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Yesterday was, in addition to being an excellent palindrome, a pretty big day for sports. With untold million being thrown around by companies vying for attentive eyeballs, our own Chris Tonn offered a roundup of the various and sundry Super Bowl cars ads, leaving us with one questions: what was your fave?

Hyundai seemed to score a touchdown with a good many on the internet with their Smaht Pahk ad, highlighting the Sonata’s ability to worm its own way in and out of a parking spot. It even spurred a MA cop shop to get in on the action.

Your author enjoyed the Jeep ad, which latched on to the fact Super Bowl fell on Groundhog Day, dragging Bill Murray out of mothballs to go for (several) spins in the new Gladiator.

How about it? Which of this year’s Super Bowl ads — heck, let’s throw it open to past years, too — was your pick of the litter? Actually, if we’re permitted to go back in time, I’m absolutely selecting the Chrysler 200 ad from a few years ago. That was a great commercial, even if the car itself was somewhat wanting.

[Image: Fiat Chrysler/YouTube]

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20 Comments on “QOTD: The Most Superb of All?...”

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    All car ads have been trash for at least 20 years. The best car ads were print ads from before the fashion magazine revolution. Those actually offered information about why I might want to buy a given car, rather than vapid branding suggestions which are all you find in modern ads (in any medium).

    This may be the single subject about which I am the most “get off my lawn.”

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    Arthur Dailey

    VW was of course for many years the champion regarding smart/catchy ads.

    I too like the Chrysler 200 ad. Forgive me if I am incorrect, but if ordered with the ‘correct’ driveline/options was the 200 at least not a ‘competitive’ vehicle (interior space excepted)?

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      Depends what you want from it. It was very competitive on features per dollar, and it was fast for the class if you got one with the V6. As you note it was not competitive in space, especially in the back seat. It also had a mediocre reliability record and IMO awful suspension tuning.

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    The Hyundai Sonata Ad was easily the most memorable. The Jeep ad reminded me of why I like Bill Murray, not so much Jeep. Most of the other ads were lame.

    Personally, I think most of the Ads that sell a lifestyle as standard equipment that comes with the purchase of a new vehicle are super lame….like every Subaru ad. The Genesis SUV commercial was especially lame. Why would I care one bit what John Legend and Chrissy Tegan think or drive? The Audi E-tron commercial was lame in attempt to somehow sell wholesome and green. Right, this is the same company that cheated emission laws in several countries for a decade right? I dont think you paid your penance for Sierra Club awards yet, or maybe ever.

    I suspect most people are like me and give zero f*%ks what celebrities say or do. Personally, I think most people can afford to spend decent money on a car aren’t taking their daily living cues from celebrities. So like a poster above remarked….just show us the car and what it can do. Put it to some good music or something and leave the self absorbed celebs in Hollywood please.

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    The Hyundai Sonata Ad also appealed to me as striped parking spaces get so narrow that while you may be able to park in the space there is no guarantee that you will be able to open your door fully to exit the vehicle. The solution get out and let the car park itself.

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    The Smaht Pahk ad was great. The Jeep Groundhog Day one was decent, but Murray just doesn’t come of as a Jeep guy. The rest were garbage. I wasn’t a fan of Tide before but now I hate the stuff.

    Congrats to Andy – he deserved a title. Seems the Chiefs just have to be behind to play well.

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      The Tide ad was effective not because I enjoyed the humor but because being able to remove a set-in stain on a white shirt at home would be great. Right now I’m using “All” and it is worthless so I’ll probably buy the Tide super duty pods next time.

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    This one

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    I have to go with Genesis mainly because of Chrissy’s airbags

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    “This is a ghost cah”, cracks me up every time. Used to have a good friend from Boston and he and his family talked just like this group in the commercial. Cracked me up then and still makes me laugh now

    Um, because I’m from Chicago and as yous guys know dat Boston accent is funny right there, ’cause Chicagoans don’t have no stupid accent

    Da Bears, Da Bulls, yeah! :)

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    Of this year’s lot I liked Porsche’s ad, with the security guards trading off being the “thief” in the Taycan.
    Looking back a few years: Ram Trucks, “God Made A Farmer”.

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    I must have missed the Hyundai ad but I did see the Audi, Porsche and Toyota ads which were nothing special.

    The Bill Murray ad was the best of the lot but not up to the standards of the Imported from Detroit Chrysler 200 ad and the Paul Harvey And God Made a Farmer ad for Ram.

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    Most of the ads this year were either boring, stupid, annoying, uncreative or more than one of the above. It wasn’t very impressive – for the Super Bowl, the millions in the viewing audience kind of expect the very best that Madison Avenue can put together.
    Ads are generally annoying, so when there’s a Super stage, they should step it up. (Combining flavors of Pringles? That is NOT going to be the next big thing!)

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    In a sea of meh commercials, Hyundai’s “cah pahk” was pretty good, at least it was original.

    The Genesis ad was OK, I couldn’t care less. But back in the day, they would have used “stuffy luxury vehicles” and compared them to “the game changer”. Like “The LS400 has all the features of the 560SEC and was half the price”

    ” Is “Always Sunny” that much of a thing that people will get the reference to the character? I’ve watched the show and I like it, but isn’t this commercial about 5 years past its peak? (I know, ads trying to be “cool” is nothing new)

    For the first time in a long time, the game was better than the ads. And I’m not a football fan or sports fan. I can follow the game, but don’t ask me who’s the better QB or why they should have used Play Z over Play X in that situation. Don’t care.

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    Daniel J

    I for one couldn’t stand the Hyundai commercial. Thought it was terrible. Didn’t think any of it funny at all. I don’t think making fun of the accent was special at all. It would be one thing if these actors really did have that thick of an accent. It might be half believable if Donny or Mark Wahlburg did the commercial.

    I mean, I wouldn’t see actors from the south in some southern twang accent doing a Ford F150 commercial appealing at all.

    I did enjoy the gladiator commercial.

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