Toyota Cutting Production By 20 Percent Next Month

toyota cutting production by 20 percent next month

Earlier this week, we covered Toyota stressing over the feasibility of its current production plans. Automakers around the world are presently trying to suss out how to maintain solid profitability with diminished output, with Japan’s largest manufacturer suggesting the present state of the world might force it to do likewise.

While we assumed the resulting decisions would take a couple of weeks for Toyota to finalize, as it considered its many options, the company announced on Friday that it would need to cut domestic production by 20 percent for the month of April. The automaker framed this as part of its preexisting “recovery plan” necessary to account for supply chain issues that never seem to end, saying that diminished output would gradually normalize in Japan over the spring.

Corporate spokeswoman Shiori Hashimoto explained that the company had originally planned on raising production targets through the spring to make up for losses incurred by COVID restrictions and part shortages. But hardships have continued for suppliers, making it unrealistic to pursue those goals. So they’re being tamped back by 20 percent for April, 10 percent for May, and 5 percent for June.

Hashimoto suggested that this would still represent a high level of production for Toyota since the cutbacks have been incorporated into the elevated targets. But those goals were already supposed to help make up for production volumes lost over the last two years. Like most other manufacturers, Toyota has been telling customers they might have to wait months for certain models to arrive.

“We will continue to do our best to deliver vehicles to our customers as soon as possible,” Hashimoto said, adding that these reductions were simply estimates and would be subject to change.

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  • RHD RHD on Mar 14, 2022

    The good news is that automakers no longer have to lease acres and acres of parking lots and open fields to store their unsold vehicles. Times do change!

  • Dal20402 Dal20402 on Mar 14, 2022

    Looks like, for us Washingtonians, the RAV4 Prime and NX450h+ will continue to be vaporware.

    • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later on Mar 14, 2022

      Vaporware implies they do not actually exist, is this as such or is this a case of you cannot find any in your locale?

  • Dukeisduke Only a half day? Wow! It's definitely changed. For the better? I don't know.
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