Spied: The Biggest Hyundai Yet

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
spied the biggest hyundai yet

There was a moment last week when a few TTAC minds nearly cracked while nailing down the changes coming to Hyundai’s lineup for the 2019 model year. The momentary confusion centered around the bold new Santa Fe, which replaces the Santa Fe Sport (but not the old Santa Fe, which becomes the Santa Fe XL, except in Canada, where it’s already called the Santa Fe XL).

It was touch and go there for a moment. With a wholly new two- and three-row crossover replacing the Santa Fe Sport for 2019, the existing three-row-always Santa Fe (soon to be Santa Fe XL) soldiers on unchanged, though not for long. The full-size crossover seen in these spy shots is nearly ready to step in and give Americans the really big Korean vehicle they’ve always wanted.

Now, who wants to place bets on the inevitable Southwestern name?

While the smaller 2019 Santa Fe offers five- or seven-passenger seating (always seven, if it’s a diesel), the unnamed long-wheelbase model has eight seats ready to go. This should give shoppers something to consider that isn’t a Ford Expedition or Chevrolet Suburban, though the model’s front-drive-biased layout and unibody construction makes the Chevy Traverse a more likely rival.

The largest of the Hyundais, which I’ve taken to calling the Albuquerque, is expected to gain a corporate sibling in the form of the Kia Telluride — a full-size model that exists in concept form but hasn’t yet received the official green light.

As we can see here, styling cues carry over from the Santa Fe. While a broad corporate grille follows in the footsteps of all new Hyundai models, the company’s utility line calls for over/under running lights and driving lamps. These peepers are plain to see.

We know what powerplants the smaller Santa Fe stands to gain in 2019, but guessing the Albuquerque’s under-hood trappings is a little trickier. The current 3.3-liter V6 likely has a home in the new model, but today’s regulatory environment calls for a thriftier option. It’s possible the plug-in hybrid V6 powertrain from the Telluride concept will take on production form here.

A fuel-sipping eight-seater would be food for thought for those considering an American BOF SUV for their family hauler. Whatever name Hyundai bestows upon its largest child, an official debut likely won’t occur until 2019.

[Images: Brian Williams/Spiedbilde]

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  • EBFlex "EBFlex speaks more truth."It's sometimes a burden being right all the time.
  • MRF 95 T-Bird Add a couple of more body styles. A coupe with a vestigial rear seat like the BRZ along with a shooting brake version would appeal to a number of drivers who want something sporty but not a hatchback or crossover.
  • Theflyersfan It's the mother of all "ifs" - if Mazda gets the small rotary/hybrid combo going, I can see them using that in the next MX-5. Can they keep it under 2500 lbs and somewhat affordable? Not sure...this is why I don't run a car company! But if they want to replace it around 2025, and it's 2023 now, they need to get started very soon with some rumors and leaks to keep us going. But with the rest of their lineup going greener in next generations, and Mazda selling under 10,000 MX-5s per year, how does it really impact any average emissions and fuel economy ratings? If they can keep tweaking the Skyactiv-G engine for better fuel economy and fewer emissions, they should be able to get the NE generation using gasoline before being forced to go EV or hybrid with the NF. The mission of the MX-5 is light, affordable, open air fun and it's their halo car. And while I agree that EVs are going to be a much larger part of the future, the "all things by 2035 or 2040 or so on" edicts have "kick the can down the road" written in massive font size 1,000 written all over them. We'll be on gas for a while longer - just continue to eke more mpg out of what we have.All that being said, if they were to put the turbo Skyactiv-G engine in the MX-5 for 2024 and make it a Mazdaspeed model, I'd put a deposit on it right now. I love mine, but if it gets bumped up from 181hp to 250-275hp, it would be a flat out riot to drive.
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