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Stellantis made many announcements yesterday at its “EV Day 2021” event, first and foremost a big commitment to EVs going forward. The second most important thing involved the super cringe slogans for each brand.

But there was also a Dodge-specific announcement, which promised the first-ever EV muscle car, and the resurrection of a long-dead logo.

Fitting the brand’s new, awful slogan “Tear Up the Streets… Not the Planet,” Dodge plans to introduce a new muscle EV in 2024. Making the announcement in a video just slightly less cringe than its new slogan, brand lead Tim Kuniskis gives some vague details about the future of the muscle EV that will become the brand’s direction. The video is presented on-location at the Dodge estate with a bunch of historic Dodge vehicles, some of which are still in production.

“Embracing the brand’s history while looking to the future,” Dodge knows muscle cars. A food pyramid made of Dodge-type things really reflects something or other about American flags and tattooed fingers? “Excess drives success,” it says, which seems the thing that caused us to need EVs in the first place, but maybe that’s just me.

Dodge will not sell electric cars, but it will sell American eMuscle. The “eMuscle” is written but not spoken when Tim reads the slide. Dodge customers are buying an experience, not technology – though it would seem the latter begets the former, lest there be no former. With this new branding and eMuscle, Dodge is going after the Millennials, who are either the poorest and least-motivated consumer group, or the group that’s the most motivated with the highest spending power, depending upon who you ask.

With the new EV muscle direction, the Dodge brand seeks to provide more horsepower than ever before, as its customers want. The video states electric motivation has now eclipsed the internal combustion engine, as that technology has reached its peak. For its all-new eMuscle car direction, Dodge is dusting off an old logo: the Fratzog. Dodge used the rocket-esque three-spoke design from 1962 to 1976. Its name was a made-up word by Fratzog’s designer, as Dodge forced him to name the creation. It was the last logo before Dodge went logo-free for a while, and then adopted the Chrysler Pentastar logo in 1982. Notably, the Fratzog was out of use a good five to seven years before the earliest Millennials were ever born.

Come 2024, it’ll be interesting to see how Challenger-esque this new EV is. From the scant views given in the video, it seems all the traditional Dodge Challenger shapes are there. It’s definitely all-wheel drive, per the tire smoke at the end. With stricter emissions regulations a certainty of the future, it’s best Dodge plans an EV transition now. They can only sell those Bush-era V8s for so long.

[Images: Stellantis via YouTube]

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30 Comments on “Dodge Promises First-ever Muscle EV, Dusts off Retro Logo...”

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    Id be down for an electric Challenger. But let’s be serious – Dodge isn’t going to survive with just one electric model. My guess is that they end up selling hyped-up versions of the other stuff in the Stellantis portfolio.

    Better question: how long until Chrysler is finally taken off life support?

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    “Come 2024, it’ll be interesting to see how Challenger-esque this new EV is.”

    Come 2024, it will be interesting to see if this car actually exists.

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    I don’t know about the Dodge logo, seems like some sort of biohazard symbol. There is a lot of listless brands under the Stellantis umbrella. Its really difficult to justify spending development money on anything that isn’t a Ram or a Jeep in the US Market if you ask me.

    I feel like Stellantis will ultimately have to pick one mass market brand to sell wares that aren’t a Jeep or a pickup in the US and perhaps throw everything behind a single upmarket/luxury brand for US consumption. The conglomerate badly needs focus more than lame tag lines, e-muscle cars and a portfolio of unknown/damaged/neglected brands.

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    When you can’t invent, you rebrand…you plaster your junk all over the newest Fast and Furious movie.

    A Tesla goes 0-60 in 2 seconds…I don’t think Dodge is handling this post-castration world very well…

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      A muscle car is supposed to be affordable. That’s what made the original muscle cars distinct from other fast cars of the day, like exotic sports car or high-end luxury sedans. 3 second 0-60 EVs are already available, but not affordable ones.

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        “3 second 0-60 EVs are already available, but not affordable ones.”

        A Hellcat Redeye is $72k and does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. A Model 3 Performance is $57k and does 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. A Model 3 Standard Range Plus is $40k and does 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. If you want to compare to exotics, even a $134k Plaid is a lot cheaper than a $600k Ferrari. If you want to talk affordable, it’s definitely a relative term and some compact ICE econoboxes can’t be called affordable by some.

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    I wonder what a certain anti-Ford type would say?
    This, to him would be cognitive dissonance on an epic scale… Dodge compliance vehicles! LOL

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      The one whose username is a Ford model? LOL

    • 0 avatar

      “I wonder what a certain anti-Ford type would say?
      This, to him would be cognitive dissonance on an epic scale… Dodge compliance vehicles! LOL”

      You should really seek some professional help. Your “Dahmer”-esque obsession with me is rather frightening.

      • 0 avatar

        What makes you think I was talking about you?

        You must have a massive ego to think anyone on this site is obsessed with you.

        • 0 avatar

          It was abundantly clear as you mention me in every single Ford/Chrysler story. It’s your MO.

          You can play stupid but anyone with an IQ above the single digits knows you were talking about me.

          It’s fine, lots of people obsess over people on the internet, but with quite a bit of professional help you can be better.

          Good luck.

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            Someone’s monogrammed Stelantis undies are bunched up in a wad. Still leaves a lot of room for that tiny schmeckle.


          • 0 avatar

            Keep showing you’re true colors lib. It’s only confirming what kind of person you are. Let’s recap the conversation:

            You make a comment that is nothing more than a personal attack and has nothing to do with the topic of the article.

            I respond, noting your deep personal obsession with me.

            You try and deflect and claim that you weren’t talking about me, then you launch into more personal attacks because you’re a bully like most liberals.

            I call your BS out, noting that it was abundantly clear you were referencing me (again for what purpose we will never know).

            You completely ignore the fact you were called out and I was right (yet again) and launch into more personal attacks and commenting on my anatomy. Again, typical behavior from you people. Launch into personal attacks because you’re royally outmatched. I’m playing chess and you’re playing checkers. .

            You are a sad, angry person. Seek help, it can get better.

          • 0 avatar

            @EBFlex – LOL Even got a political comment in there.

            My comment as a personal attack? Ha ha ha ha ha

            “I wonder what a certain anti-Ford type would say?”

            You answered that question rather decisively. BUTTHURT

            “This, to him would be cognitive dissonance on an epic scale… Dodge compliance vehicles! LOL”

            You went down the “personal attack” path which would indicate that I was correct.

            Go polish your Durango or something.


          • 0 avatar

            Yes you’re entire original comment was a personal attack. It’s what you do, we get it.

            But the disconnect you have is epic. “What? I didn’t do that!” No, you did. I have no respect for people like you but admitting that’s what you did may allow others to have an ounce of respect for you.

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    Did everyone at Stellantis just drop acid recently? between the weird slogans and now reviving an antique logo that used to be used on Darts and Coronets. They seem to be so far behind on the electric front that all this hype is a bit much IMO.

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    Everything Stellantis and EVs reminds me of a bug thrashing around wildly in a spider’s web and just getting more and more caught.

    They decided to spend the last decade Hellcatting all the things and marketing burnouts instead of charting out a sustainable future course, and now the bill is coming due.

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    The logo says three-phase power to me.

    Is “The Power of Dreams” a good slogan?

    F-Series is number three (3 – III – third place – second loser) in the U.S. market in second quarter of 2021; Ram is in first place. Is this because Stellantis has strong leadership now? [Or did Ford proactively execute a strategic pullback for 3D-chess-related reasons?]

    (Say we are picking teams – you choose Jim Farley and I’ll take Carlos Tavares. Deal?)

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      I would put the sales figures down to serious chip supply issues. Now Ford has the chips in and these parked trucks should start flooding the dealers. So I expect the third quarter to have strong sales numbers but probably at the cost of profits, as more incentives will be needed this late in the model year. I dont think Ford would have wanted to sandbag all these 2021 vehicles given the choice.

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      For YTD Ford is still in the lead. With the parts now in-stock they should have a stellar 3rd quarter as those people who have ordered those trucks finally get to take delivery.

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    Is this the video which is supposed to be linked above?

    If so, the Dodge Family Home reminds me of one of my family’s summer homes (the smaller and more modest one).

    Also, moobs.

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      The video was linked above, and Stellantis removed the initial version from their account. They reposted this one which is slightly edited at the beginning and the end. Overall most of its content is the same.

      I was however called out on Twitter for posting a “fake” screen capture (the pyramid) from this video, by a Stellantis comms employee.

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