Ford Seeks 'Mustang Mach-E' Trademark

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
ford seeks 8216 mustang mach e trademark

While much of the hype surrounding Ford’s electrified future involves the brand’s upcoming “Mustang inspired” crossover EV, due in 2020, there are other models that stand to gain an (albeit milder) electric boost. The F-150 and Mustang, to name a couple.

Ford’s long-running pony car is expected to gain a hybrid variant sometime in 2020, and a new trademark filing sheds light on what name we might expect to see adorning the Stang’s flanks.

According to, Ford recently filed a trademark application for the “ Mustang Mach-E” name with the European Intellectual Property Office. This piggybacks on last year’s European and American filings for the “Mach-E” name.

While the blue oval brand has been loathe to share many details on the hybrid Mustang, a patent uncovered earlier this year point to the possibility of a hybridized V8 pony car that catapults power and fuel economy over the existing Mustang GT. Then again, maybe a smaller Ecoboost motor would suffice. Who knows?

One thing’s for sure: Ford probably isn’t trademarking a Mustang Mach-E nameplate (and corresponding badge) to leave it sitting around. Given the time gap in “Mach-E” and “Mustang Mach-E” trademarks, it’s looking like Ford plans to go the Audi route with its electrified vehicle naming strategy. If it’s true that the Mustang-inspired electric crossover will carry the Mach-E name, then the moniker’s use on the Mustang points to it becoming a sub-brand, much like Audi’s e-tron and Mercedes-Benz’s EQ.

The Mustang’s future at Flat Rock Assembly is hazy, but a source with knowledge of Ford’s product plans tells us the model will soldier on with its current platform when a revamped Stang appears for the 2023 model year. Past rumors claimed that Ford might switch the model to its modular CD6 platform, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As for the expected hybrid version, there’s no word from our source on when that model will arrive. All Ford has said is that the model will appear in 2020, presumably for the 2021 model year.

[Image: Ford]

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  • Mcs Mcs on Apr 03, 2019

    Does this mean the Lincoln version will be the Mach-E Mark?

    • Sgeffe Sgeffe on Apr 03, 2019

      If it was an Isuzu, it’d be “Mach I-Mark!”

  • SilverCoupe SilverCoupe on Apr 04, 2019

    Another commenter's post yesterday regarding the "Avellian" trim version of the Mach-E, and my response, seem to have gone missing.

  • KOKing I car-sat an A32 while its owner was out of the country, and the then whiz-bang VQ motor was great, but the rest of it wasn't any better than a XV10 or XV20. Definitely the start of its downward slide, unfortunately.
  • Norman Stansfield Why are leaf springs still a thing on this truck?
  • Syke The expected opening comments. Have had mine for two years now, the car has done exactly what I want out of it, and a little better. I'm quite happy with the car, haven't had to adjust my driving style or needs in the slightest, and . . . . oh, did a mention that I don't give a damn what today's price at the pump is?Probably going to go for a second one in the coming year, the wife's happy enough with mine that she's ready and willing to trade in the Nissan Kicks. Eventually, the not often used van will end up getting traded on a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, basically ensuring that we don't use gas for anything except the occasional long trip.And the motorcycles.
  • Bobbysirhan I've never found the Allegro appealing before, but a few years of EV rollouts make it seem downright desirable.
  • Scoutdude I know that dealership. Way back when my friend's grandfather was that Turner that owned the Chrysler Plymouth International dealer, in MacPherson. Of course the International was dropped when they didn't deem the Scout reason enough to keep the franchise. I moved from there in late 1978 so it is possible I saw this running around town way back when.