Genesis, a Brand That Barely Exists in Terms of Sales, Begins a Slow Ascent

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
genesis a brand that barely exists in terms of sales begins a slow ascent

As we explained earlier this year, the fledgling Genesis brand is going through puberty. The brand’s constantly evolving dealer strategy is now set in stone, or what passes for it in the world of Genesis, but the process of separating the brand from its Hyundai parent won’t take place overnight. There’s dealers to whittle down, licenses to gain, standalone stores to build, and inventory to stock.

It’s a work in progress, but the 2019 models — which now total three — are beginning to find their way to more buyers, Genesis claims. Be patient.

Because Genesis chose to roll out its growing (yet shrunken) network of revamped dealers with only 2019 models in stock, the company stopped shipping 2018 models in March, allowing inventory to dry up over the summer. Sales, predictably, fell off a cliff.

American buyers purchased just 417 Genesis models in November — a 77 percent year-over-year decline, with volume through the end of November down 48 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. This fall, the original midsize G80 sedan and its full-size G90 stablemate gained a new sibling in the form of the well-regarded G70, which sharers its architecture with the Kia Stinger. Positioned as a rival to the BMW 3 Series and its ilk, the G70 has looks to spare and appropriate power on hand. till, it isn’t a crossover, fo which Genesis has three on the way.

Only when these models arrive can the brand expect to make it out of adolescence.

Speaking to Automotive News, Hyundai Motor America Chief Operating Officer Brian Smith explained the current state of affairs at Genesis. While planning its separation from Hyundai, Genesis quickly discovered that, in order to birth these standalone stores, it would take time to comply with varying state franchise guidelines. The brand had to apply in each state as a marque separate from Hyundai. Chosen dealers in select markets then had to seek a license to sell 2019 Genesis models. As you can imagine, the roll-out has been far from coordinated.

“Rather than have ’19 model year Genesis trickling out, we decided that was going to be the break,” Smith said. As AN notes, the brand gained licenses in 45 states by the end of September.

That’s good news, because Genesis allocated a fair bit of marketing cash towards the G70. The Korean sports sedan first appeared on Hyundai Motor sales sheets in September (the company sold one in the U.S. that month) and is slowly climbing in volume. 51 were sold in October, the Genesis brand’s worst sales month since its launch, with a further 128 finding buyers in November. Last month, as overall volume rose, the brand sold 217 G80s and 72 G90s.

By the end of the year, Genesis expects 100 to 200 dealers (an unusually broad estimate) will have G70s in stock.

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  • Sceptic Sceptic on Dec 10, 2018

    The launch of Genesis brand has been a disaster. Hyundai just stopped shipping product to the US. No wonder sales are so low. Due to this dealers hiked up the prices. Whereas a new G80 was advertised at $33K this time last year. Now, the cheapest ones are advertised at $43K. This type of "launch" does not inspire confidence in the brand. Are they trying to go up market? Compete with Mercedes? Preposterous.

    • Bd2 Bd2 on Dec 11, 2018

      While the separation of Genesis from Hyundai was bungled, there is a reason why shipments (of 2018MY vehicles) stopped in March. That's b/c Hyundai stopped producing the 2018MY and switched to production of the 2019MY early to coincide w/ the planned spring launch of the G70. But once issues arose w/ having separate Genesis franchises, the launch was delayed for months and dealerships had to make do w/ what inventory they had on hand (and Genesis stopped advertising and supporting sales). Canada, otoh, has been selling 2019 models since May or so, as they have a different sales distribution model (direct-from-manufacturer).

  • Cimarron typeR Cimarron typeR on Dec 10, 2018

    Just went on Genesis' website, no dealer in KC metro listed, nearest is Cedar Rapids,IA and Wichita KS. It seems none of the 2 high volume Hyundai dealers want to step up. I don't blame them- wait for the cross- overs.

  • Tassos GM, especially under the sorry reign of socially promoted nobody Mary Barra (who would not have a chance in hell being appointed the CEO if she was a MALE) has done far dumber and sillier things than that, wasting BILLIONS on 'cruise' and expecting it to make it $50 billion, remember? THey do not mention the name much these days, the clowns at GM, do they?
  • MaintenanceCosts I notice that the pictures don't show the dash or the door cards, two places where you'd be most likely to notice interior disintegration on a VW of this vintage.Looks nice on the outside but I wouldn't touch it.
  • SilverHawk At least in the short term, this is simply going to cause more anxiety among the more technology shy consumers looking to buy a new vehicle. Especially when this is not being done for the benefit of the vehicle owner, but for the convenience of GM's marketing department. Personal data security is an extremely important issue in today's world.
  • Ajla I don't think I'd be able to part with something I kept for 23 years. Especially as the only owner.
  • MaintenanceCosts What now?Lack of CarPlay would be disqualifying for me, and as a current GM EV owner I was a reasonably likely future GM EV customer. Not good at all.