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Despite the downturn of a few different motorsport series — witness the hemorrhaging of  NASCAR’s fan attendance — there’s plenty of great racing on this planet. Some of it, in fact, is absolutely bonkers.

In Australia, V8 Supercars run door handle to door handle in cars that resemble production machines, just like NASCAR used to do before Brian France decided we all needed a series with confusing points systems and asinine stage racing. IMSA races are generally entertaining, with the added bonus that most of them are livestreamed, then archived on YouTube.

One of the best shows currently on asphalt? Stadium Super Trucks, the gonzo brainchild of Robby Gordon.

These 600 hp brutes are identically prepared high-horsepower trucks. The versatile off-road trucks race on virtually any surface and are this year featured at IndyCar venues, V8 Supercar tracks, and other large events to expose the great sport of off-road racing to the masses.

Thing is, the best races are not off-road. The spectacle of big-tired, long-suspension race trucks tearing around a paved road course is superb, cocking a front tire in turns and hitting temporary jumps placed in the middle of the track with gusto.

Three-wheeling and mid-air contact are one thing but the Stadium Trucks finish this year in Adelaide defied belief. Check out the truck that hits the jump and lands at a bad angle, snapping a rear wheel off. Hell bent on finishing, the driver floors it, cutting a few donuts and spinning like a Maytag full of bricks towards the finish line as the race official casually waves the checkered flag as if it’s all no big deal. Superb.

What’s your favorite racing series these days?

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22 Comments on “QOTD: Your Choice for Mental Motorsports?...”

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    MotoGP for me. Man, mind, machine, and some damn good racing. The series is in the midst of a true golden age, buoyed by a full grid, 6 manufacturers, healthy broadcast/sponsor revenues and arguably the most competitive collection of motorcycle riders of all time. If you can see a race I recommend a watch… they are only like 50 minutes long so it’s no huge time investment.

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      I agree. I’ll add to that: Super bike and sport bike racing along with motocross, super-cross and super-moto. Speedway, flat-track and ice-racing can be great fun to watch too.

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      It’s entertaining, but the motorsport aspect has died a slow, horrific, and tortured death. MotoGP has basically become superbike, and superbike has become irrelevant.

      The engineers made a lot of really stupid decisions when they were in control, and the marketers took MotoGP away from them. MotoGP will slowly become NASCAR. The sanctioning body will spec as many components as possible. They already control the tires, electronics (to a degree), suspension, cylinder count, engine bore, etc.

      They will find more to specify or turn over to a single supplier. That’s what marketing people do to motorsport.

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    I’m hoping IndyCar brings back the sort of competitive, high-speed racing I enjoy. NASCAR has become insufferable and Formula 1 seems bent on ignoring their fans yet again. The IMSA series would be a great alternative if they could get past all of the goofy regulations.

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    Another vote for MotoGP for all the reasons stated by sportyaccordy.

    If I had to pick a four-wheeled racing series, there is no doubt it would be Sprint Cars. Sheer lunacy!

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    Moto GP is undoubtably the best display of skill and coordination on the planet. Touching one another to pass isn’t an option. And, when you see a bike drifting both front and rear wheels it’s quite humbling.

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    Turbo Is Black Magic

    Another vote for Moto GP. The caliber of riders right now is just fantastic, add in simply amazing motorcycles that are constantly innovating and pushing the limits of what is possible on two wheels and it makes for a great show.

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    Meh. None, really.

    I kinda liked NASCAR when I was a kid, mostly because my dad watched it. I must admit, I was not unhappy when it got rained out and they showed Matlock instead.

    As I grew up, I liked it even less, until finally I got to the point where I disliked it so much that I won’t watch it at all.

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    there is too much emphasis on safety and control of a level field and limiting costs.
    Return to the days where a simple constraint such as total weight of fuel is the constraint. and let the designers loose
    remember the indy 500 when things like the STP special could be on the starting line?(till they changed the rules to keep it from returning) let racing at the top level be the hotbed of engineering innovation again. F1 was interesting when they could test all they wanted and could bring a spare car to the race and there was a huge variation between designs but then if some one did something really cool like the suction aero design they would out law it then they pulled refueling and the nonsense of all the tire rules.. when some used Dunlop and some used Michelin and some something else different compounds were tried each race… and get rid of any rules that restrict speed if you want to lap a tri oval at 300mph and you can find drivers to risk it then go for it. back in the 59s and 60s racing was dangerous and exciting

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    Indy Car is my main go-to. Been to several races over the years and must say the value is excellent on ticket cost. Indy drivers are friendly and easy to access for the fans. The race seaons feature a good mix of high speed ovals, tight city streets and purpose build circuits in nice settings. The cars look and sound awesome. While the 500 gets all the glory some of the smaller tracks have better side-by-side action.

    World Challenge / ISMA is great because they use REAL cars aside from the prototype class. I can’t stand CRASHCAR – I’ve been to the Daytona 500 because my father is a huge fan, but since the Camaro and Camry are the same with only stickers making the difference the whole concept is ridiculous. When they go back to using real STOCK cars and get rid of the constant wrecks which causes half the race to run under yellow then I might start watching again.

    I’ve seen the Stadium Trucks and its seriously entertaining, mainly because the trucks slide and lean so much. They literally look out of control constantly. Speaking of… the best drivers when comes to car control are in the WRC (World Rally Championship), but that timed course style lacks the intense door to door action we all crave. I am an F1 fan, but only for the technical aspect of it, the racing itself is terrible because its so predictable.

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    My favs are dirt oval racing, formula D, and drag racing. Those never get old. I want to catch a stadium super truck event and maybe global rallycross at some point. Both look extremely fun.

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    Matt Posky

    MotoGP, WorldSBK, WRC, Demo Derby (not a series really), Enduro Derby, Touring Car, All non-boat Endurance, Formula One

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    Honestly, when it comes to racing, the old ways are better than the new. Limiting horsepower makes sense, but making everyone drive the exact same chassis to where the only “racing” factors are the engines and how the crews tweak the suspension is NOT racing… especially when you’re talking about brand against brand. But the old idea in Nascar of “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” is no longer valid because it’s not a Ford that’s winning, outside of the engine; it’s not a Chevy that’s winning, it’s a highly “neutral” car leaving the winning to the driver and the risk of major, sometimes deadly, crashes. If, for instance, an Audi Quattro gets too good, give the other brands a chance to catch up. If that doesn’t work, do what the racing circuits did and open a different class for that car and similar models. Remember, the Quattro dominated the European Touring Car championships simply because it was an AWD system in an RWD racing series. Since then, AWD has become its own class.

    Take Nascar back to its original concepts; factory bodies (yes, they can still have the roll cages built in) with the race being car against car as well as driver against driver.

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    British Touring cars. Sames as Australian Supercars, but with smaller 4 cyl cars. Tight fields, lots of action. I like it when someone gets shoved off the road and he aplogizes for being slow and blocking the guy.

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      BTCC was great in the 90s heyday, when they fielded stock popular sedans/fastbacks (and a Volvo wagon/estate!).

      These days they are small hatchbacks, and are so covered in aero that they might as well be silhouette racers.

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    V8 Supercars = NASCAR. For several years V8 Supercars, DTM, and an IMSA delegation were working to develop common parts and standards so the manufacturers could get more mileage out of their motorsports departments. I’m not sure if they succeeded in any capacity, but Aussie V8 Supercars are as rigged and spec’ed as the rest.

    Touring Car Masters, on the other hand, is good fun. They race genuine classic production cars with old suspension setups, and it makes for an interesting spectacle. Cars will lift the inside front tire on occasion, and the cars bounce all over the curbing. It’s a window into the past and what made racing so compelling.

    The last somewhat realistic touring car formula, imo, was Group A, which spawned touring cars and rally cars like the M3 Evo, 190E Evo, R32 Skyline, Impreza WRX, Lancer Evo, Celica GT-Four, Escort RS, Sierra X4RTi, XJS V12, Delta Integrale, etc. Some of the most important homologation specials ever built.

    Sometimes I think motorsport is being ruined on purpose. It’s hard to believe so many criminally foolish people could have seized control, but it is what it is. MotoGP is hanging on by a thread. We’ll see what happens in the future. Baja racing is still quite good, too.

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    Sprint cars, midgets, TQs, anything on a dirt oval really.
    Our local track (Western Springs) opened in 1929 and is under threat from noise complaints. The city (who own the land) want to redevelop it as an international cricket ground.
    Basically we get 5-10000 people along any Saturday with a race meeting, commonly up to four generations of a family attending, race every fifteen to twenty minutes and $25 admission for adults, what’s not to like ?
    I like cricket too but we get 10 000 for a test match every two years, doesn’t seem good use of ratepayers money; its estimated to be 60 Million bucks to redevelop as a cricket ground…

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    MotoGP is my favorite. I still follow the series but I haven’t been watching lately. It got moved to a specialty soccer channel last year after Speed disappeared.

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    This “off-road” stadium racing was its best when it started at least 20 years ago. It was a touring show of a dozen or so home brewed 4×4’s. About half were locals and about half were regulars who toured with the show. The vehicles were very dissimilar. You never knew what would transpire in the races.

    Unfortunately eventually the racing homogenized into very similar and very capable Baja-style trucks, and became quite boring.

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    WRC is hands down my favorite, Best drivers anywhere. NASCAR is great when I want a Sunday afternoon nap, but when I want to see some excellent driving I watch WRC, When I can find it anyway, Thank God for Youtube.

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      I don’t quite know which is more conducive to better napping on a Sunday – NASCAR or golf. But, yeah, NASCAR is crap. Do the Red Bull Air Races count as motorsport? Those pilots are incredible.

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      I don’t quite know which is more conducive to better napping on a Sunday – NASCAR or golf. But, yeah, NASCAR is crap. Do the Red Bull Air Races count as motorsport? Those pilots are incredible.

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