QOTD: Your Choice for Mental Motorsports?

qotd your choice for mental motorsports

Despite the downturn of a few different motorsport series — witness the hemorrhaging of NASCAR’s fan attendance — there’s plenty of great racing on this planet. Some of it, in fact, is absolutely bonkers.

In Australia, V8 Supercars run door handle to door handle in cars that resemble production machines, just like NASCAR used to do before Brian France decided we all needed a series with confusing points systems and asinine stage racing. IMSA races are generally entertaining, with the added bonus that most of them are livestreamed, then archived on YouTube.

One of the best shows currently on asphalt? Stadium Super Trucks, the gonzo brainchild of Robby Gordon.

These 600 hp brutes are identically prepared high-horsepower trucks. The versatile off-road trucks race on virtually any surface and are this year featured at IndyCar venues, V8 Supercar tracks, and other large events to expose the great sport of off-road racing to the masses.

Thing is, the best races are not off-road. The spectacle of big-tired, long-suspension race trucks tearing around a paved road course is superb, cocking a front tire in turns and hitting temporary jumps placed in the middle of the track with gusto.

Three-wheeling and mid-air contact are one thing but the Stadium Trucks finish this year in Adelaide defied belief. Check out the truck that hits the jump and lands at a bad angle, snapping a rear wheel off. Hell bent on finishing, the driver floors it, cutting a few donuts and spinning like a Maytag full of bricks towards the finish line as the race official casually waves the checkered flag as if it’s all no big deal. Superb.

What’s your favorite racing series these days?

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  • Brandloyalty Brandloyalty on Apr 02, 2018

    This "off-road" stadium racing was its best when it started at least 20 years ago. It was a touring show of a dozen or so home brewed 4x4's. About half were locals and about half were regulars who toured with the show. The vehicles were very dissimilar. You never knew what would transpire in the races. Unfortunately eventually the racing homogenized into very similar and very capable Baja-style trucks, and became quite boring.

  • SpinnyD SpinnyD on Apr 02, 2018

    WRC is hands down my favorite, Best drivers anywhere. NASCAR is great when I want a Sunday afternoon nap, but when I want to see some excellent driving I watch WRC, When I can find it anyway, Thank God for Youtube.

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    • Jfb43 Jfb43 on Apr 03, 2018

      I don't quite know which is more conducive to better napping on a Sunday - NASCAR or golf. But, yeah, NASCAR is crap. Do the Red Bull Air Races count as motorsport? Those pilots are incredible.

  • DenverMike Anyone that would have this color would wear feathers to a minister’s funeral.
  • Art Vandelay Still looks better than modern Hyundai/KIA products
  • Dukeisduke The F&I office on steroids.
  • DenverMike Yeah there’s temporarily gains, but automakers will continue to seek additional revenue streams as the auto industry will be in decline from now on, with new players taking an increasingly piece of the pie, plus weak EV profits. Prices are considered stupid, even by the rich that easily find better ways to dump cash, even on $200K Batmobile replicas. There’s never been so many (Hot) alternatives to “new” vehicles and all the BS/greed that goes along with them, including, yes better than new!Did I mention the auto aftermarket has been growing exponentially?
  • JMII I guess at one point OnStar had value but given that everyone has a smart phone these days I can't think of anything it does that I would pay for. The car has a OLM and reading the manual gives me all the other maintenance information I need. I unplugged the unit in my C7 just so the blue and red lights would disappear from my rear view mirror... I found them very distracting. Since my C7 was used I never signed up nor paid for anything, I have no idea what the data they are collecting on me but driving to and from work plus the occasionally track day doesn't seem like a gold mine.