afforded the opportunity to drive week-old Mercs and Audis. Why, just last month your author tested a press car with over 5,000 miles on the odometer. The indignity. (more…) Read more
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best rooftop cargo boxes Installing a rooftop cargo box is the vehicular equivalent of donning a backpack before heading into the woods. Its extra space either frees up other areas of the car for humans or permits the purchase of every Elvis bust you find between here and Graceland. (more…) Read more
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There’s a general understanding amongst gearheads that no matter how big one’s garage or storage space, it’ll eventually fill up. A two car garage will be just as full as a single, while that 40’ x 40′ unit your neighbor is building will be filled to capacity by year’s end. It’s just the natural order of things. And before you get yer knickers in… Read more
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best wheel locks On occasion, it must seem like the architects of this series think danger and the nation’s criminals lurk around every corner. We’ve brought you Club-style theft prevention, bumper guards, and now wheel locks. Good job we balance it out with the likes of work gloves, tire shine, and floor jacks. Wheel locks are sold by the aftermarket and every single new car dealership in… Read more
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best blind spot mirrors If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: check yer bind spot! More than a few collisions (notice we didn’t call them “accidents”) occur because drivers heedlessly heave their car into an adjacent lane only to find themselves occupying the same time and space as another vehicle. This leads to Expensive Noises. (more…) Read more
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best jack stands Cinder blocks, welded-together steel wheels, janky-looking lengths of board – most of us know we’re not supposed to rest the weight of a car or truck on anything other than a pair of stout jack stands. Whether or not we actually do this is better left unsaid. (more…) Read more
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best trailer brake controllers If you’re thinking about using your truck or SUV to tow anything more than a child’s inflatable dinghy, it is an exceedingly good idea to invest in a trailer brake controller. These units, generally about the size of two stacked smartphones, manage the amount of braking force being produced by the electric brakes fitted to your trailer’s axles. (more…) Read more
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It has been ages since the days when one needed to change the spark plugs in their car every 20,000 miles. Today’s machines are very different, to the point where most owners have no idea the firing order of the engine that’s powering them down the road. Still, plugs do need to be replaced eventually, even if it is at 100k. Like the recent… Read more
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best oil filters There are some things best enjoyed without filters - Instagram photos, discussions about pay with your boss, and those Camel cigarettes from the '80s. What definitely does require a filter is the oiling system on your car’s engine. We’ve gathered a few of them here. As a programming note, know that for purposes of making a vaguely apples-to-apples comparison in this post, we selected… Read more