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Volvo’s not whispering in anyone’s ear, but Volvo dealers surely are. That’s how we’ve learned that Volvo Cars plans to insert two new vehicles at the top and near the bottom of its current lineup.

According to dealers, a range-topping XC100 will soon take its place atop the model ladder, with a coupe-like crossover slotted well below. How else is Volvo supposed to keep its sales momentum?

This tidbit comes by way of Automotive News. It seems that U.S. dealers informed about the XC100 are salivating at the thought, with one describing it as an “absolute home run.” Currently, the long-running XC90 wears the flagship hat.

Who so much Volvo in one vehicle? You already know the answer. Big sells, and Volvo’s Germanic rivals have big in spades. The arrival of an updated Mercedes-Benz GLS and altogether new BMW X7 left Volvo with little choice but to pursue the plus-sized import SUV crowd.

Another dealer referenced Range Rover and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan as potential rivals. Clearly, Volvo is loading up on lux. Not only will the vehicle, slated to arrive in electrified form of various sorts, be plush, it will also be suitably big. AN reports that the vehicle will stretch 7 inches longer and 5 inches wider than the XC90 — a model the future XC100 will borrow its platform from.

Before this Scandinavian behemoth starts production in South Carolina in late 2023, American buyers will have a taste of the C40, a coupe-like version of the compact XC40 crossover. Sporting reduced cargo volume and a more svelte profile, the C40 is said to be priced to sell. Like its sibling, it will also offer a battery-electric powertrain when it arrives in late 2021.

For Volvo, going smaller and larger in the light truck field, using as many existing components as possible, is a play for boosted volume and margins, especially on the upper end.

Volvo’s U.S. sales nearly doubled in the past half-decade; flush with Chinese cash and with a growing stable of vehicles with which to temp buyers, 2019 saw the brand top the six-figure mark for the first time since 2007.

[Image: Volvo Cars]

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16 Comments on “Lux Land Yacht Bound for Volvo Stable...”

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    Lemme guess, powered by a ChiCom 2.0L economy mill.

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    If the XC100 is half as pretty as the XC90, rich people in Seattle will break down the walls of our local Volvo dealership stampeding to pay $80K+ for it. Good call by Volvo.

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      Same thing on the other side of the country. I’m seeing a lot of new Volvos on the road in Southern Maine. The sole Volvo dealer here is building a brand new dealership beside the old 60s building. They’ve really increased in popularity.

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    The T6 doesn’t do anything for me, but the T8 is an interesting setup. The Polestar trims look really nice too but are a touch spendy for me at a full $10K over a regular T8.

    Still, I think if I was buying (leasing) something with a plug I’d go for the 330e or 530e. Even though they are slower than the Volvos I think I’d appreciate the RWD more. And I’d definitely have to do a PHEV due to strong range anxiety.

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      I’ve driven both XC60 and XC90 T8s. Based on your past posts, I doubt you’d like either one that much. They are legitimately quick, but they mask the speed heavily behind supercharger vacuum noise and a bit of turbo lag. The S60 is quicker, and might feel quicker. I haven’t driven one.

      I enjoyed driving them and we came pretty close to buying an XC60 T8, but my tastes are very different from yours.

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    A ‘Flagship’vehicle deserves better than a 4 cylinder engine.
    I’m sure Cadillac would be interested in a joint venture using the stillborn
    ‘Blackwing’ V8.
    One can dream..

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    Return of the I5, or I6???

    Or a Yamaha V6/V8???

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    Are these even going to have ICE options in ANY form, hybrid or no?

    From the article, it seems like both of these offerings from Volvo will be BEV, with standard range-anxiety.

    The way the UK and Europe are going, I’d have to assume anything new would be some flavor of BEV.

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    Does it compete with Mercedes? Or Lincoln? Or Bentley/RR maybe? I am not sure that Mercedes fans will be seduced by Volvo which is even less reliable and less luxury.

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