Second Time Round: Infiniti Once Again Teases the QX55

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
second time round infiniti once again teases the qx55

After teasing us with the most rudimentary sketch we’ve ever seen at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Infiniti has followed up with a secondary teaser of its coupe-styled QX55 crossover.

While there’s a hint of mystery surrounding the vehicle, most of that concerns the exterior. Based on the QX50 SUV, the 55 is likely to be mostly the same, with the largest aesthetic change being a swept-back roofline. That’s probably why Infiniti focused so heavily on that singular aspect in its marketing materials, making us wonder if this this particular fashion of automotive striptease has run its course.

Heavily obscured silhouettes work when there are oodles of hype already surrounding a distinct-looking vehicle. The same cannot be said when an automaker pursues an increasingly common industry trend — like a sloping ceiling. But this isn’t an issue unique to the Infiniti brand or even the automotive sector. Companies know they have to chum the waters more often to excite the ever-fickle media cycle. Unfortunately, with everyone now hip to the practice, it’s rapidly losing its effectiveness.

When Lexus teased the first images of its LF-30 Concept earlier this month, we didn’t even know what part of the car we were looking at. Yet countless examples of similarly meaningless teasers exist, showing less than what Infiniti has with the QX55. Perhaps we should cut Nissan’s luxury unit a bit of slack … all things considered.

Unlikely to be revealed in earnest until 2020, we already know a lot about the model due to its close relation to the QX50. That means the variable-compression (8:1 to 14:1) 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder should make its way into the QX55, delivering the same 268 hp and 280 lb-ft. Ditto for that model’s CVT, standard front-wheel drive, and optional AWD.

While sales kicked up for 2018, the formula has not helped the QX50 this year. North American deliveries are expected to creep back down in 2019, with U.S. projections somewhere around 17,000 units. Infiniti sold 25,389 in the previous annum.

In our review of the QX50, Matthew Guy suggested the VC-Turbo might have been better served inside a smaller vehicle that allowed it to shine a bit brighter. The QX55 isn’t likely to have an appreciable weight difference, however, as the biggest changes seem to involve a modest reduction to rear-seat headroom and overall cargo capacity for the sake of style.

Depending on how Infiniti handles the rest of the vehicle’s design, maybe style will be enough. It seems to have its own unique C-pillar and taillights, based on the teaser image, but it’s not dazzling us with its individuality here. Hopefully, that changes when the car is debuted in full; we can’t see consumers spending extra dough to get a less-practical version of a crossover with unique tail lamps and different badging. Then again, there are thousands people who buy a BMW X6 every year.

[Image: Infiniti]

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  • Kyree Kyree on Nov 05, 2019

    Looks to be like a similar shape to the Infiniti FX/QX70. That vehicle was attractive and distinctive-looking, especially the post-refresh first generation (2006-2008). However, it was also on Nissan/Infiniti's longitude-engined FM platform. It was, from an architecture standpoint, a four-seat Z...and drove like it, too. Whereas this new one will surely be on the same transverse platform as the QX50, with the same engine.

  • Jfk-usaf Jfk-usaf on Nov 07, 2019

    CVTs = Trash. Customers outside of the economy car/cuv market do not want CVTs. Absolutely zero customers that consider themselves driving enthusiasts want one.

  • Wjtinfwb How does the ICE mid-engine C8 platform work for... anything else? A sedan? SUV? With a mid engine configuration? A mid-engine SUV will have to be Suburban sized to offer the utility of a CRV. GM should dust off the Omega platform designed for the Cadillac CT6 for an SUV/Sedan offering with exceptional handling, Rear or AWD capability and acceptable space utilization. They also need to focus on interior fit & finish, trim choices and high quality final engineering and assembly. What GM doesn't need is another half-baked product with a storied and prestigious badge on the decklid and a premium price on the Monroney. No more Cimarron's, Allante's or X-cars needed to tarnish the reputation of Corvette.
  • InCogKneeToe BUILD It and they will come.By Build It, I mean a Vehicle that the Customer Wants and it works for them. It could be called Chevette for all that that matters. The Mach E's success isn't because it totes the Mustang on it.Just build what people want, the next Caravan/Taurus/Beetle/Maverick (truck).
  • YellowDuck do you make a mid-engine crossover? Or even a 4-door coupe? Me not get.
  • 28-Cars-Later Thanks Corey. The head stud job on NOrthSTAR-T was $3K *years ago* as it involves an engine pull so rear wheel arch rust in and of itself isn't a show stopper. I'll be sure to check out the trunk as it may start to add up on deferred maintenance. Supposedly this was garaged so the underneath the rockers etc. should be decent but if those are shot its not gonna work.
  • Mark 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, G4NG engine with connecting rod bearing issues. Engine needs to be replaced, but Hyundai is denying warranty claim. I have all maintenance records from mile zero. It has been in Hyundai Service department 5 time in 4 months. They added the knock sensor and software update to let you know the engine is about to blow up. They kicked the can down the road doing patch work until the car was past the 120k extended extended warranty. I have that documentation too. So how can I join the class action law suit or find a Lawyer that handles these types of issues?