Not a Typo: 2018 Ram HD Longhorn Ram Rodeo Edition Appears, Inspired by Itself

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

Yet another special edition Ram pickup has landed for your trucking enjoyment. With the freshly renewed half-ton truck finally finding its way into showrooms, FCA is continuing to throw premium materials at its heavy-duty brother in an attempt to tide it over until an all-new machine bows for 2020.

Aimed squarely at wealthy cowboys who tow a lot of stuff, the 2018 Ram Heavy Duty Longhorn Ram Rodeo Edition (yes, the word “Ram” appears twice in its official title) is laden with leather, chrome, trailering gear, and badges the size of Texas belt buckles.

Based on the Longhorn trim, the Longhorn Ram Rodeo adds content to a pickup already sodden with luxury items. The interior of the now admittedly workaday Longhorn must make owners feel as if they’ve accidentally stepped into a cow barn, given that the Longhorn Ram Rodeo adds a suede headliner against contrasted interior colors such as Black or Cattle Tan.

Farmhands will know you’ve traded up to a Ram Rodeo thanks to this truck’s body-colored bumpers and side-steps. All-caps “Longhorn” badging continues to announce itself like a chrome billboard on the tailgate. Open that tailgate and one will find a bed already prepped for fifth-wheel and gooseneck hauling duties. There is also a bed-view camera to help with hitching. A rear air suspension tries to keep things on the level. There are a couple of skid plates underneath, too.

Six colors are on tap – black, a couple of whites, a grey, that fabulous Delmonico Red, and RV Match Walnut Brown. Laugh at the last option if you wish, but after spending four summers hauling a 37.5-foot camper around the Maritime provinces, your author can assure you that serious RV fanatics like it when their tow rig matches their trailer.

The Heavy Duty Longhorn Ram Rodeo Edition is available in just about any Ram HD configuration. Crew Cab or Mega Cab, 4×2 or 4×4, 6.4-liter Hemi or 6.7-liter Cummins – have it Your Way at the Ram dealer.

This is, of course, but a prelude to the 2020 Ram HD that will likely bow at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show in January. Spy shots floating around the internet prove that the next Ram HD will bear an interior very similar to the well-crafted cabin found in the new 2019 Ram 1500.

Development mules of the 2020 model have been spied roaming the streets of Michigan in a myriad of cab and bed configurations. Joyously, one has been spotted wearing wheels and off-road gear that strongly suggest the continuation of a Power Wagon trim.

Powertrains for the next Ram HD remain a mystery but it is certain the 6.7L Cummins diesel will return, possibly with a compacted graphite iron block replacing the current cast iron. Bank on a boost in torque, too, given that the Detroit Three are constantly chasing each other for numbers supremacy. I would not at all be surprised if Ram is the first manufacturer to crest 1000lb-ft of torque in a consumer truck.

Pricing for the Ram Rodeo start at $60,790 for a 2500 and $71,260 for a 3500. Neither of those prices includes $1,695 in destination fees. Look for them on dealer lots in Q3 of this year.

[Images: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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  • Mike-NB2 Mike-NB2 on Sep 27, 2018

    As someone who fancies small, light cars, this makes it more evident how completely out of touch I am with the current market.

  • Cornellier Cornellier on Sep 27, 2018

    The bigger the belt buckle, the smaller the ranch.

  • MaintenanceCosts "But your author does wonder what the maintenance routine is going to be like on an Italian-German supercar that plays host to a high-revving engine, battery pack, and several electric motors."Probably not much different from the maintenance routine of any other Italian-German supercar with a high-revving engine.
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  • 2manyvettes I had a Cougar of similar vintage that I bought from my late mother in law. It did not suffer the issues mentioned in this article, but being a Minnesota car it did have some weird issues, like a rusted brake line.(!) I do not remember the mileage of the vehicle, but it left my driveway when the transmission started making unwelcome noises. I traded it for a much newer Ford Fusion that served my daughter well until she finished college.
  • TheEndlessEnigma Couple of questions: 1) who will be the service partner for these when Rivian goes Tits Up? 2) What happens with software/operating system support when Rivia goes Tits Up? 3) What happens to the lease when Rivian goes Tits up?
  • Richard I loved these cars, I was blessed to own three. My first a red beauty 86. My second was an 87, 2+2, with digital everything. My third an 87, it had been ridden pretty hard when I got it but it served me well for several years. The first two I loved so much. Unfortunately they had fuel injection issue causing them to basically burst into flames. My son was with me at 10 years old when first one went up. I'm holding no grudges. Nissan gave me 1600$ for first one after jumping thru hoops for 3 years. I didn't bother trying with the second. Just wondering if anyone else had similar experience. I still love those cars.