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By | Last updated: October 27, 2021
extang solid fold hard folding tonneau cover

It should be no surprise to anyone reading this post that pickup trucks are popular in this country, to put it mildly. Such is the market for these machines that manufacturers are ladling more and more luxury items on them, searching for the upper limit of opulence and price. By all accounts, they haven’t found the ceiling yet. Silverado, Ram, F-150 … nearly 1 in 5 items to roll off a dealer’s lot with a new-car smell has an open box attached to it.

That open box (whether it’s five-and-a-half, six, or eight feet long) is the indisputable king of cargo. Need to haul a tree home from the arborist? No problem. How about that grandfather clock at the estate sale? Toss it in. The amount of detritus one can handle with a pickup is legendary. Thing is, though, that open bed is – well – open.

Your author may not be an authority in much but he has owned enough pickup trucks over the last twenty years to know a thing or two about their accessories. There are different varieties of tonneau covers, all with their own advantages and disadvantages, which is why we’re revisiting the topic for a second time this year.

We didn’t select a specific make and model of pickup truck this time, choosing instead to cover (pun intended) a broad range of vehicles. Make sure you’re getting the correct fit before buying. Here are a few we recommend.

1. Editor’s Pick: BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

The low-profile BAKFlip G2 hard folding cover allows you to drive with the cover fully closed or partially open. This is not totally unique. What is unique is the ability of this thing to flip up against the truck’s back window, allowing for 100% bed access unlike some covers in which the front 1/3 remains clamped to the bed unless its owner removes the thing altogether. This, in your author’s opinion, puts in the running for this market’s best tonneau cover.

This hard tonneau cover features durable aluminum panels and an automatic latching system, providing greater security over vinyl covers. Prop rods hold the cover upright while open and they securely stow away when the cover is partially or fully closed.

Pros/Well-known brand, ability to access all of the bed
Cons/Don't sit on the cover while closed
Bottom Line/A great option

2. TruXedo Truxport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Irritatingly cute name aside, the TruXedo brand of tonneau covers garner reliably positive ratings from real world customers and regularly ranks as one of the top tonneau cover brands. This particular unit is a soft cover that stretched taut over the bed of a truck and can be rolled up like a tarp when it needs to be moved out of the way.

A heavy duty frame is installed, with rails clamping onto your truck’s bed without the need for any drilling or special tools. The cover’s tension can be manually adjusted based on what you’ve got in the bed, though we don’t recommend stretching this thing over a pile of gravel, for instance. Many sizes and styles are available.

Pros/Top-tier rating, installs without drilling holes in your new truck
Cons/Soft covers can easily be sliced open by a knife-wielding crook
Bottom Line/Good brand, great reviews

3. Budget Pick: North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover

If you’ve been searching for the best inexpensive tonneau cover, this is a decent option. While this product has yet to garner many real-world reviews, its price is right and the cover is offered in a wide array of shapes and sizes to fit many popular pickup truck beds.

The product is said to come with all mounting clamps required to affix it to the truck bed, along with a few bolts and instructions. It is promoted as a soft roll-up style cover and is, in fact, described as a ‘tight fitting tarp’. Simple and to the point – we like it. The vinyl cover is made from 24oz material and is double sided for weather protection.

Pros/Very affordable, many sizes available
Cons/Few ratings so far, vinyl is easily cut
Bottom Line/Good for a quick fix

4. LEER Latitude SC Soft Tri-Fold Cover

This brand bills itself as “America’s #1 Truck Cover” and, given the sheer number of truck accessories one sees bearing the Leer name, they may have a point. This particular option is a soft tri-fold unit, flipping forward in thirds to reveal the truck bed underneath. Drivers can safely travel with the cover open thanks to security straps and buckles located at the front of the bed.

Made of commercial-grade reinforced vinyl, this cover won’t provide the security of a hard cover but is a good option if one doesn’t want to break the bank. A specially designed self-tensioning frame helps keep the truck bed cover in place while a support framework with rounded corners and beveled edges keep water out of the truck bed. The latching system near the tailgate is of a one-handed pinch design, not a bulky handle on which to yank. Leer’s solution is certainly lower profile but may be hard to grab, especially in the dark.

Pros/Well-known brand name, light weight, no-drill installation
Cons/Fiddly opening latches, costly for a soft cover
Bottom Line/America's #1 Truck Cover!

5. Roll N Lock M-Series Retractable Tonneau Cover

This list would be incomplete without mention of a retractable tonneau cover. Merging the benefits of a hard cover and a roll-up soft cover, this unit opens up to uncover the truck’s bed in the same manner as one opens a kitchen bread box or fancy-pants rolltop desk.

When retracted, the cover resides in an ultra-compact canister measuring 7.5 inches deep at the head of the truck’s bed up by the cab. This does eat up some box space but is certainly compact enough to largely stay out of harm’s way. This example is a low-gloss vinyl over aluminum but total aluminum and electric retractable models are also available

Pros/Neat-n-tidy looks, best of several worlds
Cons/Scary prices
Bottom Line/Costly for a reason

6. PowertraxPRO MX Electric Retractable Tonneau Cover

Speaking of electric tonneau covers, here’s a power-operated option from a brand called PowertraxPRO. This powered retractable cover features remote powered operation and can be locked in place anywhere along the truck bed, securing loose pieces of cargo too big to fit under the cover.

The cover features aluminum panels that can support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight – so don’t go placing your heavy trophies all in one spot – as well as a matte finish for UV and scratch protection. These things are made in North Dakota and are backed by a US-based customer support team.

Pros/Looks slick, you can brag to your friends
Cons/Extremely expensive
Bottom Line/Cool but costly

7. Tyger Auto Black (Soft Top) Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto Black is a readymade soft type tri-fold cover that fits with Ford F-150 2009-2014 models that come without the utility track system. Manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum frames, this 24oz heavy-duty tonneau cover is shipped along with mounting hardware and an instruction manual and requires no drilling for installation. The clamps that comprise stainless steel rods, and the weather sealing that the cover has ensures firm locking, and protection from heavy rains, harmful sunlight, and snowfalls respectively.

The 5.5 ft. styleside bed with dual-coated vinyl exterior weighs 30.6 pounds, gives the vehicle a tough look, and provides a carefree off-roading experience.

Pros/Robust ratings on Amazon, pre-assembled crossbars
Cons/You're on the hook for shipping if you order the wrong size
Bottom Line/One of the better soft-surface tonneau covers.

8. Softclub Truck Bed Tarp Cover

This tonneau cover is more of a huge tarp but we feel its inclusion on this list is appropriate so you can see all the different styles of this product that are available. To be blunt, your author finds the external strapping and bed side overlap to be hideously ugly but there’s no denying the functionality on display here.

Made of a fabric material with waterproof strips at the seams, it is fixed in place with no less than a dozen bungee cords that hook onto various and sundry attachment points on your truck. We’d be terrified of scratches and what might happen should one of those bungees let go but the majority of real-world owners report good experiences. They must not be as vain as us, either.

Pros/Very low price, covers the bed opening and then some
Cons/Catastrophically ugly, risk of scratches if it goes wrong
Bottom Line/Function over form

9. UnderCover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Compatible with Nissan Titan 2016 to 2021 models, this tri-fold hard type tonneau cover is made up of aluminum panels and is available in a matte black finish. The cover offers 100 percent of bed access and can be partially closed, fully closed, or fully opened to provide the required level of protection. Equipped with an integrated LED rail light and full perimeter seal to offer additional visibility at night and insulation from the weather respectively, Ultra Flex offers a hassle-free 5-year warranty.

The 67” tonneau cover comes with a carpeted under-paneling that adds an extra layer of protection to the items underneath.

Pros/Offers 100 percent bed access, varying levels of closure.
Cons/Not cheap
Bottom Line/Get hard


What are the different types of tonneau covers?

There are two main categories of tonneau covers namely:

  • Soft Covers – These tonneau covers are lightweight and are cheap
  • Hard Covers – These covers are hard, strong, and offer better protection as compared to the soft tonneau covers

In addition to the above categories, there are five to six types of tonneau covers, and depending on your needs, you can prefer one over the other. Some of the most commonly used covers include:

  • Roll Up

As the name suggests, these covers can be rolled up partially or fully as mats or curtains according to the requirements, and therefore they are easy to use. In most cases, these fall in the category of soft covers. However, if there is a specific need, hard roll-up covers are also available in the market.

  • Folding

These are mostly tri-fold covers, and are easily available in both soft and hard types. Folding tonneau covers are comparatively stronger, can be opened and folded partially or fully according to the requirement, and if need be, they can even be removed altogether to utilize all the space the pickup truck has.

  • Retractable

These tonneau covers slide to uncover the space, and are rolled up to the unit installed within the truck itself. However, because the entire equipment is installed inside the vehicle, a part of its area becomes unavailable to accommodate the retracted bed. The good thing is, these covers can be locked at any position while sliding, thus enabling you to partially or fully cover the tonneau according to the needs. The only drawback is that the retractable covers are more expensive as compared to others.

  • Hinged

These covers are mostly hard type, and can be opened or closed as the bonnet of the car. Hinged tonneau covers offer hassle-free and clean installation, can be bought in the color that matches the pickup truck, and provide more security and weatherproofing to your items. However, it becomes extremely challenging to drive the car with an opened hinge, and even the fuel consumption is significantly increased due to high aerodynamic drag if or when you try to do so.

  • Heavy-Duty

These are the strongest tonneau covers, can hold several tons of load, and offer multiple access points for loading and unloading heavy objects such as bikes.

  • Toolbox

These tonneau covers have a separate compartment, specifically designed to store the tools that may come in handy while off-roading. With this quality, the toolbox covers serve the dual purpose of providing a protective cover, and storing useful tools.

Why aren’t tonneau covers offered by the factory?

Because every person uses their pickup truck for a different purpose, and they may want to have a tonneau cover to best suit their specific needs, it becomes almost impractical to have a one-size-fits-all type of bed for the vehicle. Instead, it is comparatively more convenient for the companies to leave it to the buyers to choose the type of cover they want according to their work requirements.

That said, sometimes tonneau covers are a factory option.

Will a tonneau cover help my fuel economy?

According to several experts, a good quality tonneau cover decreases the aerodynamic drag while the vehicle is on the road, and makes it run more smoothly. Because of this, the fuel consumption is reduced as much as up to 10 percent.

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13 Comments on “Best Pickup Truck Tonneau Covers: A Cover Story...”

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    Just what one needs to turn your truck into the family sedan.

  • avatar

    If you’re in snowy clime, seriously look into the Foldacover in addition to the Extang Solidfold. It sits above the rails, so water runs off it before it freezes. Instead of freezing in tiny channels and tubes, the way it does in most others. In my experience, it’s also less leaky, and generally tighter than the Extang. The Extang removes fully, a bit easier, though. And is a bit less likely to pinch and scrape you. Both are good for what they are.

    As for “sedan”, the covers keeps “most” stuff dry and out of sight most of the time. While getting out of the way for hauling snowblowers, snowmachines and bikes easier than a cap, when more load height is required.

    • 0 avatar

      Is Foldacover still in business? At the start of COVID it seemed like they “folded” and closed up shop. Some people online complained of the piano hinges leaking or failing and not being able to get replacement parts, under warranty or simply paying for them.

  • avatar

    Having owned both the Bakflip G2 and Leer HF650M hard folding covers the Leer seems like a better built product. 2 features of the Leer I think are superior are 1-the release tabs that you squeeze from either side of the truck to fold each section, Bakflip has a cord you pull and it can easily be released with a flatbar with the tailgate locked. 2- When fully open the Leer does not contact the truck cab, the Bakflip does touch the cab. Installation is similar for both covers.

  • avatar
    Carlson Fan

    IMO a tonneau cover is pretty much a requirement on any PU I own living in MN. Pretty hard to haul anything during the winter months with snow and ice in the bed. They keep lighter items from blowing out, things that shouldn’t get wet from getting wet, and out of sight out of mind means less likely someone will steal something sitting in the bed.

    Only type worth owning are the soft vinyl ones that roll up. For securing the sides, velcro is much better than snaps which corrode from road salt quickly. The Access I had on my GMC 2500HD worked great for the 13 years I owned the truck. Next PU I own will have one put on immediately if it doesn’t already.

  • avatar
    CKNSLS Sierra SLT

    I have had two Bakflips and found them to be OK. There is no such thing as a completely leak proof cover, with the possible exception of the large-not practical one piece “painted to match” fiberglass ones. There seems to be some controversy on newer Bakflips with both customer service and product since the company changed ownership. The good thing about tri fold covers is the ability to fold them up and then remove them if you need to. The wife and I can carry the Bakflip since it only weighs 50 pounds.All covers are a “theft determent” and not theft proof for something you may wish to lock in to the bed. The covers are what make a pickup the most versatile vehicle you can buy.

    Those who knock pickups generally can’t afford them.

  • avatar

    I got the Chevrolet branded soft roll up cover for my Colorado, I love it. Tool-free install, the clamps are all rubber coated so no metal-on-metal contact, it is remarkably good at keeping water out (although it isn’t perfect), and it was a similar price to 3rd party soft rolling covers with a GM accessories website coupon.

    It seems like these days there’s very few actual manufacturers of truck bed covers left. Over half of the covers mentioned in the article are all made by Truck Hero.

  • avatar

    I had Roll-N-Lock before and really liked it. Its very secure and strong being an all metal construction with a lock. The biggest drawbacks is not 100% water tight and (as mentioned) it rolls up into a little canister that occupies some space in the front of the bed.

  • avatar

    I never bothered, we don’t get snow here and if it’s raining I’m not going to stand out in it loading heavy things whether the bed is covered or not.

  • avatar

    I have had a Bakflip F1 on my Raptor for over 8 years, has held up like a champ through Canadian Winters. I like that it sits flush to the bed rails as opposed to being mounted on top.

  • avatar

    I had the Tyger type of clamping system shown above on my tri-fold. It came with a small LED light to velcro to the bedside so you could unclamp it in the dark. It worked well and I liked the plastic buckles that kept it folded to the front third but you had to completely remove the cover to load anything tall at the front of the bed.

    The previous cover I had was a roll up type using about 70 snaps and eventually the vinyl shrunk enough that if I had to unsnap it in winter it stayed unsnapped until spring.

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