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With Ford’s Bronco debut scrubbed on account of the coronavirus, its getting increasingly difficult for the automaker to keep things secret. While some of this is fine, as leaks help Ford maintain interest on its upcoming products, other details are probably items Ford was saving for its big reveal — which is still TBD.

We don’t know which camp the following falls under, but Ford Authority claims the body-on-frame SUV will come with three distinct looks or, to be precise, grilles. While two of the designs will be of a more contemporary bent, the third will harken back to the original Bronco. 

From Ford Authority:

When it launches in 2021, the Bronco will offer three different grille designs, Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with the project. The three grilles will each deliver a unique persona to appeal to a wide customer base.

The first 2021 Ford Bronco grille will be the “Modern” design, which constitutes the regular grille. This is the same black grille with “BRONCO” written across it that we previously saw in leaked photos earlier this year.

The second grille option will be the “Classic” face that features retro styling cues. It will deliver a nod to the Bronco’s past, albeit in a contemporary manner.

The third and final 2021 Ford Bronco grille option will be what’s referred to as “Custom.” This nose features a more shiny and upscale look when compared to the other two offerings.

We already have a pretty good idea what Modern (above) will look like, but the rest leave plenty to the imagination. Considering the look of the original Bronco, there’s nothing stopping Ford from applying letters to the grille in all instances. It could also be done in (faux) chrome, black or white without running afoul of tradition. They’ll also be around for the Bronco Sport (aka “Baby Bronco”).

While the outlet said the grilles are a sure thing, it did not know how how they would be made available through Ford. They could be isolated to specific trims or left as optional extras once you’ve opted out of the base model. Either way, some are bound to cost you a bit more money — especially if they actually improve the SUV’s outward appearance. Personally, we wouldn’t mind a throwback grille from the second or third generation (that’s pre OJ Simpson) with monster truck tires. That seems unlikely, of course, as Ford is usually in the business of trying to make money. Odds favor that “Classic” grille being reminiscent of the first-gen Bronco by a country mile.

[Images: Ford Motor Co;]

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17 Comments on “Bronco Alleged to Come With Three Distinct Grilles...”

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    “When it launches…”

    Why not give it wings and a 500hp engine too. I’m going to tag this “vapor-grille”

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    Since the relaunched Ranger made no pretense of claiming the smaller pickup segment of the market, which seems almost extinct anyway it’s clear the “new”
    Bronco wants to pretend it was never the go anywhere, family fun truck instead, trying to make a segment blossom in the crevice between base model F150 4DR and the Jeep range.
    In the absence of any real information we can only speculate how Ford woll market the beast.

  • avatar

    Wow 3 different grilles! That’s amazing!

    Some of us remember when the cars came out with all new sheet metal every year (and it was drawn with pencil on mylar and the stamping dies carved out by tradesmen with grinders.)

  • avatar

    There’s teasing new vehicles, and then there’s just stringing you along. Show some real pictures of the thing already. That photo of the 4-door thing with plastic fender flares is certainly NOT the new Bronco. More like bad Photoshop.

    • 0 avatar

      How do you know it’s not the real Bronco?

      • 0 avatar

        Because the rear doors are too small and the windshield is unrealistically vertical and the ridiculous tacked on fender flares look like something out of the JC Whitney catalog.

        • 0 avatar

          How the bloody hell is the windshield too vertical? I’m dismayed it’s got so much freaking slant. I wish they would put it more upright as it should be.

          Also in what world are the rear doors too small? Bigger than the Wrangler or H3 doors. This is a small SUV, you can’t put 5 foot by 6 foot doors on it

          • 0 avatar

            Ford doesn’t have the courage to build a Jeep competitor or anything truly unique. This over-hyped Bronco will be based on something that already exists, like the Ranger or the Explorer and probably the Explorer. It is rear drive after all so with a wheelbase change, sheet metal and the afore mentioned grill options I think that about covers it. This is Ford after all, prepare for disappointment.

          • 0 avatar

            Most of the internet tagged these Bronco pics as being real when they first leaked a couple of weeks ago. Fakes are usually called out immediately

          • 0 avatar

            It looks tame enough to be regular production. There’s nothing about the pic that shouts radical, awesome or concept dream.

            The rear door paint looks a slightly different tone. So it might be pre production.

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    I just hope they fix the engine option issue, two turbo engines sound beyond horrendous, if they’re too chicken to put the V8 that should be under the hood then a N/A 6 should be available.

    • 0 avatar

      “We expect the 2021 Ford Bronco to come standard with the EcoBoost 2.3-liter turbo-four from the Ranger. In that pickup, the engine makes 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. A V-6, likely the 2.7- or 3.5-liter twin-turbo unit, could be offered as an option. The only transmission available will likely be the 10-speed automatic found in the Ford F-150 and Ranger.”



      “While the Bronco will likely offer rugged off-road simplicity in its most basic form, features like Ford’s Terrain Management system, Trail Control, and a novel active suspension (revealed in a recent patent filing) could be optional. The 2021 Bronco might also get a special off-road edition called Wolftrak, and a high-performance Raptor version (possibly with a V8 engine) is likely.”

    • 0 avatar

      Ford is SO much more likely to put a 3-cylinder in this than they are to put a V8 in it.

      • 0 avatar

        I have heard a 2.7 EB rumored for the Raptor version, but let’s not get too crazy. A V8 sounds perfect though, probably for any midsize truck if you ask me.

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    My vote for the new Bronco is the nine slot WW2 Jeep Grill that Henry Ford patented, leaving Willys, (pronounced Willis), Jeep to use a seven slot grill.

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