The Mid-Engined Corvette Has a Name, and It's Called Stingray

Chad Kirchner
by Chad Kirchner
the mid engined corvette has a name and its called stingray

Chevrolet is finally going to show us the all-new, mid-engined Corvette later this week at a live event in California. Yes, the car actually exists. In anticipation of this reveal, and to build more hype for one of the most hyped-about cars in existence, Chevy is releasing C8 teasers throughout the week.

Today’s teaser was the name of the car. It’ll be the Stingray.

The 7th-generation Corvette saw the return of the Stingray name on the base model but it wasn’t certain that it would carry on to the new model. Motor Authority is reporting that it will. While we’re expecting there to be Z06 and ZR1 versions ultimately of the mid-engined car, there was some speculation that a name like Zora could make its way to the ‘Vette. Now we know that that’s not the case. For now, anyway.

Earlier this week we also saw the new steering wheel for the car. It’s fashionable to have square-shaped steering wheels on performance cars, and the new Stingray is no different. Most of the buttons are straightforward, but it looks like there’s a new silver drive-mode button on the wheel. Putting it in finger reach of the driver’s hands at all times would be preferable to the rotary knob in the center console of the current-generation car.

While we’re not expecting pricing or availability at the reveal this week, we’re hoping to learn more about the engine powering the Stingray, the transmission GM ultimately decided to go with, and other key performance metrics. It should go on sale later this year.

[Images: General Motors]

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  • Slap Slap on Jul 16, 2019

    None of the pictures of the C8 make me interested in the least. It suffers from the short hood/long "trunk" that some mid engine cars have. And no manual. At the price point it will be at I'd rather have a Boxster and get a manual with it.

  • TheDumbGuy TheDumbGuy on Jul 16, 2019

    The jury hasn't even been handed the case yet. Hoping for the best, with fingers crossed.

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