2022 Honda Civic Hits Stores Today

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
2022 honda civic hits stores today

If you’ve been missing the Honda Civic, the wait is over.

Starting at $22,695, including $995 for destination, the new Civic is now officially on sale, at least in sedan form.

That price gets you into a base LX, which includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that makes 158 horsepower and pairs with a continuously-variable automatic transmission (CVT).

Pop for a Sport and you’ll be out $24,095 while adding 18-inch wheels, a sport mode, nicer audio, and other features. As of now, there’s no manual, just a CVT, in the Sport sedan.

The EX adds the 1.5-liter turbo-four (180 hp/177 lb-ft), heated seats, dual-zone climate control, blind-spot monitoring, and a power sunroof, and costs $25,695. If you want leather, nav, premium audio, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless cell-phone charging, and premium audio, the top-trim Touring model will cost $29,295. Both the EX and Touring have CVTs.

We haven’t yet decided to add the Civic to our The Right Spec series, and if we do, I will let Matt do his thing. That said, I can see the EX being the volume seller — it seems to have a nice balance of features and cost.

In other Civic news, you can see a small bit of the hatchback in a leaked photo that involves former TTACer Alex Dykes, aka Alex on Autos. Click here to check it out.

[Image: Honda]

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  • E46 Touring E46 Touring on Jun 17, 2021

    I have a 10th gen Si. I like how it looks, fake vents and all. When I walk up to it, I think its looks say "Let's have some fun". This one's looks say "Let's go to Rite Aid for some Metamucil". I would never drive this snoozefest. And I'm not a flatbill cap 20-something, I'm 55.

    • N8iveVA N8iveVA on Jun 17, 2021

      I'm 55 and think the fake vents are terrible. And I'm a driver of a 2000 Mustang GT with it's own fake vents. :)

  • Art Vandelay Art Vandelay on Jun 17, 2021

    1. Replace stupid ILX name with Integra 2. Make manual available 3. Make Coupe Available As there is no more Civic Coupe this would be a way to differentiate the Acura. They won't, but I wish they would. I wish they'd make the type r stuff available on the Acura too...maybe even exclusively.

    • Theflyersfan Theflyersfan on Jun 17, 2021

      @Art - just my ideas here, but if the rumor is true that the 2023 (or 24) Civic Type-R is going to be built in Ohio and not England, I would bet that Acura is going to get a form of the new Civic with the hot engine and less aggressive (or boy-racer) styling. Building in Ohio has to be cheaper and have increased capacity than the small factory in England, so (hopefully) they spread the wealth a little. If they're serious about bringing performance back, and the latest news shows they might, I think this is the next logical step. Take it upscale a bit, throw in a mild hybrid system, and you would have a beast at (maybe) around $45,000. And as long as there was a Civic coupe, they never should have gotten rid of the RSX/Integra.

  • Astigmatism Astigmatism on Jun 17, 2021

    I know the TTAC house style is contrarian, but praise for the prior generation Civic's styling pushes this to the point of ridiculousness. That thing was fug; the only way it made sense was as an 8-inch-long RC car with a giant antenna sticking out the top. One of my neighbors has a Type R sitting next to a Range Rover in his driveway and it just looks embarrassing.

    • FreedMike FreedMike on Jun 17, 2021

      Agreed, though I was a fan of the old coupe's styling, and the sedan was acceptable. But the looks of that hatch go from awful (base) to Gawdawful (Type R). Plus, they're made in Britain, and don't feel nearly as well made as the ones made in America or Canada.

  • SaulTigh SaulTigh on Jun 17, 2021

    I like this quite a bit. Am seriously considering pursuing an SI when they come out as my "practical mid-life crisis car."