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I wrote earlier this week about how BAT has broken me.

In the post, I mentioned how I browse for Fox-body Mustangs. I do this because my dad owned one when I was young and I owned one for a few years between high school and early college.

I suspect many of us have one, two, or even three models we look for when we browse sites like BAT.

So, what’s yours? And why? Is a car you’ve always coveted, or a model you once owned an example of? Or maybe a parent or loved one had one?

I also look up early ’60s Impalas because my dad and I planned to restore one, but lack of time and money caused it to sit till he sold it. I also look up the Impala SS from the mid-90s because those cars were cool and my uncle had one for a few years.

I’d also be curious — do you scan BAT and similar sites only for cool stuff, or are you looking for a daily driver? Do you troll for say, late-model Accords that are gently used? Or for that kind of thing do you stick to classified sites like AutoTrader?

Sound off below.

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45 Comments on “QOTD: What’s Your BAT Poison?...”

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    Jeep Gladiator/ J10.

    Growing up my grandfather ALWAYS had Jeeps, (Ramblers too) and we had a series of J10s with the 258 and the 3 speed manual. Every one of them the frame rotted out, a casualty of Pennsylvania road salt and parking on dirt. I was just graduating college when he sold his 66 Gladiator, I had no ability to save it.

    I’ve been watching for one, but the rust monster has ate most of them, and I have no ability as a body man. Good examples are getting more and more precious, and right now as a father of 2 young kids there’s just no money to chase nostalgia.

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    Fox Body Mustangs and Turbo Coupes and XR4Tis. Have owned several of each in the past and am always trolling for the ‘right one’ to come up.

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    A friend has a couple of FJs, an FJ40 and an FJ45. I had never even seen one in person, growing up in Michigan, until I met him at a car show. Now it seems like there are 2-3 every week on BaT.

    One thing I like is the oddball cars on BaT. I’m much more interested in a Rebel sedan than yet another Porsche or Ferrari.

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    C5 Corvettes and Accord coupes with V6s and manuals.

    But I’d never buy these on BAT because I don’t want to overpay by 30%.

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    0. The attractive Jaguars.
    1. Aston Martins. I’ve spent some time now trying to convince myself that buying a DB9 is very reasonable.
    2. C3, C4, and C6 Corvettes.
    3. GMT330 and Buick Rainier. Screw you guys.

    I tend to use Hemmings, Autotrader, and the most.

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      Agree with the 3rd. 3 not so much

    • 0 avatar

      0. Absolutely
      1. Again, absolutely. When it comes to exotics of that class, the DB9 is about as simple and inexpensive to own as it gets, especially compared to a Bentley Continental GT or Maserati Gran Turismo. It’s also much more timeless than either of those. The Volvo electronics in the DB9 are perhaps all that give me pause on that one, although even they are well-documented
      2. I can’t say I have a lot of love for the C3. The C4, though it was shoddily built, does draw my attention. I would only consider one if it was the ZR1, or it was a 1992-or-later, which had the much-improved LT1. The C6 will be a performance bargain for quite some time, and will age quite well.
      3. Make my GMT330 a Saab 9-7X.

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    I’m more of a browser, I’ve done my stint with collectable cars, but I guess my sweet spot as mentioned on the Avanti thread is 1963. My fantasy garage would contain an Avanti, a split window Corvette Stingray and a Riviera. For browsing anything 50s-60s would be my golden era, but the true classics like Cord, Auburn, Packard and Duesenberg lurk in the 30s

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    I like the oddballs that you don’t see every day but lately my attention has been going towards Land Cruisers or LX470s. I would never pay the BAT tax though, I’m just a window shopper on that site.

  • avatar
    Land Ark

    I tend to troll for listings for my cars. So, now:
    67 Impala
    06 GTO
    07 Legacy GT wagon
    06 Z4 3.0si (wife’s)

    I tend to look for them to see what they are selling for and then scroll through the comments to see if there is anything useful I can add.

    I also like to look for cars I either used to own or almost bought:
    FD RX7
    S2000 CR
    S14 240SX
    Dakota R/T

    And lately, I’ve been eyeballing the spate of 2nd gen Legend coupes showing up. The auto versions are still selling within the realm of reason, if only just.

    • 0 avatar

      “I tend to troll for listings for my cars.”

      I also do this, so I keep an eye on 5th gen Vipers, Chevy SS, 996s, and 1st gen K5 Blazers.

      As for what I like to look for, it’s a weird mix:

      65 series AMGs
      60s-70s Lincoln Continentals
      Early Viper RT/10s
      Pre-BMW era Rolls-Royces

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    Matt Foley

    GM intermediates ’78-’87, especially the Cutlass Supreme and Monte Carlo
    GM square-body trucks ’73-’87

    Prices are just insane right now.

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    Triumphs and Alfas. Basically anything guaranteed to leave you stranded on the side of the road.

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    ’82-84 VW GTI. I owned a ’81 Rabbit and always lusted HARD for a GTI.

  • avatar

    If I could daily driver a mint E34 5-series, I’d take that over pretty much any other car ever made.

    • 0 avatar

      astigmatism, my uncle had a 1996 524 tds sedan. I believe I became a car person because of that car.

      Personally I look up wagons as a “what would I do if something happened to mine” scenario. E91s are strange as it’s mostly clean manual (very) low mileage ones that command 25-35k. My requirements are more modest than that – interesting color combo and sport package are my only non-negotiables. I also keep an eye on 2014-2016 E-class wagons.

  • avatar
    Art Vandelay

    B13 Sentra SE-R (and NX2000)
    Z32 300Z
    E39 540i (I was second on a low mileage one and the winner backed out so I had the option to buy, but I had already purchased something else by then sadly).
    Low Mileage SC3/400’s
    Prelude Si’s

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    71 Pinto 1.6 Kent engine, sedan (not hatch) (first car)
    78 Fiesta (learned to drive on this)
    70s Fiats, like a Dino (Italian cars, they’re hot but a psycho)

    These cars are hard to find since they’ve all rusted back into the earth.

  • avatar

    I’ve been seriously looking at step-down Hudsons on all the sites for the last year or so. The ragtops and coupes are a little too rich for my blood but that’s fine, to me this is one of the few cars that looks better as a four door.

  • avatar

    Right at the moment, I’d suggest buying every Miata you can get your hands on over the next few hours today. To quote Terminator I, “there’s a storm coming”. The price they are at the moment isn’t the price they’ll be literally in a few hours.

    • 0 avatar
      Matt Foley

      I have a rust-free ’91 with service records dating to summer 1992. Higher miles, but runs great and needs nothing. Four years ago at an autocross, a guy asked me if I’d sell it and I said “$5K and I’d think about it” and he laughed at me. Now I’m seeing NAs with rusty rockers and ratty tops asking $5K.

      I read today that Mazda plans to electrify the Miata, so maybe I’ll just keep mine forever, or as long as I can get fuel for it.

      • 0 avatar

        @Matt: “I read today that Mazda plans to electrify the Miata,”

        Yeah, that’s what I was alluding to. You know, I’m an EV advocate and love them, but there’s a limit. Jeez, not everything. If anything was going to soldier on as an ICE, I thought it would be the Miata. It could end up being a CRZ hybrid-with-a-manual I suppose.

        • 0 avatar

          Devil’s advocate: what if “electrification” is an eTorque-type system that will allow a physically smaller, lighter, and higher-revving gas engine?

          I agree that a BEV Miata would be weird. I think it could be a lot of fun but would be such a different thing that it really ought to have its own name and identity.

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    1. IH Scouts and Travelalls – rare-ish when new and cool to see around, crazy priced but not quite Bronco/K5 level of ridiculous
    2. 60s/70s Ford Pickups – I like the 67-72 best, especially if it’s not chopped and dropped like so many have done
    3. Anything Mopar

  • avatar

    Integra GS-Rs (the Type R just isn’t worth today’s prices)
    Almost anything Japanese with a manual
    W126 (all body styles)
    E36 M3s
    E46 non-M3s

  • avatar
    87 Morgan

    1. 00′ – 07′ XJ Jaguar; any spec R, VP, Signature etc.
    2. Square body K5
    3. Fox mustangs
    4. (my new fetish) late 70’s malaise (Cadillac especially) that has been LS swapped.

    Their was a spectacular late 70’s Eldorado with a 6.0 swap that was really well done. I believe that it was did not meet the minimum.

    • 0 avatar

      I have a 2006 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas that I recently acquired. It’s a medium gray color with the ivory/brown interior. It is by no means BAT-worthy, but will be when I’m done. I’m having the seats completely refurbished/reupholstered and an upgraded headliner put in (faux-suede).

      I was going to say that a well-kept Jaguar of any vintage that’s within reach money-wise (and that isn’t the S-Type or X-Type, unless it’s an X-Type wagon) is my BAT poison

      • 0 avatar

        Really? Where did you find a shop who would do that?

        I realize S-Type/LS/DEW98 in general are hot garbage but I heard anecdotally the S-types were less problematic.

        • 0 avatar

          It’s just a local upholsterer with 25 years’ experience, and who happens to be highly familiar with the X350-generation (2003-2009) Jaguar XJ.

          The X350 is more finicky than problematic, but for the most part, it’s a lot less finicky than its contemporary German counterparts. Half of the issues people have with X350s are due to low batteries, which these cars don’t like. Still, they’re much more primitive and diagnosable than, say, a W220 S-Class, and the fact that they’re aluminum makes them relatively light and tossable.

          I’m not sure how problematic the S-Type is or isn’t, because I’d never ever consider one just off of the design alone, but I can say that the 4.0-liter AJ V8 was pretty reliable after Jaguar stopped using the Nikasil cylinder coatings, as were the 4.2-liter N/A, 4.4-liter N/A (as used in the Land Rover products) and 4.2-liter supercharged engines are incredibly robust as long as you don’t let them overheat. The Aston Martin V8s of the era were 4.3- and 4.7-liter versions of this same Jaguar V8 family, and are also especially reliable.

          • 0 avatar

            Thanks for the response, I always found upholsterers interesting.

            I considered an X350 prior to we-blew-up-wholesale, if I ever get more room an X308 may come through my possession someday. I did see a half decent looking one posted for like $7K. Ha! Try again Boomer, I’m thinking a seven with two zeroes.

  • avatar

    1966 Chevelle, doesn’t even have to be an SS. I will take a shell but can’t find a good search engine to locate one. Anybody have advice on a good search engine for the old cars with no engine out in a field? Everything on Autotrader is already fixed up and high priced. I would rather build one but can’t find a shell.

  • avatar

    Alfa Romeo Milano!
    Jaguar XJ and similar.
    Mazda RX-7
    Mazda RX-8
    BMW 2002 etc.
    Ford Thunderbird.
    Lincoln Continental.

  • avatar

    Caterham/Lotus, Ariel, Citroen,(older)Abarth,(older)Mini,SAAB.

  • avatar
    randy in rocklin

    I got a collection of a couple of Supras and MR2s.l have one I bot brand new in late 86.

    • 0 avatar

      Awesome! I can’t wait for your kids to unload them when you peace out!

      Just kidding. But no seriously out of all the cars I’ve owned, I miss my MR2 and Supra the most.

  • avatar
    bumpy ii

    Trucks and Japanese is about all I spend my time browsing through, mostly for kicks. At this point in life, I already have most everything I might want, and top-dollar creampuffs aren’t my thing.

  • avatar

    I don’t browse sites like BAT. I do follow #Galaxie500’s, old F series pickups (60’s to 90’s), Bronco’s, Brazilian Trollers, squarebody Chevy’s, and even some Russian off-road sites on Instagram.

  • avatar

    Euro Mercedes with a stick shift. Also Volvo 164’s, again with the stick shift.

  • avatar

    BAT has broken the VW bus market. Our enthusiasts site now devotes topics to BAT bus auctions. Most BAT sold buses are now trending 20+ percent over equivalent classified advertisement prices there. My personal watch list also includes Porsche 356s, BMW 2002s, and mid-60-a Mercedes sedans and wagons after then. And of course Jeep Forward Control pickups.

  • avatar

    MR2 for me!!

    Been a TTAC follower for several years
    Finally registered today as I couldn’t resist the BaT topic.

    Got a thing for old school Toyotas. BaT has plenty of examples!

    I bought a beater MR2 8 years ago. It ended up being so much fun that I found a decent MR2 Supercharged on BaT as a ‘featured’ car- not an auction vehicle. After that, I actually started bidding on them on BaT. I first actually tried buying on eBay- eBay was a sniping joke and BaT adds two minutes to the clock anytime a mid is placed with less than two minutes to go in the auction!!

    Have 7 BaT acquired Toyotas now. 6 MR2s and a T100.

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    Lexus GS and LS and 1960s Mercurys

  • avatar

    Lots of great options mentioned here, my top four I always look at are:

    Aston DB9- someone said it possibly the sexiest car of the past 25 years, still haven’t been crazy enough to pull the trigger
    64-65 convertible Mustang, wife’s dream car
    67 GTO in Blue, my first car I loved
    Any Restomod 70’s bronco tricked out with the latest and greatest

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    Don’t browse BAT. Would love an old Power Wagon, but not from BAT.

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