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2021 Acura RDX PMC. Image: Acura

If you like pumpkin spice, Acura has continued the quest to pumpkin spice all the things with the 2021 Acura RDX PMC Edition.

Painted in an orange hue that reminds of either pumpkins or the president’s skin tone, this crossover will be built at Acura’s Performance Manufacturing Center, hence the PMC moniker.

It will be hand-built and have both the A-Spec and Advanced Packages. Only 360 will be built, and they’ll be priced in the low-$50,000 range.

2021 Acura RDX PMC. Image: Acura

If that color looks familiar, it’s not just because you might have a similarly-colored pumpkin on your porch soon or because you’re watching too many POTUS press briefings – it’s also available on the Acura NSX sports car.

Other exclusive-to-the-PMC features include 20-inch gloss black alloy wheels, body-color grille surround, black chrome exhaust finishers, and gloss black roof, sideview mirrors, and door handles.

2021 Acura RDX PMC. Image: Acura

Acura’s SH-AWD all-wheel-drive system is standard.

The stitching inside matches the exterior color. The stitching is on the seat, center console, door panels, steering wheel, and floor mats.

The paint process takes five days, and the PMC gets the same inspection as an NSX would before leaving the factory.

2021 Acura RDX PMC. Image: Acura

[Images: Acura]

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26 Comments on “2021 Acura RDX PMC Edition Brings Fall Flavor...”

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    I’ve seen TV ads for the ILX. I’d say they are getting ready to introduce a new Integra and want this thing gone from the lots. I don’t really know, just trying to start a rumor. Besides I’ve never had an orange car before.

    • 0 avatar

      Orange cars are nice if you never want to go unnoticed— this generation’s teal or purple.

      My Jeep is orange. Everyone loves it. I used to— but there’s still use/utility in having the orange one in a parking lot full of greys, blacks and whites.

      • 0 avatar
        Kyree S. Williams

        There’s a delightful Habanero Orange Metallic available on the Tiguan. I should’ve gone for it, but I went with Silk Blue Metallic

        Just don’t buy a car in an unusual color if you don’t want people to know where you are. Or so my former coworker–who had a very distinct aqua BMW X4–once learned the hard way. “Yeah, I seen’t you at those apartments on 39th St. What were you doing there?”

        • 0 avatar

          Oh, it’ll be okay for another year or two before it’s totally ‘out.’

          Mine almost seems like a plain enamel—its a nice shade (called Spitfire on the Compass) of orange, and when paired with the black wheels and trim bits she’s cute as a button!

          I added a white roof wrap, too.


        • 0 avatar

          Fall color is: Pumpkin Metallic Competition.

        • 0 avatar

          I was lusting after an orange ZR2 Colorado but apparently so were many others. There are like 5 or 6 of them now in my town along with several standard Colorado’s. I’m now more inclined to buy a red one LOL.

      • 0 avatar

        Added bonus, brightly colored cars tend to get in less collisions so that’s a plus to owning an orange vehicle.

        Since owning a blue 2007 Mustang GT, white 2009 GT500, metallic guard ( dark grey green ) 2015 GT and white 2017 GT350 – both the blue and metallic guard cars have been hit. The 07 GT in the rear and the 15 GT in a head on while the white cars have never had a problem with hero motorists valiantly risking life and limb trying to take out my Mustang before I could crash into a crowd.

        I will be trading in the GT350 on a Performance Blue 2020 whenever it gets past the “material hold” condition but the prospects seem grim for its survival. Probably should have just gotten another white car. Especially since the wrecks seem to be increasing in severity as they occur. The next go-around might even land me in the hospital or dead I suppose.

        • 0 avatar

          @ Raph-

          My own anecdotal experience says your hypothesis is incorrect.

          I was parked -parallel to- a subcompact 5-door with every camera, in a driveway— and somehow a friend was able to crush my passenger’s door with an -oblique- hit. $6k in damages to the vehicles.

          My luck is factually the worst luck available— but a loud color (again, in my own anecdote) does nothing to help others take-notice.

          Further proof of this would be in the existence of blue-haired girls with noserings. Sexual color dimorphism, it’s called— and there’s only a tenuous relationship to vehicle color, but the correlation is there.

          Others are attracted to brightly-colored things.

          I bought an orange Jeep because it was available with tan seats, 4×4 and a stickshift— not really to scare off predators.

          Likewise— those blue-haired girls with noserings. They’re simultaneously trying to be both abhorrent -and- to peacock.

          Sorry it’s so long. I like human behaviour, cars— and colors :)

        • 0 avatar

          @raph – police are more inclined to stop a red sports car over other colours. Brighter colours are also more likely to attract the attention of thieves.
          The company my brother works for used to have yellow trucks but then they switched to the typical fleet spec white. They argued that resale was better and and statistics from urban fleets showed that white was less likely to be in an accident. My brother laughed directly in the face of the corporate bean counter who made that statement. He replied, ” I take it you rarely ever venture out of the Vancouver corporate office? 7-8 months of the year we have snow so you are telling me a colour that blends into the environment is safer?”

          The safest colours are one’s not commonly found in nature. That’s why we see tend to see firetrucks and rescue vehicles in bright lime green or dayglo orange colours.

  • avatar
    Shockrave Flash Has Crashed

    So, who is going to tell Mazda its now okay to make cars in colors?

  • avatar

    Golf clap to Acura for not using the overused performance motor sport nomenclature. Then again, that would be an acronym that might not be worth the trouble.

  • avatar

    These are going to be parked on the street in the hood in 5-10 years, just like every other Acura that’s not an NSX, and no one will care that they were hand built. What’s the point? You’re specially building something that isn’t special.

    • 0 avatar

      You obviously haven’t been paying attention. In some of the hood I drive through and some of the low income public housing, it’s not uncommon to find a Audi, BMW, or Mercedes thats about 10 years old. Also common is a Dodge Charger with giant rims. I even saw a Maserati. Sometimes I think being poor, and living in the hood is owning an expensive vehicle/cheap expensive vehicle.

  • avatar

    Don’t like that evil clown smile at all. Don’t want to see that smile in the darkness of my garage. Very dark place and dark times.

  • avatar

    Limited edition hand built car has to be elegant and special. Otherwise what is the point?

  • avatar

    The huge corporate logo in the grille….really, Honda? Have you no shame? If for whatever reasons I settled on buying this vehicle, I would look into removing that badge, and if that cannot be done then I would paint it black to match the grill.

  • avatar

    Acura is suffering from pre-menstrual car syndrome.

  • avatar

    Well, good for Honda – they figured out how to sell a fancied-up CR-V for fifty grand.

    Of course, that assumes anyone actually buys one.

    (Nice color, though.)

  • avatar

    The TLX variant may have been something, especially in red. This?! Not so much!

  • avatar

    Hire European designer already, Honda.

  • avatar

    I’m pleased that Acura is keeping the NSX factory open with these special editions, if only because skilled workers keep jobs. Hey, you could come up with a sportscar that, you know, actually sells….instead we get yet another “special edition” with not a single new HP to be found, a glorius tape-and-stripe job. You can’t even remap the ECU for a token 20 hp? Really ?

    Honda is a fantastic engineering company. Acura is marketing hell, and leads the otherwise excellent Honda down the wrong path. Oh well, they’ll probably snag a few “bmw intenders” who can’t quite swing the BMW $. Like my hero Snoopy says, “Blech”

  • avatar

    That paint just emphasizes how awkwardly shaped the grille and headlights are (the rest is pretty decent).

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